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SexyZone member profiles! Age,Height,Popularity order,Color summary

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Sexy Zone" is a five-member Japanese idol group.

The group Sekzo has never stopped their activities, with their sights set on expanding overseas.
As we approach the 10th anniversary of its debut, let's take another look back at its charms!

The following is a summary of the profiles, data such as age order, height order, and popularity order, as well as the personalities of the members.

What kind of group is Sexy Zone?

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Don't always jump at new things, look at the stable groups!
So, here is the history of the group and the origin of the strange group name.

When is your debut date? What is your debut song and costume?

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Sexy Zone was formed on September 27, 2011 and debuted with its first single "Sexy Zone" on November 16, 2011.

The average age back then was 14!
Sexy Zone members at this time, so cute and primitive.

This video is from 2015, but even four years after his debut, he is still a boy.
You see how young he debuted?

The overly obvious prince-like costume of a tuxedo with a red rose in one hand left a strong impression.

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It was a slapstick affair, with the final decision on the debut members of Sexy Zone being made four days before the debut press conference, and the members being notified 20 minutes before.

Origin of the meaning of the group name

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The name of the group, Sexy Zone, comes as a shock to everyone.
Of course, it was not put on as a joke.

SexyZone" is the official notation.Red only for x, yThe data is displayed in the following table.
That's how important it is. xy can be "transformed into any number" in mathematics. In other words, it can change into anything." It has the meaning of "any number" in mathematics.

It also imagines "sexy like Michael Jackson," which is a message from Mr. Janney to the members that they should aim to be naturally sexy like Michael Jackson.

What is Sexy Zone's fan name?

Sexy Zone's fan name is Sexy Lovers.
It's Sekuraba for short! The godfather is Kento Nakajima.

Originally called Sexy Girls (Sexy Girls, or Sekugal for short), Sexy Men (Sexy Men, or Sekumen for short) also appeared as the number of male fans increased.

And so Sekhlava was born, transcending gender barriers.

SexyZone Member Profile

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Here are profiles of the Sexy Zone members, one by one, and their charms!

SexyZone members ① Kento Nakajima

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Kento Nakajima

Name: Kentee
Birthday: March 13, 1994
Age: 28 years old
Height: 175cm
Blood type: A
Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
Member color: Blue
Date of admission: April 20, 2008

Sexy Zone's advertising manager, Kento Nakajima.
Yes, he's the "Sexy Thank You" guy who also works on variety shows.

He is 28 years old and explodes with a rare talent (talent) that combines idleness and gag sense, saying that his hobbies are "living and loving people.

Kento Nakajima-kun is not a character, but a real prince.
They have become so popular because they are polite, considerate, and have earned the trust of their fans and co-stars.

The drama "Less Than Police," in which he starred with King & Prince's Shiyou Hirano, became the talk of the town for the strongest tag team of two too good-looking men.

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SexyZone member② Kazuma Kikuchi

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Fuma Kikuchi

Call him: Fumakun, Fuma-kun
Birthday: March 7, 1995
Age: 27 years old
Height: 178cm
Blood type: A
Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
Member color: Purple
Date of admission: April 27, 2008

If it's manliness and sex appeal, this is the guy! Fuyuki Kikuchi.
He is the reliable big brother of Sexy Zone.

Despite his mischievous appearance, he is a serious young man on the inside.
Kikuchi Fuma is a brilliant graduate of Keio University.
He's quick-witted, has a great vocabulary, and is a great talker!

His comments about caring for people who understand how girls feel are bombshells, and he is adored by the younger brother group of Sexy Zone.

SexyZone member ③ Katsutoshi Sato

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Katsutoshi Sato

Calling: Shorintan, Sakapon
Birthday: October 30, 1996
Age: 25 years old
Height: 171cm
Blood type: A
Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
Member color: red
Date of admission: October 30, 2010

This facepalm!
Sexy Zone's steadfast center, Katsutoshi Sato.

He is a national treasure with a face that even made Mr. Janney, who has a keen eye for good-looking men, say, "You are exceptionally cool.

Despite being born with such a beautiful face, Katsutoshi Sato himself is indifferent to his own beauty. It is well known among his fans that he is hopelessly inept at taking selfies.
Unselfconsciously good-lookingThat's too cool!

Katsutoshi Sato is too serious and hard-headed to be called a nonentity.
On the contrary, he is the only one in Sexy Zone who takes on the role of a lucky comedian, taking advantage of his graceful nature.

SexyZone member 4: Marius leaf

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Marius leaf

Name: Mari-chan
Birthday: March 30, 2000
Age: 22 years old
Height: 183cm
Blood type: O
Birthplace: Heidelberg, Germany
Member color: Orange
Date of admission: November 2010

Among Sexy Zone's members, Mariusuha is the most outstanding.
The profile is surprising even for a shoujo manga.

Mariusuba-kun, whose face suggests a gentlemanly and intelligent personality, is half-Japanese with a former Takarazienne mother and a German father who is an architect.

He is an active university student attending Sophia University.
He is multilingual, speaking German, English, Japanese, and Chinese.
His parents' home in Germany is a mansion, a grand house, and a monk.
His real name is "Ip Marius Julius Naruryu Schmich".

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Marius Hazuha, who grew up to be a pure and mature man,...
His innocent personality is so good that he is revered as an angel.

Mariusuha began his career as a Johnny's Jr. in January 2011.
This was the year of the Great East Japan Earthquake.
I went to Japan for work from Germany with the desire to "make Japanese people who were saddened by the earthquake happy.

Mariusba has a special history of joining the company. He was living in Germany at the time, and it was around November 2010 when he sent his resume from Germany and received a reply by international phone call.
Therefore, although some view January 2011, the month in which they began their activities, as the date of admission, November 1, 2010, is often taken as the date of admission.

SexyZone member 5: Satoshi Matsushima

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Satoshi Matsushima

Name: Sato-chan
Birthday: November 27, 1997
Age: 24 years old
Height: 167cm
Blood type: A
Birthplace: Shizuoka Prefecture
Member color: green
Date of admission: March 20, 2011

I've been on leave since November 2018 due to sudden panic disorder, but I'm back after a year and 9 months! August 2020 with the happy news.

To be honest, at first glance, he may seem to be the more subdued type in Sexy Zone, but it is said that Satoshi Matsushima is the deepest in the swamp, which becomes harder to get out of the more you know about him.

She is a natural, kind hearted, polite, competitive and hardworking person.
At the age of 13 at the time of his debut, his face is becoming more and more mature and cool, and I can't take my eyes off of him.

Normally as heartwarming as a capybara with a cute, fluffy smile, but a gap that allows for expressions like this! Gaps are a girl's best friend!

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Summary of SexyZone members in order of age

SexyZone, SexyZone, SexyZo, MembersQuote.Twitter
Kento Nakajima 28 years old
Kikuchi Fuma 27 years old
Katsutoshi Sato 25 years old
Satoshi Matsushima 24 years old
Marius leaf 22 years old

Summary of SexyZone members in order of height

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Marius Hazuha is the tallest at 183cm!
The youngest is the tallest, which is typical of groups.

The average height of SexyZone is 174.8 cm, and the height difference within the group is 16 cm.

Marius leaf 183cm
Kikuchi Fuma 178cm
Kento Nakajima 175cm
Katsutoshi Sato 171cm
Satoshi Matsushima 167cm

Interestingly, there is a theory that Katsutoshi Sato is not tall enough for SexyZone, and that Mariusuha is not tall enough for SexyZone.

Summary of SexyZone member colors

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Kento Nakajima green
Kikuchi Fuma purple
Katsutoshi Sato red
Satoshi Matsushima green
Marius leaf orange

What is the popularity order of SexyZone members?

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There are various indicators to measure popularity rankings, but here we rank the number of posts with hashtags on Instagram in order of popularity.

Ranking of Sexy Zone Members by Popularity

  1. Kento Nakajima (652,000)
  2. Katsutoshi Sato (469,000)
  3. Kikuchi Fuma (493,000)
  4. Satoshi Matsushima (390,000)
  5. Marius leaf (351,000)

Survey Date: 09/09/2020

Summary of SexyZone members

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Sexy Zone is such a group

  • Sparkle! A five-member group that leads the pack in idol deviation.
  • Kento Nakajima: The Real Prince! The creator of sexy
  • Kikuchi Fuma: Manly, sexy, dependable, and a bombastic, popular brother.
  • Katsutoshi Sato: The original, facial human national treasure! Hard-core Yamato boys
  • Satoshi Matsushima: Healing and sex appeal, a master of gap-killing
  • Marius leaf: High-spec boys with settings that go beyond shoujo manga