Who is Orange Latte, a member of Lilica from Rainbow Pro? Member Profile Introduction

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Lilika, a participant of "Niji Pro," an idol discovery audition that produced NiziU, is set to make her debut!

The group making its debut is "Orenge Latte.
A Japan-Korea joint, five-member girl group.

In this article, we will summarize the profiles of Lilika and the other five Orange Latte members, their debut, and more!

*This article was written in 2020. Orange Latte was aiming for a 2021 debut at the time, but it has been inactive since the summer of 2020.

Orange Latte will make its debut!

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Orange Latte is a five-member idol group consisting of two Japanese and three Korean members.

Orange Latte Member

  • Lili (Japan)
  • Hana (JP)
  • Hahyun (Korean)
  • Yuha (Korea)
  • Siha (Korea)

The strength of K-POP is not only its high level of visuals, singing, and dancing, but also its ability to communicate with fans in Japanese and Korean, thanks to the presence of both Japanese and Korean members.

However, each Japanese and Korean member is still learning each other's language, so we expect language growth as well.

The meaning of the Orange Latte group name is

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There is no official website for Orange Latte at this time, and the meaning and origin of the group's name has not been discussed, but in one interview article

'The allure of an orange latte is as fresh and sweet as an orange, but as warm and soft as a latte, the allure of the GAP.'

explained by a member of the group.

So Orange Latte is a group that combines freshness and freshness with warm, gentle charm.

What is Orange Latte's office?

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Orange Latte's entertainment agency is JSL.
Groups such as TOPSECRET, TARGET, and SATURDAY are members.


JSL has an office in Japan, JSL JAPAN, so I can be active in Japan after my debut!

When did the Orange Latte debut?

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Orange Latte is already gaining momentum, but has yet to make its debut.
The major debut is said to be in 2021, but as of this writing, that date has not yet been determined.

Although it has not yet made its debut, Orange Latte also performs online live performances and other public events.
The road to your debut sounds like a wash, but it's going to be entertaining!

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Orange Latte Member Profile

Orange Latte, Orange Latte, member, profile, age, birthday, real name, personalityNow, let's profile our Orange Latte members, one by one!

I will summarize not only his real name and age, but also his catchphrase and personality ^^.

Orange Latte Member (1) Lili

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Real name: Ririka Kishida
Birthday: July 2, 2002
Age: 21 years old

Lili is always smiling and lovely.
In the Nizi Project you were called Lilika.
The graceful gestures trained in classical ballet, which she began at the age of three, are attractive.

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He was recognized for his bright energy at Rainbow Pro, but regrettably was eliminated at the Tokyo training camp.
We did not advance to the Korean camp.

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However, she was scouted by her current agency, JSL, at a dance presentation after the Niji Pro Tokyo training camp, and decided to begin preparing for her idol debut as a trainee in Korea.

We are thrilled to see her debut with Orange Latte and to see her shine as an idol again.

Lili has been cute since she was a rainbow professional, but since she started appearing on the stage again as an orange latte member, her solid appearance has also been a topic of conversation.

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Orange Latte Member (2) Hana

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Real name: Hana Hayase
Birthday: February 27, 2000
Age: 23 years old

Hana, the "gentle charisma of orange latte.

She began dancing at the age of three and spent her life immersed in dance, gaining numerous stage experiences.
She decided to pursue a career as a singer because she admired the girls she saw on TV.

Hana attended an advanced course at URIZIP, a Japanese K-pop dance school.
He was scouted by this school.

Urijip is a prestigious school that has also produced Mina of TWICE.
He is famous for his rigorous lessons and was even introduced at the Matsuko Conference.

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Hana was chosen from a school where many girls work hard to become K-pop idols.
I guess he was not only a talented dancer, but also a charismatic person with an overflowing aura.

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Orange Latte Member (3) Siha

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Real name: 박지영 (Park Ji-young)
Birthday: May 23, 2002
Age: 21 years old

Everyone's vitamin, shining brightly," Ciha said.
He is an orange latte energizer and always exudes a cheerful and bright energy.

She started dancing at the age of 4 and discovered the joy of performing in front of others.
She went on to high school for the arts, further honed her singing and dancing skills, joined JSL, and became a member of Orange Latte.

She has an impressive dance background, and her crisp dancing is a must-see!

Orange Latte Member 4: Hahyun

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The "Eyes like the Milky Way in an Orange Latte," Hahyun.
Her selling point is her clear and beautiful singing voice with her visual perfection at her age.

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This beauty, Hahyun, is definitely the visual person in charge of Orange Latte.

Hahyun has loved singing since she was a child and took vocal lessons while preparing for her college entrance exams.
He passed an audition when he was 19 years old and began his career as a trainee.

Orange Latte Member 5: Yuha

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Real name: Yoo Ji-young
Birthday: October 16, 2003
Age: 21 years old

"Orange Latte's Human Pocari, the Refreshing Youngest," Juha.
She has cute, pudgy cheeks and is a gourmand and charming mannequin.

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Yuha started out in acting because she wanted to "give people strength.
Although her singing and dancing, which she later awakened to, lagged behind the other aspiring idols, she became a member of Orange Latte through hard work.

Yuha is a super pure girl with a too beautiful motive of becoming a singer who "wants to give hope and courage to everyone."
It is healing.


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Orange Latte is such a group

  • K-pop idol group consisting of 5 beautiful girls from Japan and Korea
  • Supposed to debut in 2021.
  • A hot topic even before his debut.
  • Lilika from Rainbow Pro belongs to this group.
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