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SnowMan members entered the Nepu League! The Result! Video of 9 handsome men

Idol group Snow Man will appear on the Monday, November 4, 2019 episode of Nep League.

With all nine members appearing on the quiz show, Nepu League generated tremendous excitement among fans even before the broadcast.
This article will recap the broadcast content from the broadcast preview ^^.

9 Snow Man members to appear on Nepu League! Trailer Video

Snow Man appeared on Nep League on Monday, November 4, 2019.
A pre-broadcast trailer is available at this time.

Already from the preview video, I'm in big trouble because I made a mistake on a senior problem in my office! I think they introduced it as "The first time I saw it, I was so excited.
I don't know what's going to happen!

Anticipation rises even before NepLeague airs

Snow Man, Nepu LeagueQuote.Twitter

As soon as the preview for the next episode of Nepu League aired, many people were eagerly waiting for the episode featuring Snow Man.

I'm more worried than hopeful! In fact, there are many people who say, "I'm not sure...".

Can the Snow Man team win? What is the result?

The Snow Man team has been worrying before the broadcast, but what will the outcome be?

Snow Man has one of the most brilliant young men in Japan, Ryohei Abe, who will surely contribute to the team!

Snow Man, Ryohei Abe, ShujiQuote.Twitter

And it is a relief to have Raoul, a current high school student who has a connection to the study.

However, as fans are concerned, there are quite a few members of Snow Man who are not very good at studying, crying.
The most concerned among them seems to be Meguro Ren-kun.
He is not good at kanji.

Ren Meguro says, "My favorite subject is PE, and my least favorite subject is anything other than PE.

Snow Man, Meguro RenQuoted from: Twitter
Snow Man, Meguro Ren, KanjiQuote.Twitter

Maybe it's not just kanji I'm not good at.

Snow Man, Meguro Ren, Quiz

And it seems that Meguro Ren-kun is not the only one who is worried ^^;

Shota Watanabe, too.
2021 has gone cold.

Snow Man, Shota Watanabe, Quiz, KanjiQuote.Twitter

Tatsuya Fukasawa.
Was there a dress in Columbus' time?

Snow Man, Tatsuya Fukazawa, QuizQuote.Twitter

You can check out the Snow Man members' cute swooning in the "Abe-chan sensei" project on Youtube's Johnny's Channel.

Did your work with Abechan-sensei catch your attention, and did you decide to appear in Nepu League? All the members are such good characters.

What is the result of Nep League Snow Man? That man is a great success!

Well, Nepu League has finished airing, and Snow Man has performed as expected, or maybe even better than expected!

Results.Rags to riches...
I'm sorry to say that I was not able to make it, but I want to commend Snow Man for their bravery in leaving a solid footprint!

Snow Man's Nepu League great (stray) answers!

Q: Big hit in 1986, debut song for boys' band
"Masks: ?????" (hiragana)

The correct answer is the Masked Butokai, but
Teru Iwamoto, I did it.

Nepu League, Snow Man, Teru IwamotoQuote.Twitter

Masked grape! It's easy to confuse them with Budokai, isn't it?
This is my senior's song.

But Snow Man can dance well.

Full of unusual answers! Ren Meguro-kun's great success is a hot topic.

Nepu League, Snow Man, Meguro RenQuote.Twitter

Even though his line about not getting a single question right was pathetic, his frustrated face was also handsome.

After all, Ren Meguro-kun was not good at Kanji characters.
It's not Neraku, it's contact.

Nepu League, Snow Man, Meguro RenQuote.Twitter

Snakes are reptiles, not mammals.

Nepu League, Snow Man, Meguro RenQuote.Twitter


Snow Man, MemberQuote.Pinterest

It was about Snow Man's appearance in Nep League!

Ryohei Abe once said that his dream was to debut with Snow Man and have them all participate in a quiz show.
I'm impressed that both of these things are becoming a reality.

Snow Man is steadily making their dreams come true, and we can't wait to see what they have in store for us next!

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