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Model Koki, who made her debut in 2018, has been active as a Bvlgari ambassador and on the cover of the magazine ELLE.

Koki, is also known as the second daughter of former SMAP Takuya Kimura (Kimutaku) and Shizuka Kudo, and is particularly known for her comments such as “Koki, looks exactly like Kimutaku!” ” has become a hot topic.

So how similar are they? Let’s dig deeper!

In fact, there is still very little official information about Koki, but the information that has been gathered is as follows.

Stage name: Kōki,
Real name: Mitsuki Kimura
Date of birth: February 5, 2003
Height: 170cm
Birthplace: Tokyo
Affiliation: Purple

Koki has a “-” above the o and a “,” after it! The art is detailed!
Is her tall stature and outstanding figure inherited from Shizuka Kudo?

Her agency “Purple” appears to be her mother Shizuka Kudo’s personal office.

She attended an international school in Tokyo and is multilingual, speaking French in addition to Japanese and English!

[Look-alike image comparison] Koki, looks like Kimutaku!

Now, let’s compare the images of Koki and Kimutaku!

関連記事  若尾綾香が美人で色気がすごい!年齢は?美脚画像やバチェラー名言も

In particular, I put together images that I thought looked similar.
This is a picture of Kimutaku when he was a little younger…lol



You can see that Koki, and Kimutaku are quite similar from this alone, but in order to see the degree of resemblance even more, let’s overlap the images with a gradation.


Quite similar!

There is a bone difference between men and women, but even with that, they look exactly the same !

I thought that Koki, and Kimutaku both had similar features, such as their characteristic plump lips, but their
eyes were also similar, their noses were protruding, their body parts were similar, and their outlines were similar. I feel like they’re similar
, so I guess that’s all.

How similar is Koki, to Kimutaku? Verify with app

The comparison between Koki, & Kimutaku (Is that a unit name?) is more than enough, but there is also a convenient “face diagnosis app” in this modern age , so I would like to use this to help Koki, I’ll check to see if it resembles Kimutaku.

There are two apps I tried using.

[Beauty diagnosis] Who does Koki look like?

Let’s try it right away!

Align Koki,’s outline to match the face frame.

Beautiful man/beauty diagnosis_Koki

Result is?

Beautiful men and women diagnosis results_Koki

Aragaki Yui!

I mean, she’s a woman! Well, first I had to choose between “man” and “woman.”

関連記事  脱出おひとり島カップルのその後は?ジアはスピード破局!ジヨンは?

Change your mind…

Beautiful men and women diagnosis results_Koki

Teppei Koike!

Either way, it’s beautiful. It is that!

I thought the image wasn’t good enough, so I tried again with another photo.

Beautiful man/beauty diagnosis_Koki


Beautiful men and women diagnosis results_Koki

What should I do wrong to become a Xabungle ?

Where is Kimutaku…

[Diagnostic Camera] Who does Koki look like?

I will use the same photo of Koki as before.

Diagnostic camera_koki


Diagnostic camera results_koki

Riki Abe?
(Sorry, I’ll ignore it.)


With this app, you can first select the genre of the celebrity.
Therefore, I changed it from “All” to “Idol” .

the result,

Diagnostic camera results_koki Diagnostic camera results_koki

Koki, looks like Ryo Nishikido and Jun Matsumoto !
(Matsujun’s photo is different.)


In the end, I didn’t get the result that I expected: “I look like KimuTaku,” but I was
a little disappointed when I got the result of being a handsome man and a beautiful woman!

Koki, looks like Kimutaku! What do you think about yourself?

Although there aren’t many interview articles about Koki, I found this article that mentions Takuya Kimura (Kimutaku)!

His charm points are his eyes and the moles on the sides of his eyes. Kimura has a mole on the left, and Shizuka has a mole on the right, saying, “I think my two moles are gifts from each of my parents.” Good looks, musical talent, outspoken personality…it looks like the inherited traits will gradually come to fruition in the future.

Source: Sanspo

Although I couldn’t find any comments regarding the similarities in facial features with KimuTaku, Koki himself seems to sense a resemblance to KimuTaku’s mole , which is located in the same position on the left.

Indeed, both Koki and Kimutaku have moles on their left temples!

関連記事  こうして決まった!SnowManメンバーカラー由来と決め方エピソード

However, to describe the mole as a “gift” (gift, talent) really shows that Koki is a multilingual writer.

Or rather, if it’s Kimutaku, can a mere mole be a gift? (゚゚*;) Naruhodo


(Although the verification with the app ended up with disappointing results) Now
you can see how similar Koki and Kimutaku are ☆

She is the second daughter of two big names, Takuya Kimura and Shizuka Kudo, so she is attracting a lot of attention! We look forward to his continued success in the future.

This time, we were examining whether or not he is similar to his father, Kimutaku, but it would be great if Koki, had more exposure and more opportunities to learn about his own personality.

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