What are the X1 members up to now, a summary of what the X1 members have been up to since then and what they're doing now!

X1 Member

The 11-member boy group "X1" was born from the open audition program "PRODUCE X 101" but was forced to disband after only four months.

He gained popularity and attention through his performance in "PRODUCE X 101".The current activities of the 11 X1 members that are of interest to youâ

What is X1 (X1)?

Members of X1

X1 (X1) is aAn 11-member boy group born from the open audition program "PRODUCE X 101".It is.

PRODUCE X 101" is the fourth season of the "PRODUCE 101" series, which aired on the Korean music channel Mnet from May to July 2019.

PRODUCE 101" has produced I.O.I in Season 1, Wanna One in Season 2, and IZ*ONE in Season 3 of "PRODUCE 48", and "PRODUCE 101 JAPAN" was held in Japan, where JO1 debuted in Season 1 and INI debuted in Season 2. In Japan, "PRODUCE 101 JAPAN" was held, with JO1 debuting in Season 1 and INI in Season 2.

X1 will debut on August 27, 2019 with the mini-album 비상 (飛翔): QUANTUM LEAP, andInitial sales exceeded 520,000 copies, achieving double-platinum and the first half-million sales for a newcomer.The popularity of the company was so high that it wasDissolved only 4 months after debutThe company was forced to

What was the reason for the breakup of X1...?

Members of X1

With a five-year contract for the duration of the activity, X1 had been expected by fans to have the longest contract in the history of the "PRODUCE 101" series, including "PRODUCE X 101," which produced X1 on the verge of his debut.Allegations of Staff Vote Manipulation in "PRODUCE 101" Series...X1 was to make its debut amidst a whirlwind of suspicion.

The "PRODUCE 101" series vote manipulation case has resulted in the arrest and prosecution of 10 people, and the producer was sentenced to two years in prison...!

X1 continues to work hard until the last minute, but CJ ENM and SWING Entertainment will be January 6, 2020.We are pleased to inform you that we have discussed the matter in principle with each member's home office and everyone's agreement, but we could not reach an agreement and have decided to dissolve the group."and announced that they were officially disbanding....

After the breakup of X1, the members are now...?

Members of X1

After 4 years and 6 months of activity, the members and many fans were saddened by the breakup of X1...


All eleven members of X1 are showing us their new exploits through their agencies, all with one thing in mind, to meet their fans!

Immediately after the breakup of the X1.A look at the current X1 members in actionI'm going to do it.

What is X1 member Kim Yohan doing now?

X1 member Yohan Kim

Kim Yo-Han, who was selected as the finalist in "PRODUCE X 101" after only three months as a trainee, was announced by his agency, OUI Entertainment, as the winner of the "PRODUCE X 101" contest.Re-launched on October 5, 2020 as "WEi."I did!

Members of WEi

WEi consists of Jang Dae-hyun, formerly of RAINZ; Kim Dong-han, formerly of JBJ; Yoo Young-ha and Kim Jun-soo, formerly of 1THE9; Kang Seok-hwa, who appeared as an "individual trainee" on "PRODUCE X 101" (final ranking: 35th); and Kim Yohan.

WEi debuted as OUI Entertainment's first male idol group, with all members having appeared on audition shows, and five of the six members having debuted before.Dream team attracted attention even before their debut.I'm sorry, I'm sorry!

On March 16, 2022, they released their 4th mini-album "Love Pt.1: First Love", and from April 28 to May 2, they held their first live and fan meeting in Japan in Yokohama and Osaka.

What is X1 member Kim Woosook doing now?

Kim Woo Sook, a member of X1

Kim Woo-seok, who placed second in the final standings in PRODUCE X 101, was awarded the title of "TEEN TOP" by TOP Media, the company that ejected the TEEN TOP.Debuted as UP10TION on September 11, 2015In the past, he was one of the popular and well-known "debutantes" on "PRODUCE X 101".

Members of UP10TION

Kim Woo-sook, who debuted with UP10TION under the stage name "Woo-shin," has continued to perform after the breakup of X1.Without joining "UP10TION,"Currently working as a solo singer and actor.It is!

As an actor, he appeared in the tvN drama "Impossible to Kill" and gave a great performance while surrounded by acting stars such as Lee Jin-wook, Kwon Nara, Lee Jun, and Jung Jin-young â

X1 member Usin

In music, on March 7, 2022.He wrote and produced all the songs himself.They are releasing their 3rd mini-album "3rd DESIRE [Reve]"!

What is X1 member Han Seung Woo doing now?

X1 member Hansung Woo

Han Seung Woo, whose own sister is also known as Han Sonah from Secret, as well as Kim Woo Sook, in 2016.VICTON.and had already made his debut when he participated in "PRODUCE X 101" as a

Members of VICTON

After the breakup of X1, from the activities of VICTON's 6th mini-album "CONTINUOUS" released on March 9, 2020.Return to VICTONbut on July 28, 2021.Enlisted on active duty in the Army's military bandI am in the midst of my military service as of 2022.

X1 member Hansung Woo

What is the current status of X1 members, Song Hyun-joon & Kang Min-hee?

X1 members Hyunjoon and Mini

Hyunjoon, who placed 4th in the final ranking of "PRODUCE X 101" and Mini, who placed 10th in the final ranking, will be announced by their agency, STARSHIP Entertainment, on April 14, 2020.Debut as "CRAVIITYThe first time I did this, I was able to do it!

Members of CRAVIITY

CRAVITY is a nine-member group consisting of Jungmo (final ranking: 13th) and Wonjin (final ranking: 19th), who also appeared on "PRODUCE X 101," former YG Entertainment/CUBE Entertainment trainee Se-rim, former JYP Entertainment trainee Allen, former SM Entertainment trainee Taeyeon, Woobin, Sungmin, and Hyunjoon and Mini.

Excellent visuals that hone in on the individuality of eachIn.Hyunjun is the main dancer and Mini is the lead vocalist.â

What is X1 member Cho Seung-yong doing now?

X1 member Seungyeon

Seung-yeon Cho, who placed fifth in the final standings of "PRODUCE X 101," has received a letter from his agency, YUE HUA Entertainment.UNIQ, a 5-member boy group from China & KoreaHowever, due to the "Restricted Korea Order" (Hallyu ban) in 2016, it was difficult for the group to participate in "PRODUCE X 101".

After the dissolution of the X1, theConcentrates on solo activities under the name "WOODZ.In addition to their visuals and dance skills, they are also highly acclaimed for their songwriting and lyrics.

What is X1 member Dongpyo Song doing now?

X1 member Dongpyo

Song Dong-pyo, who stood out among the X1 members with his small face and petite visual features, was given a new name by his agency, DSP Media, after the breakup of X1.Debut as "MIRAE" on March 17, 2021I did!

Members of Future Boy

MIRAE is a seven-member group consisting of Lee Jun-yeok (75th in the final ranking), who appeared on "PRODUCE X 101" with Song Dong-pyo, Japanese member Rian, Kael & Park Shi-young from Under19, Yoo Do-hyun, and Jang Yubin.

They are the first idol group to debut from DSP Media in 3 years and 8 months since KARD in 2017, and the first promising boy group to debut in 9 years since A-JAX in 2012.

PRODUCE X 101" - X1 activity at the time ofSong Dong-pyo was 163 cm.was the debut of Mirai Shonen (MIRAE).Grew to 171cmOh, my God!

Dongpyo, who was adored by the X1 members for his cute baby-like visuals with a small face and petite figure, has come of age and is showing us his new charm.

What is the current status of X1 members, Lee Han-kyeol & Nam Do-hyun?

X1 members Hangyeol and Dohyun

Lee Han-kyeol, who placed 7th in the final ranking of "PRODUCE X 101," and Nam Do-hyun, who placed 8th, have been working together since the breakup of X1.Active as "H&DAfter doing so, his agency, PocketDol Studio (MBK Entertainment), announced that on November 19, 2020Official debut as "BAE173I did!

Members of BAE173

BAE173 consists of J-MIN, a former back-up dancer for MAMAMOO; Yoo Jun, a former trainee from RBW/DSP Media/SOURCE MUSIC; Junseo, a former STARSHIP Entertainment trainee who appeared on "Boy 24"; and Mujin, Yongseo, Doha, BIT, and Han Kyul, and Do Hyun.

Do-hyun, who was the youngest member of X1, is still the youngest member of BAE173, but he and Han-gyeol, the oldest member of the group, have been working together for the past three years.Leading members with extensive experience in X1, H&D and other activitiesThe color of BAE173 is fascinating.

What is X1 member Cha Juno doing now?

X1 member Juno

Cha Juno, who placed ninth in the final standings of PRODUCE X 101, will be announced by his agency, Woollim Entertainment, on October 28, 2020.Debut as "DRIPPINThe company has fulfilled the

Members of DRIPPIN

DRIPPIN debuted as the third boy group born from Woollim Entertainment, following INFINITE and Golden Child, DRIPPIN is a group that includes Lee Hyeop, Hwang Yoon-seong, Choo Chang-wook, Kim Dong-yun, Kim Min-seo, and Even Cha Juno...A seven-member team consisting of six members from "PRODUCE X 101" and Alex from Germany.The following is a list of the most common problems with the

Even the title track "Villain," the title track of his third album released on January 17, 2022, is a charming example of Cha Juno'sThe cool expression on their faces is brought to life in their performances, and theExpressing the world view of the song as the center of the groupI'm doing it.â

What is X1 member Lee Eun Sang doing now?

X1 member Eunsan

After the breakup of X1, he worked energetically as a solo artist, releasing the collaboration song "Memories" with Kim Woosook in October 2020 and holding his first online fan meeting, but on April 20, 2022, his agency, BRANDNEW MUSIC, announced that they would be releasing the new album "X1" on April 20, 2022.Debuted as "YOUNITEThe following is a list of the most common problems with the

Members of YOUNITE

YOUNITE is the first boy group to launch from BRANDNEW MUSIC, which includes AB6IX, BUMKEY, and Yang Daeil, in about 2.5 years since BDC.

The nine-member group consists of former Big Hit trainees EUNHO & Steve, DEY who appeared in Mnet's survival program "High School Rapper 4," Kyungmoon who appeared in the survival program "LOUD," Hyunseung, Hyunseok, Uno (WOONO), Xiong, and Eunsang.

Eunsang is a leader along with Uno (EUNHO) and I am sure that based on the experience of debuting in X1, he will be an outstanding presence in his new group.Â

Summary of current activities of X1 members

X1 Member

Kim Yohan: Debuted as "WEi
Song Hyun-joon & Kang Min-hee: Debut as "CRAVITY
Dongpyo Song: Debut as "MIRAE
Lee Han-kyeol & Nam Do-hyun: Debut as "BAE173
Cha Juno: Debuted as "DRIPPIN
Kim Woo-sook: solo activities as a singer and actor
Cho Seung-yong: Solo activities under the name "WOODZ
Han Seung Woo: Returned to "VICTON" (currently serving in the military)
Lee Eun Sang: Debuted as "YOUNITE

All X1s are still active in their own waysThe company is fascinated by the

Popular not only in Korea but also overseas, including JapanOh, my God!

We look forward to seeing more of the members from X1 in the future.

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