Ranking of TXT members in order of popularity! Bom Kyu? Also introduces the reason for the guess.

TOMORROW X TOGETHER (TXT) members Yong Joon, Subin, Bom Kyu, Taehyun, Hyuning Kai

TOMORROW X TOGETHER (Tomorrow by Together, abbreviated TXT) is becoming more and more visible on Japanese music programs, and its popularity is assured.

In this issue, we summarize who are the most popular TXT members in the topic.

TXT members are ranked by popularity!

TOMORROW X TOGETHER (TXT) members Yong Joon, Subin, Bom Kyu, Taehyun, Hyuning Kai

We have taken the liberty of conducting our own survey on the popularity order of TXT, which is of interest to everyone.
(Thank you very much for your cooperation!)

Well, here are the quick results!

TOMORROW X TOGETHER (TXT) Member Popularity Ranking
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  1. Bom Kyu (105)
  2. Taehyung (89)
  3. Yong Joon (83)
  4. Subin (79)
  5. Hyuning Kai (24)

Number of votes in parentheses ()

A rare result, with first through fourth place being so close!

When a popularity contest is held, there is usually a clear difference between first place and the rest, but TXT is popular with everyone.

Hyuninkai-kun opened the gap, but I think he was off by the "choose only one person" requirement.
If it had been multiple choice, it might have turned out differently.

Why are TXT members so popular?

Various Journal Search

Along with the popularity vote, we also asked them why they liked the members they chose.
Here are some of the attractive points of the five TXT members and some of the comments from those who cooperated.

You must read the reasons why we recommend everyone's members, and you'll find yourself saying, "I know what you mean!

TXT members #1 in popularity order



Real name: Choi Beom-Gyu (최범규)
Nickname: Gyu
Birthday: March 13, 2001
Age: 22 years old
Birthplace: Daegu, Korea
Height: 180cm
Blood type: AB
Position: Sub-vocalist, main dancer
Member color: pink

The winner of the TXT member popularity contest is Bom Kyu!
This cute and cool face is 100% Japanese girls' favorite, isn't it? Right? Right? LOL.

Such a pretty face, and at 6'4" tall, it's foul!

He is the mood maker of TXT and a bright and beloved character.
In performance, his captivating bass voice brings an indispensable accent to TXT.

Everyone's "Why I like Bom Kyu"

  • I feel a gap between her cute face and her low voice when she sings.
  • A cheerful and mood-maker place.
  • She is adorable, has a cute side and a cool side, and I love the way she dances.
  • She's just adorable, her smile is too cute!
  • Humanity, competence, atmosphere, and a presence that you want to watch grow.
  • He's handsome, funny, and cute in the way he teases the members.
  • He can be a bit of a devil, but he thinks of everyone.
  • A handsome guy who messes around but does it when he has to.

TXT members ranked 2nd in popularity



Real name: Kang Tae-Hyun/강태현
Nickname: Kante
Birthday: February 5, 2002
Age: 21 years old
Birthplace: Seoul Special City, South Korea
Height: 177cm
Blood type: A
Position: Rap, lead vocalist
Member color: red

His face is called art, the miracle of mankind, Mr. Taehyung!
Just looking at the images may or may not have a healing effect...

This transparency is truly a miracle of humanity,...
No matter which angle or which expression is cut out, there is only beauty.

TXT member Taehyun

Throat to source singing, rich vocabulary and TXT intelligence.
And he is also fluent in Japanese. How can he be so perfect? I would like to say, "Perfect boy.
That's Kang Tae Hyun!

Everyone's "Why I like Taehyung"

  • He calls himself a cool-headed person, but he's a sweetheart and likes to be blabbed at. Kang Tae-hyun is the cutest guy in the world.
  • A hardworking and dedicated person who works hard at everything he does.
  • Big eyes that seem to suck you in
  • Each word has deep meaning and emotional support. Also, your singing voice is so beautiful and soothing to listen to.
  • A handsome man with a little shadow. I can't take my eyes off him.
  • The part where you look cool and mature, but cute and mannered all at the same time! I love the gap!
  • His Japanese is good and he is a hard worker. And her pronunciation when she sings is beautiful!
  • His face is too strong! Beautiful voice development too!

TXT Member Popularity Rank #3



Real name: Choi Yeon-Jun (Choi Yeon-Jun/ 최연준)
Nicknames: Chuni, Yongjuna
Birthday: September 13, 1999
Age: 24 years old
Birthplace: Seongnam City, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea
Height: 181.5 cm
Blood type: A
Position: main rapper, main dancer, lead vocalist
Member color: white

The high level of his ability, also known as a legendary practitioner, and his
And Yong Joon-kun, who has an aura of "not just a thing" and infinite charm.

It's only because of Yong Joon that he can match even the most eccentric hair color!

The sharp and cool dance moves on stage and the sharp and cool eyes.
In contrast, I can't get enough of the gap between their everyday baby-like cuteness!

Everyone's "Why I love Yong Joon"

  • From the first time I saw it, it stood out.
    I couldn't take my eyes off it.
    The dance expressiveness is still outstanding.
  • Although he is usually the eldest son, Yong Joon often spoils the members. However, when he goes on stage, his impression changes dramatically and he looks so cool... I love that gap.
  • Overwhelming aura!
  • (1) Cute lips.
    (2) Japanese is bubby.
    (3) Her attitude toward Subin-kun is already hers.
    (4) Torima is precious.
  • Cute yet cool and adorable.
    Any hair color looks good.
    Her hair looks good long and short.
    The pierced earrings are cool too.
  • It's so cute how they are so sweet to Subin and how they spoil each other. But he also has his hyung-like moments, which is both cool and cute.
  • He's happy when he's called Yongnununna, and he's cute when he poses as a penguin.
  • Good dancer! Love your eyes when you sing!

The answer to the reason for Yong Joon-kun's guess is...

It was the hottest.

Although it did not win first place in the number of votes received, it was seen as the No. 1 in terms of fan density.

TXT Member Popularity Rank #4


Subin (SOBIN)

Real name: Choi Soo-Bin (최수빈)
Nicknames: Subina, Vini
Birthday: December 5, 2000
Age: 22 years old
Birthplace: Ansan, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
Height: 185cm
Blood type: A
Position: leader, rap, sub-vocal
Member color: yellow

Suh-bin, with his sticky cheeks, is an unaware natural.
She's calm, kind, and loves MOA! He is an inclusive leader.

Such fluffy air and humanity of Subin-kun are loved by the audience.

Everyone's "Why I love Subin"

  • Holly is cute with her clear dimples that she makes when she smiles, but she is too cute when she is frightened because she is not very good at being charming.
  • I love her adorable bunny-like appearance and the way she looks when she's being teased by the members! (even though he is the leader lol)
  • The stability of her singing voice and her dance moves that make the most of her height are wonderful!
  • I like the gap between when he is cute and fluffy and when he is a big brother who talks to the members kindly.
  • She has a pretty face, but she's tall and the gap between on stage and in her everyday life is huge.
  • Cute and cool. Most of all, I love how gentle you are!!!
  • The way he eats is too cute, like a real rabbit.
    It was love at first sight!
  • The place where skin is glutinous and fresh and handsome.

TXT Members #5 in popularity order

TOMORROW X TOGETHER (TXT) member Hyuning Kai


Real name: Kai Kamal Huening
Nicknames: Huka, Ninnin, Hyunin
Birthday: August 14, 2002
Age: 21 years old
Birthplace: Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S.A.
Height: 183cm
Blood type: A
Position: Main vocalist
Member color: Blue

TXT's anyway, bright Hyuninkai-kun!
He is loved by the members for his outstanding youngest son.

I love the gap between a visual as beautiful as a real prince existing in the three-dimensional world, but with a unique and flamboyant laugh.

What is the popularity order of TXT members overseas?

The above popularity order of TXT members was answered mainly by Japanese.
However, TXT is a global boy group.

You may also be interested in the order of popularity overseas.

So, here we are.Ranker.Here are the results of an overseas ranking site called

Overseas Ranking of TXT Members by Popularity

  1. Yongjun.
  2. Korean female entertainer
  3. subin
  4. Taehyun.
  5. the ancient Chinese army

As of 2021/04/23

The charismatic Mr. Yong Joon, with his overwhelming aura and skills, came in first place!

I think this makes sense, considering that the visuals preferred in Japan and other countries are different, and it is also said that skills are more important.

Summary of TXT members in order of popularity

TOMORROW X TOGETHER (TXT) members Yong Joon, Subin, Bom Kyu, Taehyun, Hyuning Kai
  1. Korean female entertainer
    Bright, cool, and legitimately handsome.
  2. Taehyun.
    Cool and sweet gap moe
  3. Yongjun.
    A star with an overwhelming aura
  4. subin
    Fluffy and cute rabbit leader
  5. the ancient Chinese army
    The angel that descended to earth

One last time.
Thank you so much for your cooperationーーー !!!!

May these five great people be loved even more.
And I wish all of you who love these 5 great people to spend more and more shining days ^^.

Survey Summary
Implementation period: February 2 - April 23, 2021
Total number of votes: 380
Survey method: Google Forms
Survey target: Visitors to this site

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