Your face has changed too much! Minami Tanaka is a plastic surgery! Comparison of eyes, nose and parts with old pictures

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Minami Tanaka is supported by women of her generation as a beauty icon, but there are suspicions that she has undergone plastic surgery, as is often the case with beautiful celebrities.
This is because, for those who knew Minami Tanaka before, she has always been beautiful, but they think that she has changed too beautifully.

In this article, we will thoroughly examine Minami Tanaka's changes in the following order: current image, past image, parts comparison, and the reason for the change!

Photo book is selling like hotcakes! The beautiful Minami Tanaka of today

tanaka minami, photo gallery, image, cute

田中みな実さんの1st写真集『Sincerely yours…』 は発売1ヶ月で50万部を達成し話題となりました。

tanaka minami, photo gallery, image, cute
tanaka minami, photo gallery, image, cute
tanaka minami, photo gallery, image, cute

With these good looks and beautiful body in her 30s, she is admired by men and women alike.
Minami Tanaka's popularity and recognition are firmly established, but those who have been paying attention to her for a long time are also surprised by her changes.

Minami Tanaka, cute, image, magazine, Makia

Not at all. !!!!? Minami Tanaka's old face image

Minami Tanaka, old image

Now that we have seen the current Minami Tanaka's face, we would like to go back in time and check the old images.

Minami Tanaka, who just became a freelance announcer

Minami Tanaka, old images, free

Minami Tanaka left TBS to become a freelance announcer in 2014.
The image shows Minami Tanaka at that time.

I don't see that much change from what it is now, and it is beautiful.
On the contrary, it's great to see you still looking as beautiful as you did in your 20s after more than 5 years!


Minami Tanaka as a TBS announcer

Minami Tanaka, TBS, when she joined the company, old photo

Going back even further, Minami Tanaka joined TBS in 2009 after graduating from college and became a so-called bureau announcer.

The image above was taken when Minami Tanaka had just joined TBS.
It is indeed different more than 10 years ago.

Around the image below, she has been with TBS for several years and seems to be getting closer to the current Minami Tanaka's atmosphere.

The eyebrows, which were crisp and straight, have become fluffy and naturally curved, and the overall look has become softer.

Minami Tanaka, old image

When I was a gal in college! Shine as a semi-miss in Aoyama

Minami Tanaka, old images, college days, Aoyama

Going back again, Minami Tanaka from her school days.
Her skin is a bit sallow and dark, and she is of a completely different lineage from today's neat and tidy Minami Tanaka.

Although the atmosphere is different from today, Minami Tanaka has been shining since then, having experienced modeling jobs since she was a student at Aoyama Gakuin and winning the runner-up prize at Miss Aoyama 2007.

Minami Tanaka, Aogaku, Semi Miss

How have things changed? Comparison of Minami Tanaka's face parts

We have looked at Minami Tanaka's old images in chronological order, and you can see that she has changed quite a bit.

From here, I would like to check the changes in each part of your face, now and then, side by side.

Eyes have changed! Tanaka Minami's double width

Minami Tanaka, eyes, double, old photo

The most mentioned difference in Minami Tanaka's facial change is the difference in her eyes.

Minami Tanaka originally had a double-layered face, but it is said that the width of the double-layered face has changed.
So, I put Minami Tanaka's eyes before and her current ones side by side.

Minami Tanaka, eyes, changed, double width

The eye size doesn't seem to have changed, but the double width certainly seems wider now!

Nose also changed! Comparison image

Minami Tanaka, changed, face, old image

And parts that are said to have changed with regard to the nose.

Tanaka Minami, nose, changed, comparison

How about this?
It's subjective, but I don't think Minami Tanaka's nose has changed its shape.
They are beautifully shaped to begin with.

However, Minami Tanaka has a complex about her "big nose.
Eh! Where is it! You have an enviable well-defined nose!

The change in contours is much has changed!!!?

Minami Tanaka, changed, old photo, contour, gills

We have looked at her eyes and nose, parts that are easy to see the change, but Minami Tanaka's contour is another point where changes have been pointed out.

Here is Minami Tanaka rather recently.

Minami Tanaka, contour, face line, changed, comparison

I compared the face line with the old image and the eye position, superimposed on top of each other.

Minami Tanaka, contour, face line, changed, comparison

Do you understand?
The spread of both cheeks is totally different, isn't it?

It's this area circled in pink! The slightly taut gills are gone, and the face has become smaller.

Minami Tanaka, contour, face line, changed, comparison

Has the profile and even the chin changed? The difference is so obvious that plastic surgery is suspected!

Minami Tanaka, old image, profile, chin

The difference between the profile and chin is what determined Minami Tanaka's suspicion of plastic surgery.
The lower part of the chin is pulled up to create a clear, sharp line.

Tanaka Minami, chin, profile, changed, plastic surgery suspicion

The reason for the alleged plastic surgery is that this jaw shape can only be created by inserting something inside.

If we also compare Minami Tanaka's face line from the lower jaw to the upper jaw...
The plump fat under my chin is gone, and my face line is clear and sharp! Amazing!!!

Minami Tanaka, chin, profile, changed

Minami Tanaka's theory that she changed through eye-pulling and hard work

Minami Tanaka, cute, face, eyes, changed

Minami Tanaka is now a beauty charisma, so it goes without saying that her beauty is maximized by putting effort into her natural beauty.

It is said that the aipuchi and stoic efforts I am about to introduce may be the cause of what has been pointed out about Minami Tanaka's facial changes.

Minami Tanaka eye tape on eyelids?

Minami Tanaka, eye tape, eyes, double eyes

For those of you who don't know what eye tape is.
Eye tape is a thin, double-sided tape-like item that changes the position of the double fold by slightly laminating the upper eyelid.
Alternatively, a thin fiber is applied to the eyelid and bites into the eyelid to create a double fold.

Double glue, eye tape, eye patch, mosaic

Aipuchi, on the other hand, uses a liquid glue, not tape, to attach the eyelids.

Naturally, since the eyelids are glued together, there are clear marks even when the eyes are closed.
It has been pointed out that "Minami Tanaka's eyelids seem to stick together when she closes her eyes, so she must be using eye tape or eye pouch."

Minami Tanaka, eye tape, eyes, double eyes
Minami Tanaka, eye tape, eyes, double eyes

Minami Tanaka got her beauty through stoic effort!

Minami Tanaka, stoic, beauty

It is well known that Minami Tanaka is stoic about beauty.
Training, bodywork, diet, cosmetics...whatever it takes to thoroughly update your beauty.
Here are some of the beauty regimens that show how amazing Minami Tanaka is.

I went to physical therapy for my complex nose!

Minami Tanaka, nose, bodywork

As for Minami Tanaka's nose, which she says is a complex, she used to go to physical therapy every day at one point.
You are way too stoic to go to physical therapy for a little part called the nose!

There was a time when Minami Tanaka had to undergo physical therapy to straighten her nose after being concerned about being told that her nose was crooked.

To change the contour, even stick to the tip of the tongue!

Minami Tanaka, beauty method, chin, contour

She is always aware of where the tip of her tongue is and places it at the base of her upper front teeth to make her face line look shapely.

Minami Tanaka, who probably has introduced massages and various other beauty regimens, is stoic, not wasting a single minute or second.
You embody the importance of daily effort,...

From dark skin to fair skin!

Many people used to perceive Minami Tanaka as being dark skinned, but now she is envied for her glowing white clear skin.

Minami Tanaka, dark-skinned, old photo

In any case, they kept the skin moist and clear and improved the skin tone by 2 to 3.

As the old saying goes, "White hides seven disadvantages." Even if you are not confident about your parts, as long as you do your best to whiten your skin, you will look your best! This seems to be the philosophy of the company.

Summary of Minami Tanaka's alleged plastic surgery

  • Beauty icon Minami Tanaka is the object of admiration!
  • Constantly updating beauty! Talk about becoming more beautiful.
  • The contour changes are especially amazing! Smaller face
  • Stoic beauty, with its attention to detail, has changed me.

It is not clear whether or not Minami Tanaka has undergone plastic surgery, but there is no doubt that she has changed.

One fan who praises Minami Tanaka as a god of beauty says, "Because I knew Minami Tanaka before, I am impressed by the changes and respect the hard work she has put in," and explains why he likes her including the changes.

I look forward to seeing how Minami Tanaka will continue to add to her beauty in the future.
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