Is the comedian Ringo a man? What is the current gender? Shocked by the too cute old pictures!

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The gap between her appearance and her femininity never ceases to amaze me.

Huh? Are you a woman, Ringo? Are you a man?
Many people think so.

It is hard to believe, even with her current visual appeal, but Ringo-chan is a transsexual and has always been very cute.

In this issue, we summarize such a hot topic, Ringo.

Ringo-chan, a monomaniacal comedian who is making a big break

Ringo-chan, comedian, impersonation, profile

As already mentioned, Ringo-chan is a transsexual impersonator.
With her looks, Ringo sings in a male voice tone (and much more austere), such as Tetsuya Takeda.

Ringo-chan's imitation video

Ringo-chan, comedian, impersonation, profile

Ringo has a great artistic style with too many gaps.
Click here to see the video of Arashi ni Shiyagare in which Ringo-chan performed her impersonation.

The quality is so astounding that I can't believe she's really singing!

Music, Startin'!" when you start singing. is Ringo's signature line.

Ringo, Video, Hideout Storm, Music Star Ting

What is Ringo's current gender?

Ringo, Profile

apple (fruit)
Birthplace: Aomori, Japan
Date of birth: June 26, 1988
Age: 34 years old
Height: 165cm
Weight: 250 apples
Blood type: O
Hobby: Singing

As for the origin of her stage name, she chose Ringo-chan because she is from Aomori Prefecture.
He also came up with the stage name "Aomori Towadako.
I'm glad you made it apple.

Ringo's real name has not been disclosed.
It is said that he is exclusively a "cash person" and does not use credit cards to prevent his real name from being revealed. He is very thorough, isn't he!

I weigh 250 apples...
One apple is said to weigh 295.6 g, so the calculation would be about 73.9 kg.
Some programs said it was the equivalent of 125 apples. How true...

As for the gender, since I have been introduced as a transsexual impersonator and have appeared in the media, I am not sure if I am a transsexual.Ex-male for sure.It seems that the

Ringo-chan, transsexual, impersonation, comedian, gender

When Ringo was asked about her gender during her appearance on Arita Children in the image above.I'm a man." He replied.The following is a list of the most common problems with the

As for the current gender, Ringo-chan seems to have "no concept of gender" and "gender is Ringo-chan".

Ringo-chan, Geisha, Gender, Male

Ringo-chan being gender-bumped by Koji Imada.

In 2019, Ringo has become the man of the hour.
Yahoo! Search Awards 2019, awarded to the person whose searches have skyrocketed!

The interview at that time also mentions gender.

I am what you think I am. If I look like a girl who likes makeup and fashion, that's fine, if I look like an old man, that's fine, that's the way I am."

Quote.Mynavi News

Ringo is an apple.
Gender has nothing to do with it!

However, Koji Imada, who hosted the awards, made this revelation.

He told a series of episodes that leaned more toward the "male" side, such as "If I met him in the bathroom, I would peek at his crotch a little bit.

Quote.livedoor news

What is Ringo's office? Transsexual Talent Belongs to

Ringo-chan belongs to "Imago Promotion Corporation," which is not a major entertainment agency but an agency with a small group of elite talents.


Looking into each of the talent profiles, it appears that they are all transsexual.

We aim to be "entertainment from Japan to the world" and provide "entertainment" that transcends borders, generations, and genders based on our original entertainment development.

Quote.Imago Promotions, Inc.


Ringo's agency seems to have a philosophy of providing entertainment that transcends gender and a wide variety of values.

New Half Pub "Ginza Corvette" where Ringo-chan works

Apple Chan, Store, Ginza Corvette

Ringo-chan not only appears on TV as a monomaniac, but is also a dancer at Corvette, a Newhalf pub in Ginza.

Ringo-chan, Ginza, store, Newhalf pub

Ginza Corvette, where Ringo-chan belongs, has now moved and is operating as a bar with no shows.

She may be busy these days with TV appearances, but she did have a birthday event for Ringo, so maybe we'll see her at the store!

apple, Ginza, store, corvette

Always looked like a girl! Skinny and pretty apple.

Ringo-chan, comedian, impersonator, old, cute, image

When did Ringo start dressing as a woman?
I'm curious.

As Ringo-chan introduced during several TV appearances, it seems that she has been doing it since she was quite young, and there are some cute old pictures of Ringo-chan circulating!

18-year-old Ringo looks like Ayumi Hamasaki!

Here is an image of Ringo when she was 18 years old.
Gals! Girls! Cute!

Ringo-chan is said to respect Ayumi Hamasaki, and you can sense an Ayu-like quality from Ringo-chan at this time.

Ringo-chan, comedian, impersonator, old, cute, image

She doesn't feel like she's changing.
It's very different, but....

At that time, Ringo weighed about 30 kg less than he does now.
So that would be around 44 kg? Too thin!

Ringo at 20! Coming of Age Images

Photo of Ringo, 20 years old. She's wearing a furisode for her coming-of-age ceremony!
So cute! And I knew it, Ringo looks so skinny at that time.

Wish I was skinny now too! Is it superfluous to say, "I'm sorry.
Many people seem to think that Rin-go is cute because she is now a chubby girl.

Is Ringo's face a man? Before Makeup Image

So I put up a picture of Ringo as a cute young thing.
Ringo's facial change from face-less to post-makeup is also talked about as being amazing.

I can't believe that you have already published a picture of your face, Ringo, you are too open.

Here is an image of Ringo's face.
I think the change before and after makeup is more impressive than whether it's a man's face or a woman's face...

No, no, surprise is not good.
This apple picture could be cute.

And here is the before and after.
This is a half-face makeup image of Ringo. Girls are transformed by makeup.


りんごちゃんは、現在youtubeで「リン リン りんごちゃんネル」というチャンネル名で活動しています。


Summary about Ringo

  • A comedian who has become a topic of conversation for his impersonation of Tetsuya Takeda
  • Fantasy existence with gender and real name withheld.
  • Past transsexual comedian, gender presented as male.
  • Currently only "Ringo".
  • She was pretty and girlish from her teens.
  • The change between the face with face makeup and the face without makeup is amazing.

Ringo-chan has an unexpectedly strong character with a gap between her appearance and singing voice, her younger days and now, her face and makeup, etc.

 I'm looking forward to seeing more of your work in the future.

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