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Latest Raoul height and change! Johnny's tallest, amazing inseam image

Snow Man member Raoul's height continues to increase.
I finally reached 190 cm!

This section summarizes Raoul-kun's latest height, his transition to date, and his height ranking within the japanese community.
And look at the length of Mr. Raoul's legs, the "style ghost!

Latest] Snow Man Raoul's height is 190cm.

Snow Man, Raoul, HeightQuote.Twitter

Raoul's latest height is190cmIt is.

MSTE on December 3, 2021, "Secretly tell us a secret about a member you are holding!" In the "Mere Old Man" section, Ren Meguro tipped us off about Raoul's newest height!

A year earlier, on December 2, 2020, "Uchi no Gaya ga Sumeru! In.
When asked about his current height, Raoul replied 188 cm.

Snow Man member tall Raoul, latest height is 188cmQuote.Twitter

So in just one year, Raoul has grown 2 cm taller.

The shooting was also answered as 188 cm at the GQAwards which was in November 2020.
Raoul sweats as he bends forward because the microphone is too low for his height.

Snow Man member tall Raoul, latest height is 188cmQuote.Twitter

The source of Raoul's height of 187 cm is the news that informs his first starring role alone in the movie "Honey Lemon Soda" (2020/09/12).
The title proudly states that he is 187cm tall and has a 96cm inseam!

Raoul, height, latest, 187, movie, honey lemon soda

In fact, Raoul had mentioned his height at the Fujiya brand character presentation held the day before!

Raoul, height, latest, 187Quote.Twitter
Raoul, height, latest, 187Quote.Twitter

Raoul may be growing taller at this very moment.

But more importantly, you said in the April issue of D magazine a few months ago that you were 186 cm tall, and now you've grown again...

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Rahul's height prediction is over 190 cm!

Snow Man, Snowman, Raoul, height, father, 190cm

In fact, Raoul has long been predicted to be over 190 cm tall.

This is because Raoul'sFather is also 190cm tallThe number of the trees in the area is about 1,000, so there was a possibility that the trees could grow that much in the future.

The image above is from the August 2018 issue of D Magazine.
Raoul was 176 cm tall at the time and said his goal was 180 cm, but he has exceeded it by a comfortable margin.

Raoul, your height, looks like it will still grow!

[Graphical image] Raoul's height change

Raoul-kun joined the janitorial staff on May 2, 2015.
I picked up as much height as I could trace from that time to the present.

2015? March 160cm
May 2016 162 cm
March 2017 165 cm
August 2018 176 cm
January 2019 176 cm
May 2019 178cm
September 2019 180cm
January 2020 185cm
March 2020 186cm
September 2020 187cm
December 2020 188cm
December 2021 190 cm

The graph looks like this.

Snow Man, Snowman, Raoul, Height, Transition, GraphVarious Journals

In 2017-2018, that is, when Raoul was 14 or 15 years old, he grew the tallest.

*As for the height data, the accuracy is uncertain because of disparate sources.
The magazine is based on the month of the issue, so the actual height may be several months before that.

Raoul is the tallest man in the japanese!

Snow Man member tall RaoulQuote.Pinterest

Raoul is the tallest of the Japanese.
So who is the next tallest after Raoul? So let's see the ranking!

Height Ranking of Japanese

Raoul is the tallest of the Japanese idols.
Then what about second and third place below?

Johnny's (debutantes) height ranking

  1. 190cm
    Raoul (Snow Man)
  2. 185cm
    Ren Meguro (Snow Man)
  3.  184cm
    Jesse (SixTONES)
    Nozomu Kotaki (Johnny's WEST)

Snow Man's height ranking

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Raoul-kun is the tallest in Johnny's, which means he is the tallest in the group.
Once again, let's summarize Snow Man's height order.

It is old-fashioned to say that Japanese idols are short in stature.
Snow Man.Average height is 177.7 cm

  1. Rahul 190cm
  2. Lotus Meguro 185cm
  3. Teru Iwamoto 182cm
  4. Ryohei Abe 178cm
  5. Koji Mukai 175.5cm
  6. Tatsuya Fukasawa 175cm
  7. Ryota Miyadate 174cm
  8. Shota Watanabe 172cm
  9. Daisuke Sakuma 168cm

Not just height! Long legs and Raoul's amazing inseam.

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Raoul is not just tall.
He was a style ghost with frighteningly long legs.
Inseam 96cm.

(I assume the current inseam is greater than that since the data is from 2020)

Since he has grown taller, the latest data on Raoul's inseam length may have changed.

The average ratio of Japanese inseam is 45%.
In the case of Mr. Raoul, the
Half of the body is legsI guess that's what I'm saying!

Snowman member Shota Watanabe gags that "Raoul's legs are up to my shoulders," but I guess he's feeling that long!

Raoul's problem is that he never stops getting taller!

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Raoul says that his unstoppable height is a problem.
I am consulting with Snowman member Ren Meguro for a magazine project. w

The answer to this question is that "it seems that when you work out your muscles, testosterone is released and growth stops.
In general, this is an enviable problem, but now that Snow Man ichis taller, they may want to align them for the sake of group balance.

Snow Man, Snowman, Raoul, Height, TroublesQuote.Twitter


Raoul himself seems to be in trouble, but watching his idol grow up is another way for fans to enjoy his work.
We'll keep you updated on Raoul's height, so stay tuned!

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