Masaki Sugata and Kento Yamazaki, who are good friends, don't get along! The cause is jealousy and sleepover?

Masaki Sugata, Kento Yamazaki, close, discord, relationship

Masaki Sugata and Kento Yamazaki are known as good friends.

You are famous because you appear in the media together and talk about episodes of good friendship.
But there was a time when Masaki Sugata and Kento Yamazaki didn't get along!

Why did Masaki Sugata and Kento Yamazaki not get along?
This article is about their relationship.

Are Masaki Sugata and Kento Yamazaki unrelated to their disagreement? Famous for being good friends?

Masaki Sugata, Kento Yamazaki, close, discord, relationshipQuote.Twitter

Masaki Sugata is two years older than Kento Yamazaki, but Masaki Sugata and Kento Yamazaki have been performing together since they were teenagers, and they often hung out together in private.

Good friends episode: Common hobby of secondhand clothes

Masaki Sugata and Kento Yamazaki are two very popular young actors! Of course, they have co-starred in numerous films.
So your friendship was born out of your co-starring.

They shared a common interest in vintage clothing and often went shopping in Koenji.

Matching coordinates are also shown.


Masaki Sugata, Kento

Kento Yamazaki frequently visited Masaki Sugata at his home and sometimes borrowed clothes from the stylish Masaki Sugata.

You guys are so close!

Did Masaki Sugata and Kento Yamazaki have a period of disagreement?

Masaki Sugata, Kenjin Yamazaki, disagreement
Quote.NAVER Summary

It is hard to believe, but Masaki Sugata and Kento Yamazaki, who are as close as brothers, also had a time when they did not get along.

 The two spoke on All Night Nippon during their disagreement.

Masaki Sugata, All Night Nippon, Kento Yamazaki, disagreement, confessionQuote from: All Night Nippon

That was revealed on "Masaki Sugata's All Night Nippon" on December 3, 2018.

At the beginning of the film, Masaki Sugata
At the IQIYI Sreaming Night, an entertainment award held in Beijing, ChinaKento Yamazaki won the "Best Actor in Asia" award.He confessed to a period of disagreement, mentioning that he had

I'm happy, that's for sure. We're a zubu-zubu."
and Masaki Sugata, while being pleased with Kento Yamazaki's award.

."For a while, they were jealous of each other and didn't get along.I'd like to honor them, but I'm not sure."

Personally, I think Jackie Chan is the best actor in Asia.

I have this feeling that he's the only one who gets praised by the teacher."

He said with a laugh, "It's a complicated heart.
They are two popular actors, and while they engage in friendly competition when they see each other's success, they also seem to envy each other.

If you would like to listen to the radio at that time, here is the video.


Twitter was astonished at the time of their disagreement.

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Listeners commented with surprise at the unexpectedly unfriendly relationship between Masaki Sugata and Kento Yamazaki, who go by the name of "good friends.

It is a pity that Masaki Sugata and Kento Yamazaki do not get along. Rather, I was mostly impressed by the friendship between the two competing as a piece of youth.
The superintendent really thinks so too!

What caused the disagreement between Masaki Sugata and Kento Yamazaki?

Now, the reason for the disagreement between Masaki Sugata and Kento Yamazaki is "jealousy" as Masaki Sugata said on the radio, but other rumors are also circulating.

First, a little more about jealousy.

Is Masaki Sugata jealous of Kento Yamazaki?

Masaki Sugata said on the radio that they were "jealous of each other."Is it possible that Masaki Sugata is jealous of Kento Yamazaki? A voice thinks thatThere seems to be a

They once described their impressions of each other as follows.

Kenjin Yamazaki→Masaki Sugata
There is no such thing as rivalry.
There are many moments that I think are amazing.

Masaki Sugata→Kento Yamazaki
A potential to be reckoned with.
It has a visual of 100 points and a content of 0 points.

It is clear that they respect each other.

On the other hand, Kento Yamazaki does not have any rivalry with Masaki Sugata.I wonder if Masaki Sugata sees Kento Yamazaki as a rival to be reckoned with.The same can be said of the "I" in the following way.

They are of different ages.
Mr. Kento Yamazaki has a single-minded respect for Mr. Masaki Sugata as a younger man.
Perhaps Masaki Sugata feels like an older brother who must not let his younger brother catch up with him.

Yamazaki Kento sleeps over at Sugata Masaki's house and is selfish?

One of the most famous episodes of their friendship is that Kento Yamazaki comes to stay at Masaki Sugata's house.

It seems that Kento Yamazaki is much more free at Masaki Sugata's home.
It is rumored that he may have lost his temper with such a free-spirited Kento Yamazaki.

He borrows Masaki Sugata's clothes and leaves without his own.

Masaki Sugata, Kento YamazakiQuote.ameblo

He wears Masaki Sugata's old clothes without permission and leaves his own clothes behind, so Masaki Sugata's room is said to be filled with a large amount of Kento Yamazaki's clothes.

I left behind my dowdy clothes. And when I wear my favorite clothes, I take them home with me, too," said Kento Yamazaki on a talk show.

Have Masaki Sugata cook curry while you sleep.

Avocado Cheese CurryQuote.ameblo

When he was a teenager, Masaki Sugata often served homemade curry to Kento Yamazaki.
He said the avocado cheese curry was delicious.

One day, when Kento Yamazaki requested to have both spicy and sweet, Masaki Sugata really made both for him.
Meanwhile, Kento Yamazaki was sleeping...

This image was taken when Masaki Sugata and Kento Yamazaki appeared on Tuesday Surprise.

You are already the mother of Masaki Sugata and Kento Yamazaki.
Just a good friend episode lol.

They are good friends now! Masaki Sugata and Kento Yamazaki

There were some awkward times, but Masaki Sugata and Kento Yamazaki overcame these difficulties to form a strong friendship today.

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Kenjin Yamazaki makes a friendship appearance in Masaki Sugata's music video.

Masaki Sugata, Kento Yamazaki, music video, friendship

Kento Yamazaki makes a friendship appearance in Masaki Sugata's "Sayonara Elegy" music video.

Masaki Sugata, Good-bye

Click here to see the video of that "Goodbye Elegy".
They are quite good friends to appear in a music video.

Co-starring in Masaki Sugata's radio show

Kento Yamazaki is a guest on Masaki Sugata's radio show!
Click here to see the video of Kento Yamazaki's appearance.

Masaki Sugata is a fast-paced Kento Yamazaki.
Get a grip."
Do it right? (laughs)"
There was a scene where he scolded him, full of the atmosphere of a firm older brother and a free younger brother.


I have written about the relationship between Masaki Sugata and Kento Yamazaki!
The rumors of the reasons for the disagreement are just public speculation, but it is surprising that two people who are actually good friends could also have had a tenuous relationship.

But everyone fights, right?
It's possible that they are so close that they can fight, and you can't say they weren't close at times.

They have overcome the times when they were not close, and they are bound by a true friendship.
Looks like Masaki Sugata and Kento Yamazaki's collaboration is about to get even hotter! I am looking forward to the new film.

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