What is the current height of NiziU members? Comparison with other groups.

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NiziU, the hottest idol group right now!

What is of interest is the height of the members.
What is the height of NiziU members? And a comparison with other K-pop groups is summarized.

What is the height of NiziU members? In order of height

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NiziU has not yet released a detailed profile, including height.
However, the height of NiziU members can be inferred from images and other sources.

Here it is.

ayaka 167cm
Nina. 164cm
rec 161cm
Maya (ancient Indian tribe in Central America) 161cm
Lima 160cm
Rio 160cm
Japanese spindle tree (Euonymus sieboldianus) 160cm
calla lily (Zantedeschia aethiopica) 158cm
Miihi. 157cm

The height difference looks different at different times due to shoes, perspective, lens distortion, etc., but it is generally believed to be this height.

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Is NiziU short? The heights of other K-Pop idols are

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If the estimated height is correct, the average height of NiziU is 160.9 cm.

Some say I'm too short for a K-pop girl group, others say no, I'm too tall! There are both opinions.

Is NiziU tall? Short! 

So let's compare it to the average height of other K-pop groups.
Some of the many girl groups.

ITZY 168.3 cm
BLACKPINK 164.8 cm
Girls' Generation 163.3 cm
TWICE 163.2 cm
IZ*ONE 162.3 cm
(G)I-DLE 162cm
OH MY GIRL 161.6 cm
MAMAMOO 160.8 cm
Red Velvet 160.7 cm

Surprisingly, that means there are quite a few 160 cm groups out there!

This is only the average height in the group, so some members are in the 150cm range, while others are in the 170cm range.

NiziU does not seem to be short in stature.
In addition, all members of NiziU have small faces and long, slender legs in relation to their height, which makes them look very stylish, an enviable point!

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NiziU members are still young and may grow taller in the future.
Let's look forward to watching them grow.

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