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Is he actually a hard worker who loves his mother? Kimpuri member Shiyoh Hirano grew up in a mother-son household.

Shiyoh Hirano

The breakthrough never stops! Japanese idol group King & Prince (Kimpuri).

Shiyou Hirano, the most popular ace among the Kimpli
He is a handsome man with a natural character, and he has been working in a variety of fields, from movies to variety.
He is so busy that there is not a day that goes by that he is not seen on TV.

The life story of Shiyoh Hirano, such a sparkling idol at the peak of his popularity, is a story of a man who has been in the industry for a long time.
It is well known that they are a mother and her child.

The hardest thing about being a mother and child might have been Shiyou Hirano's mother, but
Shiyoh Hirano himself is very much like his mother, and there are moments when he shows his struggles.
It can be seen from Shiyou Hirano's statements and documentaries.

Shiyoh Hirano grew up in a mother-child household. Is her mother now remarried?

Shiyou Hirano has publicly stated that she is a mother and child, a fact that her fans know.

Shiyou Hirano's mother gave birth to Shiyou Hirano at a young age (estimated to be 17) and has raised two younger brothers, three years younger than her, as a single mother.

In a magazine interview, she said she met with Shiyou Hirano's father and mother.
Since other members have testified to this, it is assumed that he has now remarried.

Genki Iwahashi and Yuta Jinguji met Shiyoh Hirano's father, mother, and brother in Nagoya.

Shiyoh HiranoQuote.Deskgram

Kaito Takahashi says that Shiyoh Hirano's father and mother came to see the performance.


In addition, Shiyou Hirano's mother is rumored to be ill.

The stage was atteded by Shiyou Hirano.
When I left for Tokyo, they found a malignant tumor in my mother's head.
This is a report from a sports newspaper that states that the line "I'm not a fan of this" is true.

The single mother, remarriage, and struggle with illnesses are indicative of Shiyou Hirano's family, which has been through many hardships...

Is Kimpuri member Shiyoh Hirano a struggling mother and child?

It must have been an extraordinary hardship for Shiyou Hirano's mother alone to support two children.

Mothers and children must have had many hardships, especially in terms of finances.

Shiyou Hirano's Christmas present.
I have an episode where I received something different than what I expected.

If you ask for game software...
It was the same size wrapped "Mr. Kabayaki".

蒲蒲Quote from: Amazon



If you ask for accessories...
It was a library card.

I asked for accessories (the following year) and...
It was 50 Umaibo.

It is a good and practical gift.

It's a gift from the funny Shiyou Hirano's mother, and it doesn't feel tragic at all, but...
If you were a wealthy family, you would ask for gifts for your children and
It seems that the same thing would be given straight away, but it was not the case.
After all, the Hirano family's economic situation was probably not affluent.

Kimpuri member Shiyoh Hirano is motherly.

Shiyoh Hirano

In Fuji Television's documentary program "RIDE ON TIME," Shiyou Hirano
How did you get started as an idol?
Having grown up in a single-mother household, he wanted to support his mother.He said.

Shiyoh Hirano: "I have to do my job properly so that my parents (mother) don't feel sad.


In the scene of the magazine shoot with the rabbit ears on.
When Shiyoh Hirano asked, "How old will I be when I do this?
When staff 'up to about 35' is answered.
Shindo!Shiyou Hirano answered honestly.

Shiyoh HiranoQuote.ameblo


Although Shiyoh Hirano himself says that he is not suited to be an idol, he has been able to continue his idol career because of his deep-seated desire to help his mother.

Was the impetus for the debut of KIMPRI also from Shiyoh Hirano's feelings for his mother?

ChristmasQuoted by Sports Hochi on Twitter

The debut of the Kinpuri CD was prompted by a direct appeal by the members of the Kinpuri group to the president of the Johnny's Office, Mr. Janney.

It was Shiyoh Hirano who inspired the group as the initiator of the direct talks.

Some of Shiyou Hirano's
I want to be more famous. On a bigger scale.
I have a passionate desire to
The driving force behind this was still the
I want to support Shiyou Hirano's mother.
I think that was the thought.

Even before his CD debut as Kimpuri, Shiyoh Hirano was active on stage and in commercials, but his CD debut will give him a chance to become even more famous as an idol.


I had the impression that Shiyoh Hirano was a hot guy, which is not typical of young people these days.
Shiyoh Hirano's background as a mother and child may have nurtured his hard work and enthusiasm for his job.

Shiyou Hirano, makes me want to support Kimpuri more and more!

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