How to decide NiziU member color? Miiiiiich pink is the only way to win!

NiziU members Mako, Riku, Rima, Rio, Maya, Mihi, Mayuka, Ayaka, Nina

On March 5, 2021, the much-anticipated NiziU member colors were unveiled!

It looks good on you! and a summary of NiziU's member colors, and
How was it decided? This section includes a discussion of the following.

NiziU's official member colors

NiziU official member colors
calla lily (Zantedeschia aethiopica)orange
Maya (ancient Indian tribe in Central America)purple
Japanese spindle tree (Euonymus sieboldianus)mint green
Riolight blue
Nina.blue (colour, color)

The official announcement does not list the color name, so we do not know what it is officially called.
I wrote the color names in the table as I think they should be here!

The great thing about NiziU's member colors is that they are designated in PANTONE.

So, if it is not the exact color, it is not NiziU's menkara anymore.
For example, if it's the same pink, but it's too blue, too light or too dark, it's already incorrect! I'm sweating!

How do you decide on member colors for NiziU?

NiziU members Mako, Riku, Rima, Rio, Maya, Mihi, Mayuka, Ayaka, Nina

Unfortunately, no official announcement has been made as to how NiziU's member colors were decided upon.

But you've applied the right color that fits all NiziU members!

Looking back at the NiziU members who have already worn various outfits in many songs, commercials, and campaigns, I see why they look so good! I am convinced that this is the case.

So, one by one, I'll summarize my guesses that this is how it was decided!

Mako Member Colors

NiziU (NiziU) Mako member colors

Mako's member color is orange (PANTONE 1645C).

Mako is the leader of NiziU and always leads and energizes everyone.
Fresh and dazzling like the sun, orange is perfect for Mako.

The outfit she wore in the Fits commercial was orange, and it looked great on her!

NiziU (NiziU) Mako member colors

Rio Member Colors

NiziU (NiziU) Rio member colors

Rio's member color is light blue (PANTONE 297C).

For the author, this was surprising.
This is because Rio-chan has a strong image of her sister at Rainbow Pro, and I wonder if she has a darker, more subdued color. I thought it would be a good idea.

But since becoming a member of NiziU, Rio has shown us a new image of a cute and energetic girl who is appropriate for her age, but in a good way!

With its image of both maturity and girlishness, light blue is very typical of Rio, wouldn't you say!

NiziU (NiziU) Rio member colors

Maya Member Colors

NiziU (NiziU) Maya member colors

Maya's member color is purple (PANTONE 2084C).

She is the mother of everyone at NiziU.
Always calm.
There is a bewitching quality to the dance.
Such a perfect color for Maya!

Both Fanta and Fitz, Maya's costume was purple ^^.

NiziU (NiziU) Maya member colors
NiziU (NiziU) Maya member colors

Member Colors of Rick's

Member colors of NiziU (NiziU) Liquid

Riku's member color is yellow (PANTONE 2003C).

It's a very energetic, squirrel-like color!
That lemon yellow outfit from Step and a step looked so good on you!

Member colors of NiziU (NiziU) Liquid

Ayaka's member colors

NiziU (NiziU) Ayaka's member colors

Ayaka's member color is white (PANTONE WHITE).

It's pure white!
The pure and innocent image of Ayaka is perfect for her.

Your Step and a step outfit was also a white dress!

NiziU (NiziU) Ayaka's member colors

Mayuka member colors

Member colors of NiziU (NiziU) Mayuka

Mayuka's member color is mint green (PANTONE 2239C).
Can it also be called light green?

I've already... I mean, these colors...
Chameleon Mayuka〜〜〜〜〜〜!!!!


I am sure that Mayuka will be the only member to change her color before you know it. (No way.)

Member colors of NiziU (NiziU) Mayuka

Lima Member Colors

NiziU (NiziU) Lima member colors

Rima's member color is red (PANTONE 200C).

Rapper Lima is red with passion!
The costume for Step and a step was also red, wasn't it?

NiziU (NiziU) Lima member colors

Nina's member colors

NiziU (NiziU) Nina's member colors

Nina's member color is blue (PANTONE 293C).

This color is a very pure blue.
I think the color is like Nina's, who is the youngest and has a pure heart and spoils the members.

And Nina's blue hair looks great on her!

NiziU (NiziU) Nina's member colors

Miihi member colors

NiziU (NiziU) Miihi member colors

Miihi's member color is (PANTONE 203C).

It's unanimous, Miiiiiich, that your member color is pink!
I'd be surprised if anyone said otherwise!

Miihi has a lovely pink atmosphere.
Step and a step was also in the pink world (although in a different color).

NiziU (NiziU) debut song Step and a step MV miihi
Reference: YouTube

Best of all, this member color, pink, is a perfect match to Miihi's outfit when she performed TWICE's TT at Rainbow Pro!

Miich, NiziU, rainbow pro, TT, cute
Reference: YouTube

Every time I see this color, I'm moved again! Right!

So let me close with these words.

Miich's pink is the only way to win!

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