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A profile of Space Six! Summary of member colors, height, and age

Space Six, members, Yoshitaka Hara, Yukihiro Matsumoto, Tsuyoshi Eda, Ryota Yamamoto, profile, age, height, member colors, image

Uchu Six" is a unit within Johnny's Jr.

Here is a summary of Space Six's appeal as a group, profiles of each member, and member colors, heights, and ages that you may be interested in!

On 10/2/2020, the Johnny's office announced the termination of member Ryota Yamamoto's contract and the dissolution of Space Six on 10/5/2020. This article was written prior to the series of turmoil.

What kind of group is Space Six?

Space Six was formed in November 2016 as a unit of backing dancers for Arashi.
Six (Six), as there were six group members at the time.
The it the sense of the president at the time?

The origin of the group name "Space Six" is unknown to the members themselves.

We are all curious about the origin of the Space Six group name~!

When Space Six was formed, there were six members: Tsuyoshi Eda, Ryota Yamamoto, Kodai Matsumoto, Yoshitaka Hara, Shota Hayashi, and Ren Meguro.

Later, Shota Hayashi left the group in March 2018 because he wanted to pursue acting.
Shota Hayashi is currently active on stage and in musicals.

Space Six, Member, Shota Hayashi, WithdrawalQuote.Twitter

And Space Six in the six-person era.

Space Six, members, Yoshitaka Hara, Yukihiro Matsumoto, Tsuyoshi Eda, Ryota Yamamoto, Ren Meguro, Shota HayashiQuote.Twitter

Ren Meguro left in August 2019, a year and a half after Shota Hayashi's departure, to focus on Snow Man's debut after concurrently serving as Snow Man.
Currently, Space Six consists of four members.

Space Six, member, Yoshitaka Hara, Yukihiro Matsumoto, Tsuyoshi Eda, Ryota Yamamoto, Ren Meguro, WithdrawalQuote.Hayakoya


Click here to read about Snow Man, to which Ren Meguro-kun belongs.

What is the appeal of Space Six, and what is your fan name?

Space Six has members who are good at acrobatics and dancing.
And the mirror of an idol, Koudai Matsumoto (I will mention him in the member introduction below!) The fact that everyone in the group is passionate about their fans, including

I'm curious what you think the fans are called.

The members of CREATE alone came up with the idea, and after surveying the customers, they decided to go ahead with it.
Every fan of Space Six is an adorable alien!

What is the Universe Six Pose?

Space Six Pose

Space Six has a signature pose.
That is the Universe Six Pose.
You make a 6 with your hand and hold it to your face...
In doing so, we make it look like a throwing chu.

So it's a chu because it's a chu.
This is too bruising! That's moe!

Space Six Member Profile

Space Six, members, Yoshitaka Hara, Yukihiro Matsumoto, Tsuyoshi Eda, Ryota Yamamoto, profile, age, height, member colors, imageQuote.Twitter

Profile of Ryota Yamamoto, Space Six member

Space Six, members, profile, Ryota Yamamoto, age, height, member colorQuote.Twitter

Ryota Yamamoto
Nicknames: Yamariyo, Ryo-chan, Ryo-chan
Birthday: November 4, 1989
Age: 33 years old
Birthplace: Chiba, Japan
Height: 164cm
Blood type: A
Member color: yellow

Ryota Yamamoto's specialties are choreography and acrobatics.
Ryota Yamamoto is so good at dancing that he can be described as the perfect dancer.

How can you move so well? The light body language is too cool.
Ryota Yamamoto's charm lies in his two-faced, loved character, who is cheerful and always smiling when he steps off the stage.

Speaking of duality. Ryota Yamamoto's abs are so ripped that they look like chocolate plates.
With a petite figure and such a pretty face, this is foul!

Space Six, members, profile, Ryota Yamamoto, absQuote.Twitter

Profile of Tsuyoshi Eda, Space Six member

Space Six, members, profile, Tsuyoshi Eda, age, height, member colorQuote.Twitter

Tsuyoshi Eda
Nicknames: Eda-chan, Nyan cat
Birthday: October 24, 1987
Age: 35 years old
Birthplace: Osaka, Japan
Height: 164cm
Blood type: A
Member color: Purple

Tsuyoshi Eda says his specialties are sword fighting, piano, directing, and composition.
He served as assistant director for Matsumoto Jun at Arashi concerts, choreographed for Kamenashi Kazuya's first solo concert and others, and is even listed in the credits as a choreographer (choreographer) at KAT-TUN concerts.

He has been with the group for quite a long time, joining in September 2001, and his classmates include Kota Yabu and Satoshi Inoo.
The wide range of performances, from dynamic acrobatics to bewitching and sexy dance moves, is what you'd expect from a veteran!
A big cat lover (but allergic to cats!) and his unique view of the world, which he calls himself a "sexy kitten" from his sexy dancing.

Space Six, Members, Tsuyoshi EdaQuote.Twitter

Tsuyoshi Eda is from Osaka Prefecture, but he lived in Osaka until he was in the 6th grade of elementary school and then moved to Saitama Prefecture.
So I usually speak in standard Japanese, but sometimes the Kansai dialect comes out at a moment's notice.
Lucky you on the day you got to hear Tsuyoshi Eda's Kansai dialect!

Profile of Space Six member Yukihiro Matsumoto

Space Six, members, profile, Kodai Matsumoto, age, height, member colorQuote.Twitter

Kota Matsumoto
Nicknames: Kota, Kota, Kotei
Birthday: January 23, 1989
Age: 34 years old
Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
Height: 173cm
Blood type: A
Member color: green

The charm of Yukihiro Matsumoto is his looks, which are both cool and cute at the same time, and his polite fans, which is the mirror of an idol!

Kohdai Matsumoto is able to say "My fans are my girlfriends," a slightly embarrassing but natural line that will make your heart swell up and die.

Space Six, Members, Yukihiro Matsumoto, Arashi, Masaki AibaQuote.Twitter

However, "I can do idol-like things because I am in work mode. I can never do it normally." Yes, he is professional and a true idol.

Koudai Matsumoto is friends with Arashi's Aiba and KAT-TUN's Ueda, and his endearing personality is evident.

Profile of Yoshitaka Hara, Space Six member

Space Six, members, profile, Yoshitaka Hara, age, height, member colorQuote.Hayakoya

Yoshitaka Hara
Nickname: Hara-chan
Birthday: September 25, 1995
Age: 27 years old
Birthplace: Kanagawa, Japan
Height: 176.5 cm
Blood type: O
Member color: Orange

Yoshitaka Hara has a strong torso and sharp dance moves.

Yoshitaka Hara has a slightly evil and cool look and dance, but his personality has a side of him that loves children and has an elementary school teaching license, as well as the lucky side of him that wears tank tops all year round.

Space Six, Members, Profile, Yoshitaka Hara, Tank TopQuote.Twitter

Yoshitaka Hara is also active on stage as an actor.
He also appeared in Gekidan Shinkansen's performance of "Metal Macbeth.
He made his presence felt amongst a star-studded cast of actors and showed the world what he's made of!

Metal Macbeth, Space Six, Yoshitaka HaraQuote.Twitter

Yoshitaka Hara, we can expect you to be active on many fronts!

Summary of Space Six member colors

Here is a summary of the member colors of Space Six.

Ryota Yamamoto yellow
Tsuyoshi Eda purple
Yoshitaka Hara orange
Koudai Matsumoto green

As you may have noticed, ...
No red, no blue!
Member colors in idol groups are often thought of as red for the ace and blue for the semi-ace, but Space Six does not have these two colors.

In the initial six-member period when the group was formed, Shota Hayashi was in charge of red and Ren Meguro was in charge of blue, the two members' colors, but after the two left the group, the colors were split into these two colors.

It will be interesting to see whether the member colors of Space Six will continue to be without the red and blue, whether they will be changed, or whether they will return to Six with additional members.

Height summary of Space Six members

Compiled based on data from the Jr. Directory 2019.
The average height of Space Six members is 169.4 cm.

Ryota Yamamoto 164cm
Tsuyoshi Eda 164cm
Koudai Matsumoto 173cm
Yoshitaka Hara 176.5cm

Age Summary of Space Six Members

Space Six members are listed in order of age.
The age is updated as of now.

Tsuyoshi Eda 35 years old
Koudai Matsumoto 34 years old
Ryota Yamamoto 33 years old
Yoshitaka Hara 27 years old


The above is an article about Uchu Six, a unit within Johnny's Jr.

Space Six is a group like this

  • We've got some of the best acrobats and dancers in the business!
  • A passionate group that cares about their fans!
  • He's been a stalwart of Johnny's, backing up debutantes and choreographing for them!

*Universe Six was dissolved on 10/3/2020.
The last three remaining members (Tsuyoshi Eda, Yukihiro Matsumoto, and Yoshitaka Hara) will be working as solo artists.
I am sad that we will no longer be able to see them as Space Six, but I would like to support them in their respective paths.

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