What are SixTONES fans called (fan name)? What is onna?

SixTONES, fans, call them, call them, fan name

SixTONES (Stones) is a Japanese idol group that is constantly in the news.

When you love something, you naturally care what your fans call it!
In conclusion, it appears that SixTONES does not have a fan call.

Why not? What name should I call myself then!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Here is a summary article to help you sort through these questions.

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What is a fan's name (fan name)?

In case you are wondering what a fan name is.
A fan name is the name of a fan of the group or artist.

For example...

Johnny's Fan Name

  • KinKi Kids→Librarian
  • Storm → ARASICK
  • NEWS→Perna
  • Kanjani∞→eighter
  • Kis-My-Ft2→Me foot tribe
  • King & Prince → Tiara

Such as.
It is very original and entertaining.

Fan names may be official, named by members of the group, or informal, spontaneously created, depending on the group.

What do SixTONES fans call them?

SixTONES, fans, call them, call them, fan nameQuote.Twitter

There are no fan names for SixTONES, as noted at the beginning of this article.
But how do I call them, right?

SixTONES fans, let's call ourselves this way!

Fans of SixTONES

Where are you in charge, I'm in charge of SixTONES.
strike carrier

I'm a member of SixTONES too! I was so happy to be able to do this.

It's easy to understand for both SixTONES fans and stooges.

But if I had to decide.The last SixTONES is correct.It may be.
I was wondering if the members of SixTONES would be interested in doing so. The reason is that there was a suggestion to do so.

Why SixTONES doesn't have a fan name

In a live YouTube stream, member TANAKA Ki answered the question, "Tell me what to call my fans.

Therefore, the
SixTONES does not decide what to call its fans.
SixTONES is SixTONES, which includes everyone, although the number 6 is in there.

And they answer!
I can feel how much they value the sense of unity with their fans... tears

Click here to see that video.

SixTONES has an image of being cool and sharp, in a good way, different and different from the rest of the Japanese.
I think a fanny fan name would be nice, but I agree with no fan name because it doesn't fit SixTONES itself or its fan base! Many people have said.

Has the SixTONES fan name "Onna" disappeared?

Onna of SixTONES
and they sometimes call their fans.

This is an unofficial term of endearment that has become popular among fans after Tanakaki-kun said it in jest.

Onna of SixTONES
Tanaka Tree Onna
Matsumura Hokuto's Onna
and so forth
〜They also put "~ onna" and identify themselves as fans.

As mentioned above, the "no onna call" seems to be slowly winding down, as SixTONES members themselves have been increasingly publicly stating on the radio and in videos that they do not decide what to call their fans.

What do you think about SixTONES fan name?

What do the SixTONES fans of the world think about the lack of fan calling?
I will quote from Twitter.


  • The Janes have unique fan names.
  • But no SixTONES fans called!
  • SixTONES is SixTONES, including the fans.

I can sense SixTONES' love for their fans in the reason they don't have fan names!
With more and more fans, SixTONES will become more and more powerful.

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