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SixTONES, Stones, member, profile, member color, height, age, Jesse, Kyomoto Taiga, Matsumura Hokuto, Tanaki Tanaka, Shintaro Morimoto, Yugo Takaji

SixTONES is a six-member Japanese idol group.
And it's only gotten stronger since its CD debut in 2020!

In this article, we will discuss what kind of group SixTONES is, also known as the "Bakumote Gundan" (the "Bakumote Army"). We introduce you to the world of the "Mere Old Man"!
It also summarizes member profiles, latest age, height, and member colors.

What is SixTONES? What kind of group?

SixTONES, Stones

SixTONES, described as "ora-o-ra-kei," is a unique group among Japanese idols because of its mature, masculine atmosphere.

The six made their CD debut in 2020, but the history of the six began long before that.
Let's start with a profile of the group SixTONES!

Formed as "Thick Stones" reading! Meaning.

SixTONES, Stones, SixTONES, Reading

SixTONES is a six-member unit formed in 2015.

At that time, the notation remained the same "SixTONES" and was read as "Thick Stones," but gradually the name was changed to "Stones.
If you take out the ix and just capitalize it, it reads STONES!

The group name is a combination of the words "rough stone" (stone) and "tone," meaning that the six members should create a shining range of sound and individuality.
Lovely origin, isn't it!

The "Baccalaureate" group, which bonded even before the Stones were formed.

SixTONES, Stones, Private Bakalea High School

Even before the group was formed, these six were destined to become a group.
Before the group was formed, these six members had previously worked together on the late-night drama "Shiritsu Bakalea High School" in 2012.

The drama was highly acclaimed and was even made into a movie. The six members were later dubbed the "Bakarea Gumi," and their debut was highly anticipated by fans.
They also wanted to do it again with the six of them.

Stones, SixTONES, formation, Bakareagumi

This article appeared in the July 2012 issue of P Magazine and included the thoughts of the members who wished for "the day when we could say that Baccalaureate was the start of the six of us and a turning point in our lives."
It's inspiring to see SixTONES now that their dream has become a reality!

However, after this drama, the six members did not have a chance to get together and continued to work individually...
Still, that didn't diminish my desire to sing with the six of us again.I just want to sing one song with the six of us." directly to President the

Then, that very same day, they gave us the group name SixTONES (then called the SixTONES, then the Thickstones)! That was 2015.

Attraction of SixTONES (Stones)

SixTONES, Stones

Thus formed, SixTONES has a long history and story...
After all, the biggest attraction of SixTONES is the bond between the six members! The closeness!

The six members' desire to make SixTONES exciting, and the fact that they are all looking in the same direction, was evident in each member's words, and the unity of the six members was precious.

And the beauty of the standing figures of all tall and small faces. Dynamic dance performances that make the best use of their style.
And and and! The Stones can sing! As I will introduce later, some of the members are musical actors.

A stunning performance, with good dancing, singing and looks.
SixTONES is the strongest?

SixTONES is a Youtuber! Their videos are interesting!

SixTONES, YouTube channel
Quoted from: Youtube

SixTONES is also a youtuber with a dedicated Youtube channel.
Anyway, it's interesting and you should see it!

Cool and funny, SixTONES is the best!

SixTONES was responsible for weekly updates on the Johnny's Channel prior to the opening of the dedicated channel.
In recognition of their Youtube success, they will be awarded the honor of being the first artist promo in Japan in 2018.

Giant posters are displayed at train stations and

SixTONES, YouTube, artist promo, station, advertisement

SixTONES' music video "JAPONICA STYLE" was released on YouTube and
It is hard to believe that the group was so successful before its debut.

And starting in 2019, we will have a dedicated channel.
I'm hoping for more frequent distribution and more power to the content!

SixTONES' long-awaited debut!

SixTONES, Stones, Debut, Imitation Rain, Imitation Rain

After a lapse of time since its formation, SixTONES made its debut in 2020.
They debuted at the same time as Snow Man, another Japanese group.

SixTONES' debut song "Imitation Rain" was written by YOSHIKI of X JAPAN!

SixTONES, Stones, debut, Imitation Rain, YOSHIKI

The initial sales of SixTONES vs Snow Man "Imitation Rain/D.D." reached 1,328,000 copies, a million-seller!
The "soaking wet" performance became a hot topic, and as of this writing, the number of views of the music video is about to reach 20 million.

Stones, SixTONES, debut song, Imitation Rain, Imitation Rain, music video, soaking wet

Since its debut, SixTONES has continued to evolve through YouTube, concerts, and TV appearances on music shows and variety shows!

SixTONES member profile

SixTONES, Stones

Now, let's profile these SixTONES members one by one!

SixTONES members ① Jesse

SixTONES, Stones, Members, Profile, Member Color, Height, Age, Jesse

Name: Jesse
Birthday: June 11, 1996
Age: 26 years old
Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
Blood type: O
Height: 184cm
Member color: red

Jesse is half-American with an American father and Japanese mother.
Jesse is a new genre of salty-faced half-human who is half-Japanese but also has Japanese-ness.

Is that why?
HAHAHAHAHA !!!!! and a bold, "I think I like hotdogs" kind of laugh.

Jesse, laughing, looks like he likes hotdogs, HAHAHA

The style is outrageously good, over 184cm with long, long legs.
Jesse is also a model.

And they have a dynamic dance style that makes the most of their style and a soft, sweet voice that may have a healing effect.
Jesse sings a beautiful English song using his English, which is his forte.

Any space can be instantly transformed into a luscious and luxurious space by listening to this song by Jesse. Jesse's sweet and fluent English will make you feel as if you've been upgraded... The most luxurious present to yourself for working hard today 💖.

- Pepe (@jesse_pepereo) March 21, 2016

Jesse is such a perfect boy.
But you know what? Speaking of Mr. Jesse, Zdon.

SixTONES, Stones, Jesse, Zdon, Mr. Zdon

Zdong" is a one-shot gag, or rather, it has become the watchword of SixTONES.
It is a kind of call to action that Jessie-kun does with his fans at the end of a live performance.
One theory is that "zdawn" was born from "stones," a corruption of "stones.

This Mr. Zdong lecture video by Mr. Jesse not only shows how close SixTONES is and how funny he is, but it is also addictive and will surely get you hooked.

SixTONES member (2) Daiga Kyomoto

SixTONES, Stones, member, profile, member color, height, age, Daiga Kyomoto

Taiga Kyomoto
Name: Kyomo
Birthday: December 3, 1994
Age: 28 years old
Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
Blood type: B
Height: 174cm
Member color: pink

The word that suits Daiga Kyomoto is rather than cool.Beautiful...I think it is.
Well-formed face, slender looking but tall at 174cm! Real prince!

Daiga Kyomoto is also an excellent singer, and in addition to his work as SixTONES, he is also active as an actor, appearing in musicals and on stage.

SixTONES, Stones, members, profile, Daiga Kyomoto, musical, HARUTO

Look at this. Isn't she as beautiful as a Takarazienne?
In the musical "HARUTO," Daiga Kyomoto played the role of a vampire.

It is well known that Daiga Kyomoto's family is an entertainment family and Masaki Kyomoto is his father.
You are an outstanding talent.

SixTONES member ③ Hokuto Matsumura

Hokuto Matsumura
Name: Hokkun
Birthday: June 18, 1995
Age: 27 years old
Birthplace: Shizuoka Prefecture
Blood type: B
Height: 177cm
Member color: black

It's Hokuto Matsumura, the sexy guy in charge of SixTONES!
At first glance he seems very cool, but he is shy.
Fans say it is a wanker.

[Quiz! Search for Hokupi: !!!!!!!!!!!!!]

# Hokuto Matsumura # doggy

- Rito (@Ej1NVFhsiwLVeBY) 20. června 2019

Hokuto Matsumura is a charming performer, a beauty who is considered a national treasure and a handsome man.
Perhaps because of her karate experience, she attracts fans with her solid core and unshakable axis in her dancing.

SixTONES, Stones, Members, Hokuto Matsumura
Quoted from: twitter

Hokuto-kun Matsumura is also an acting idol, and his enthusiastic performance in the drama "Perfect World" attracted so much attention that the name of his role, "Haruto-kun," was ranked as a trending word on Twitter.

For his role in "Perfect World," Hokuto Matsumura changed his hair from black, which he had never dyed, to brown.

He is an intellectual idol who majored in business administration at university and enjoys reading, watching movies, and painting!

SixTONES member 4: TANAKA Tatsuru

SixTONES, Stones, member, profile, member color, height, age, TANAKA Ki

Juri Tanaka
Calling: Juri, Jutan
Birthday: June 15, 1995
Age: 27 years old
Birthplace: Chiba, Japan
Blood type: B
Height: 175cm
Member color: Blue

Tanaka is also good at rapping, and his skills are said to be the best in Johnny's Jr.
Behind the scenes, there is a serious and hardworking side to him, as he practices diligently and studies by listening to rap music from overseas.

The case of collecting raps of TANAKA Trees was just a bomb ike.

- Bird carrier 🐦 (@Bird__tan) June 1, 2019

Of all the members of SixTONES, it is Tanaka Ki who exudes a slightly evil, male sex appeal.
At first glance, TANAKA Ki is a tough older brother, but he has a quick mind and a rich vocabulary, and is also the group's organizer.

He is said to be a person who prefers to be the bloke, but the other members were too eager to be the bloke, so he became a comedian.

SixTONES member 5: Shintaro Morimoto

SixTONES, Stones, member, profile, member color, height, age, Shintaro Morimoto

Shintaro Morimoto
Name: Shin-chan
Birthday: July 15, 1997
Age: 25 years old
Birthplace: Kanagawa Prefecture
Blood type: A
Height: 175cm
Member color: green

Shintaro Morimoto, the youngest member of SixTONES.

Shintaro Morimoto is a very good dancer, and he also performs acrobatics with ease.
With a good physique, their powerful and dynamic dancing attracts fans.

[Shokura, 7/13].
Shintaro Morimoto is in charge of dance in SixTONES.
Strong dance, light on backflips!# Small club # Shintaro Morimoto #SixTONES

- Let's tell the fun of Janes (@____Tj6) July 13, 2016

Shintaro Morimoto is also active as an actor, starring in the TV drama "Shiritsu Bakalea High School" and appearing in numerous other dramas.
He is also a monthly 9 actor who has decided to appear in the drama "Morning Glory" in 2019.

SixTONES, Stones, Shintaro Morimoto, Actor, Appearance on Tsuki 9 Drama

His personality is that of a talking machine who likes to blabber whenever the opportunity arises.
On YouTube, there is a lot of laughter and chaos with too much freedom of speech and action.

SixTONES member 6: Yugo Takaji

SixTONES, Stones, member, profile, member color, height, age, Yugo Takaji

Yugo Kochi
Name: Kochi
Birthday: March 8, 1994
Age: 0 years old
Birthplace: Kanagawa Prefecture
Blood type: A
Height: 175cm
Member color: Yellow

Yugo Takaji is the oldest member of SixTONES.
She is the oldest, but she has a small, baby face and a really cute, squishy smile!
He has a boyish face and a boyish, innocent voice.

Yugo Takaji's solo

Yugo Takaji's voice changes depending on the song.# Yugo hard

- Yuzuki (@yugo_6_tones) May 11, 2019

Variety show "School Revolution! I believe that Yugo Takaji is well known to the public because of his regular appearances in

SixTONES, Stones, members, profile, Yugo Takaji, School Revolution!

Yugo Takaji is the oldest, but he is teased a lot by the SixTONES members and treated like an old man.

Who is the leader of SixTONES?

What a turnover in leadership for SixTONES!
The leader changes every year.

Originally, SixTONES did not create the position of leader, but from 2020, a leader will be chosen.

The first leader was Yugo Takaji.
The decision was made during an appearance on "Arashi ni shiyagara."

Yugo Takaji, the first leader of SixTONES

And the second leader in 2021 was Hokuto Matsumura.

I thought it would rotate and change every year, but the winner of a rock-paper-scissors-scissors game after the Cowcon is the next year's leader, a joke of an appointment (laughs).
That's very SixTONES!

SixTONES member color summary

SixTONES members Daiga Kyomoto, Taki Tanaka, Jesse, Hokuto Matsumura, Shintaro Morimoto, Yugo Takaji

The following is a list of SixTONES member colors.
Kyomoto Daigapink
Hokuto Matsumurablack
Tanaka Treegreen
Shintaro Morimotogreen
Yugo Takajiyellow

SixTONES member height summary

SixTONES, Stones, Members

SixTONES members listed in order of height!
Based on data from the Jr. Name Book.

Hokuto Matsumura177cm
Tanaka Tree175cm
Shintaro Morimoto175cm
Yugo Takaji175cm
Kyomoto Daiga174cm

SixTONES is a tall group, all over 170 cm!
The average height is a whopping 176.6 cm.

SixTONES member age summary

SixTONES members Daiga Kyomoto, Taki Tanaka, Jesse, Hokuto Matsumura, Shintaro Morimoto, Yugo Takaji

SixTONES members are listed in order of age.
The age is always updated to the latest.

Kyomoto Daiga28 years old
Yugo Takaji29 years old
Tanaka Tree27 years old
Hokuto Matsumura27 years old
Jesse.26 years old
Shintaro Morimoto25 years old

What is the popularity order of SixTONES(Stones) members?

Ranking of SixTONES Members by Popularity
Various Journal Search

All SixTONES members are full of charm, but you may be wondering who is the most popular?

The popularity vote conducted on this website resulted in the following ranking.

1st : Daiga Kyomoto
2nd : Hokuto Matsumura
No. 3: TANAKA Trees
4th: Jesse
No. 5: Shintaro Morimoto
6th:Yugo Takaji

For more information, please see this page♪

Summary of SixTONES (Stones)

SixTONES, Stones, Members

SixTONES is overflowing with the story of its formation and the personalities of its members.

Jesse: Salty-faced, half-human, comedy machine.
Daiga Kyomoto: beautifully shaped, beautiful voice, princess of SixTONES
Hokuto Matsumura: A tsundere doggie with a facial national treasure
TANAKA Jyutaka: The sole comedian and organizer of SixTONES.
Yugo Takaji:Riaco, a teasing character
Shintaro Morimoto: Can't Stop Talking! Super free man

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