Johnny's jr.

Naniwa Boys Member Colors! Before the change, the three were red! How to decide how to play rock-paper-scissors-paper?

Speaking of the promising unit of Kansai Johnny's Jr. Naniwa Boys, right?

The seven members of Naniwa Boys, who used to belong to different units.
Each of us already had a member color.
The members' colors were changed when Naniwa Dans was formed.

This issue will focus on the reasons why the new member colors were assigned to each member, before and after the member color change.

Summary of Naniwa Men's member colors before and after the change

First, let's take a look at a table showing before and after the change in member colors for each of the Naniwa boys.

Before change After change
Daigo Nishihata orange red
Ryusei Ohnishi red orange
Shunsuke Michieda red pink
Kyohei Takahashi green purple
Nagao Kensha yellow yellow
Joichiro Fujiwara red green
Kazuya Ohashi pink  green

As you can see, they are quite covered before the member color change.
We have three reds and way too many warm colors!

As you all know, we are a group of Japanese
Needless to say, the member color red is the center.
Ace of GroupsThis is why it is a good idea to use the

A group of center-class members, Naniwa Danshi!
I have a feeling it's going to be a big one!

Affiliation and member color of each member before Naniwa Boys

I have a rough idea of the member colors before the change.
Which unit did the members belong to before the formation of Naniwa Boys and which unit did they belong to before the formation of Naniwa Boys?
What role did they play?

Let's take a closer look!

Unit to which members belonged before Naniwa Boys

The members of the Naniwa Boys are.
Two members from Prince Naniwa
Three from the Signal Bros.
Two from Funky8
The first two are the following.

Daigo Nishihata → Prince Naniwa
Ryusei Onishi → Prince Naniwa
Shunsuke Michieda → Signal Brothers
Kyohei Takahashi → Signal Brothers
Kento Nagao → Signal Brothers
Joichiro Fujiwara → Funky8
Kazuya Ohashi → Funky8

What is Naniwa Prince? Member Color Composition

Naniwa Prince is a group consisting of three members belonging to Kansai Johnny's Jr.
The members who belonged to the group were Daigo Nishihata, Ryusei Onishi, and Ren Nagase.

The group practically disbanded (spontaneously disappeared) when Ren Nagase moved to Tokyo and joined King & Prince.


The member colors as Naniwa Prince are as follows

Daigo Nishihata -> Orange
Ryusei Onishi → Red
Ren Nagase→Blue

These member colors were not officially announced.
TV programs featuring Prince Naniwa
Maido! Journey~ (Maijani)
It was inferred from the colors used in the opening.

What are the Signal Brothers? Member Color Structure

Signal BrothersQuote.twitter

The Signal Brothers are an unofficial unit of Kansai Johnny's Jr.

An informal unit, so it is a spontaneous group.
Members Shunsuke Michieda, Kyohei Takahashi, and Kento Nagao are wearing
It looked like a signal, so Koji Mukai, another Kansai Johnny's junior, named it.

I see that all three members from the Signal Brothers are now members of Naniwa Otoko...


The member colors of the Signal Brothers are as follows

Shunsuke Michieda → Red
Kyohei Takahashi → Blue
Kento Nagao → Huang

What is Funky8? Member Color Structure

Funky8 is also an unofficial unit of the Japanese
The eight members were selected at Yuma Nakayama's concert in 2015.

The person who selected these eight was Asayuki Yara, a senior member of the Japanese staff.
The name Funky8 was also given by Asayuki Yara.

Funky8 members & member colors are as follows

Kazuya Ohashi → Pink
Junya Asada → Denim/Light blue
Matori Hayashi→Blue
Kosa Nairu→Purple
Richard Keita Kusama → Yellow
Seiya Suezawa → White
Daichi Imae → Green
Joichiro Fujiwara → Red

It seems that the member colors were decided within the group.

Kazuya Ohashi is pink because he is a little chubby.
pig-ishFrom, apparently (awful laugh).

Joichiro Fujiwara is a funky8overwhelming centerSo red.

How to determine the new member color for each Naniwa Men member

To maintain balance within the group with the formation of Naniwa Boys
They were told by the office to decide (change) the member's color.

However, Daigo Nishihata is red and Shunsuke Michieda is pink, as specified by the office.

The rest of the remaining members are.competitive bickeringHe decided to do so because he was a member of the "K" team.
Kyohei Takahashi had always wanted blue, but it turned out to be purple! Too bad.

Member colors are a point that even the members themselves are quite particular about, aren't they?

About Naniwa Otoko's member colors Conclusion

There is history in the member colors.

I can't believe the office told us to decide on the members' colors well before their debut.
I think they're putting a lot of effort into it as an office...
Maybe a group on the verge of their debut! I am looking forward to it.

It would be very uncomfortable to change the member color that you originally have.
The day will come when Naniwa Otoko's member colors will fit in better and better.

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