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Members of MIRAE (Future Boy)

DSP Media, the company that brought you KARA, which has caused a huge boom in Japan, has released a new boy group, "KARA", which is a very popular boy group in Japan.MIRAE (Future Boy), a boy group that debuted after 9 yearsThe following is a list of the most common problems with the

Their long-awaited first visit to Japan in Golden Week, 2022! MIRAE (Future Boy) is gaining popularity in Japan, holding fan meetings in Osaka and Kawasaki...?

From profiles to popularity order, here's a full list... ♪

What is MIRAE (Future Boy)?

Members of MIRAE (Future Boy)

MIRAE (Mirai Shonen) debuted on March 17, 2021 with the mini-album "KILLA" from DSP Media, the company that produced that KARA.7-member boy group including 1 JapaneseIt is.

DSP Media has produced many popular idol groups, including KARA.

It's been 3 years and 8 months since KARD, and 9 years since A-JAX in 2012 for a boy group to debut from DSP Media!

How did MIRAE (Future Boy) make its debut?

Members of MIRAE (Future Boy)

In 2019, Song Dongpyo, who would later become a member of MIRAE (Future Boy), appeared on Mnet's audition program "PRODUCE X 101" as a DSP Media trainee.

Dongpyo performed well in the theme song "X1-MA" of "PRODUCE X 101," being chosen as the center from among all 101 participating trainees, and he placed 6th in the final ranking.Debuted as a member of "X1The company has fulfilled the

However, due to the "PRODUCE 101" series voting manipulation problem that was discovered just before their debut, "X1" was forced to disband just four months after their debut...

Song Dong-pyo, who will return to DSP Media's trainees after the breakup of "X1," and DSP Media's public trainees, including him.DSP NThe seven members who will make their debut as MIRAE (future boys) have been selected from the

What is DSP N, the predecessor of MIRAE (Future Boy)?

Members of MIRAE (Future Boy)

After the breakup of "X1" in January 2020, the official SNS account of DSP N, DSP Media's public trainees, was opened, and the trainees who were publicly announced as members of theDelivering cover dance videos and other contentThe group has been attracting a lot of attention as a debut member of a new group to which Dongpyo Song belongs. The group has been attracting a lot of attention.

How to read MIRAE (future boy)? What does the group name mean?

MIRAE (Future Boy) logo

Future Boy" is in Hangul.Mie래소년(Mire Sonnyeon)'-' (used in place of '-')and hits "future".Mire."is the English reading of the group name "MIRAE".

A greeting style known as the "greeting method" using catchphrases has been common among K-pop groups for the past few years, and in the case of MIRAE (Future Boy),...

Into our Future! Annyeonhasaeyo mireseonyeon imnida!

Into our Future! Hello, this is Future Boy!

It is!

Please check "WE ARE FUTURE" EP.06 to learn how MIRAE (future boy) decided on his greeting method and the meaning of the "signature pose" with hands that he does with his greeting.

In this video, 3'20"- we are discussing the greeting method.

The group's name, "Future Boys," is a reference to theWe will be a group that shows the new future of K-pop and open the way for it together."and strong aspirations toAlways breathing with the masses and moving forward into the future."This is the wish of the company.

Also, the logo is the consonants of the Hangul rendering of "Mirai Shonen".ㅁㄹㅅㄴin the form of hexagons.

MIRAE (Future Boy) Member Profile

Let's get started with the members of MIRAE (Future Boy).In order of ageWe will introduce you to the following... ♪

MIRAE (Future Boy) Member (1) Lian

Lian of MIRAE (Future Boy)
real nameSho Shimada
Date of birthMarch 11, 1998
birthplaceOsaka (metropolitan area)
family structureParents / Brother
blood typetype B (blood, influenza, hepatitis, etc.)
positionmain vocalist
large text that appears in ads or brochures to catch the reader's attention (in copywriting)Voice of the Forest
MBTI DiagnosisENTP (debater type)

The oldest member is Rian, a Japanese who is the only foreign member of MIRAE (Mirai Shonen).

What a surprise!Before moving to Korea.Kansai Johnny's Jr.He has a history of working as aI'm sorry, I'm sorry!

It is a well-known episode that he joined Johnny's after his mother told him that she would give him some allowance money and he went to an audition.

We've found some valuable footage from the Kansai Johnny's Jr. days!

Lian was active as Kansai Johnny's Jr. but in 2018, to my surprise!Moved to Korea alone at age 20Oh, my God!

Even though he could not speak a word of Korean, he decided to go to Korea alone without consulting his family...!

In the K-pop idol world, there are relatively many members who debut between the ages of 3rd grade junior high school and 20, but going to Korea at the age of is not hard to imagine that it was a big decision.

Lian of MIRAE (Future Boy)
Quote. Twitter

It is well known that Zino of PENTAGON was an excellent voice trainer, and Lian was one of those who learned vocals from him, and in February 2022, Lian posted a comment with a photo of her and Zino.â

'We met at the TV station and it was one of my big goals...ㅜㅜ

 The best main vocalist and the best teacher, I really love you 😭💜"

In addition to her natural singing ability, Liane was blessed with the best teachers.Unusual "main vocal" for a Japanese memberDebut as

With so many Japanese members leading the group as main dancers and dancers, as represented by Momo of TWICE, Niki of ENHYPEN, and Shoutarou of NCT, it is very rare to have a Japanese person in charge of "main vocals"!

The catchphrase is "Voice of the Forest."Liane has a clear, yet core voice, with an appealing high tone that ranges from falsetto to earthy, and a straightforward, powerful vocal style.

MIRAE (Future Boy) member (2) Lee Jun-yeok

Junyuk of MIRAE (Future Boy)
real name이준혁 (Lee Jun-yeok)
Date of birthMay 16, 2000
birthplaceOryu-dong, Guro-gu, Seoul
family structureParents/Sister
blood typetype B (blood, influenza, hepatitis, etc.)
positionLeader, main dancer, lead rapper
large text that appears in ads or brochures to catch the reader's attention (in copywriting)wolf leader
MBTI DiagnosisENFP (public relations campaigner type)

Leader of MIRAE (Future Boy)Junyuk, who is a member of "PRODUCE X 101" with Dongpyo, was eliminated from the competition in 75th place....

Junyuk of MIRAE (Future Boy)

Jin-yeok, who now has a cool and attractive figure leading the members as the "wolf leader," has a precious visual of his initial atmosphere at the time of "PRODUCE X 101.

Junyuk, the leader of MIRAE (Future Boy).As the main dancer, he plays an important role in leading the team in terms of performance.The company is responsible for

And more! He is also a lead rapper with a distinctive husky bass voice rap, and is a reliable member who leads the group from many angles.

MIRAE (Future Boy) member (3) Yoo Do Hyun

Do Hyun of MIRAE (Future Boy)
real name유도현
Date of birthDecember 25, 2000
birthplaceJeongja-dong, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do
family structureParents and younger brother (born in 2007 and 2009)
blood typetype A (blood, influenza, hepatitis, etc.)
positionlead vocalist
large text that appears in ads or brochures to catch the reader's attention (in copywriting)Christmas
MBTI DiagnosisINFP (Intermediary type)

MIRAE (future boy)Dohyun, who sings lead vocalsis also the second-latest member to join the company, after the youngest, Yubin.

As soon as she managed to persuade her parents, who were opposed to her dream of becoming a singer, she enrolled in a voice training school.

Do-hyun finally started attending a voice training school, but while attending the voice training schoolA hard worker who spent his non-practicing time working part-time to earn a living.But there is also.

Looking back on those days.He described it as "like no part-time job I've ever had."I had been doing it for a while.

Do Hyun of MIRAE (Future Boy)

Hardly a man who has honed his craft, Dohyun has a delicate, mellow voice, and once you hear one of Dohyun's ballads, you are sure to be captivated!

Dohyun, the lead singer, is loved by the members as much as his singing voice, especially by the younger members who tease him.One of our friendly brother membersIt is.

MIRAE (Future Boy) member (4) Frog

MIRAE (future boy) frog
real nameLee Sang-min
Date of birthJanuary 18, 2002
birthplaceSongnae-dong, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do
family structureParents, older brother, younger brother (born in 2009)
blood typetype B (blood, influenza, hepatitis, etc.)
positionmain wrapper
large text that appears in ads or brochures to catch the reader's attention (in copywriting)angel
MBTIINTJ (architect type)

MIRAE's (Future Boy) main rapper Kael has a background in the audition program "Under 19".

Contrary to Junyuk's low-pitched voice, whichHigh-toned, piercing rap styleThe Frogs of theis a member who writes lyrics with Junyuk, mainly for the title track "Splash" of the 2nd mini-album.

Before his debut, he and Junyuk released a song with BM, a member of KARD, who is a senior member of the office, and he is also active in songwriting.

He's an artist-minded frog who raps and composes music.The frequency of social networking posts and VLIVE live streaming shows is the highest among the membersOh, my God!

The fact that they interact with their fans so much that they sometimes do live-distributed shows for several days in a row is another attractive point that we can't help but guess.

MIRAE (Mirai Shonen) member 5) Dongpyo Song

real name손동표 (SONG Dongpyo)
Date of birthSeptember 9, 2002
birthplaceYeongdeok-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do
family structureparents
blood typetype O (blood, etc.)
positionLead dancer/sub-vocalist
large text that appears in ads or brochures to catch the reader's attention (in copywriting)재랑둥이  

(A term coined by the artist himself, combining "mischievous child + adorable child")

MBTI DiagnosisENFP (public relations campaigner type)

In "PRODUCE X 101," she was chosen as the center of the theme song "XI-MA" out of a total of 101 trainees, showing her natural charm and high potential.

Dongpyo, who debuted as a member of "X1" with a good 6th place in the final ranking, has been using his experience of debuting with "X1" and the name recognition and solid popularity he has built up to become the most popular member of the group.A central presence leading MIRAE (future boy)It is.

Dongpyo originally wanted to be an actor, not an idol, so he went to acting school instead of singing or dancing.

He had been dancing on his own since that time, but in his third year of junior high school, he began attending a dance school in earnest and started practicing intensely.

Because I attended a school far from my home, I was limited to three hours of lessons on weekdays. Instead, I practiced on my own for a full seven to eight hours on Saturdays and Sundays to polish my dancing.

Prior to joining DSP Media, he was aActive as dance crew "ARTBEATI heard they did, and there are a few videos left from that time!

The boy wearing overalls and a blue T-shirt is donpyo♪

Even after his debut, cover dancing is his specialty! Especially, girl group dances are Dongpyo's specialty.

Many people may have a strong image of Song Dong-pyo as the cute little Dong-pyo with a small, petite face, more than a head taller than the other members of the group in the "PRODUCE X 101" and "X1" era.

But! As of May 2022, "MIRAE's Dongpyo SongHeight also grew from 163cm to 171cmHe has a much more masculine body and has transformed into a handsome man!

Dongpyo of MIRAE (Future Boy)

His small face and baby face are still the same as ever, but now that he has reached adulthood, Dongpyo's charms as an adult will only increase in the future!

MIRAE (Mirai Shonen) member 6) Park Shi-young

MIRAE (Future Boy) Siyon
real name박시영
Date of birthMay 6, 2003
birthplaceAnyang-dong, Manan-gu, Anyang-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do
family structureParents, older sister (born in 2000), dog (Toto)
blood typeType AB (ambidextrous)
positionLead dancer/sub-vocalist
large text that appears in ads or brochures to catch the reader's attention (in copywriting)cotton candy
MBTI DiagnosisINFP (Intermediary type)

One of the Mannerline (youngest team) of MIRAE (future boy)Chyon is from a child actor.and, like Frog, was a member of "Under 19".

He was the second earliest to join the company among the members, and in the past, he even appeared in a music video of APRIL, the senior member of the office!

Although her title is lead dancer, Siyeon's dance is characterized by a suppleness that is different from the powerful dance of the main dancer Junyuk, and is as good as the main dancer's.

In addition, theThe most "mysterious" of the members.She also has a strong personality, and we are sure that she will continue to show us many new faces in the future.

MIRAE (Future Boy) member 7) Yubin Jang

Yubin of MIRAE (Future Boy)
real name장유빈 (Yubin Jang)
Date of birthJune 10, 2004
birthplaceKyodo-dong, Jongdong-gu, Seoul
family structureParents, older brother (born in 2001)
blood typetype O (blood, etc.)
positionsaffron cod (Eleginus gracilis)
large text that appears in ads or brochures to catch the reader's attention (in copywriting)youngest child of the rainbow
MBTI DiagnosisESFP (Entertainer type)

MIRAE (future boy)Manneh (youngest) Yubin is a high school senior attending Rila Art High SchoolThe following is a list of the most common problems with the

Yubin attends Rila Art High School, which has produced Jiyoung (T-ara), Luna (f(x)), Hae-rim (Wonder Girls), and Bae Jin-young (CIX), whom Yubin cites as a role model.

Yubin's vlogs about what's going on at school, and of course you're curious about the private atmosphere at your guess's school, aren't you!

Plus, K-pop fans will love to see what the atmosphere is like at a Korean...especially performing arts school...–Uhs

Yubin is the youngest son of MIRAE (Future Boys) and the last of the members to join the company.

Although she has been a trainee for a far shorter period of time, her dance skills are second to none of the members, and as a sub rapper, she is responsible for making the most of the points in the songs!

What is the height order of MIRAE (future boy) members?

Members of MIRAE (Future Boy)

Lee Jun-yeok182cm
Yoo, Do Hyun176cm
Park, Si-young175cm
Yubin Jang175cm
Dongpyo Song171cm
*As of May 2022 (according to

The MIRAE (Future Boy) members are listed here in order of height from tallest to tallest.

The rightmost one in the photoJunyuk is in the group.Tallest at 182cmThe following is a list of the most common problems with the

Leanne, the leftmost in the photo, and the frog next to her are next at 180 cm.

Next to Junyuk, Dohyun is 176cm, and Siyoung & Yubin are 175cm, flanking Dongpyo in the center, so it looks like the three are almost side by side.

Middle.Dongpyo.The smallest 171cmAnd it turns out that the height difference between the tallest Junyoku, who is 182cm, is 11cm!

The official standing position of MIRAE (future boy) is the same as in the photo above, so the lineup appears to be balanced in terms of height.

What is the age order of MIRAE (future boy) members?

Members of MIRAE (Future Boy)

As of May 2022 (Japanese age)

lianMarch 11, 199824
Lee Jun-yeokMay 16, 200022
Yoo, Do HyunDecember 25, 200022
frogJanuary 18, 200221
Dongpyo SongSeptember 9, 200220
Park, Si-youngMay 6, 200319
Yubin JangJune 10, 200418

MIRAE (Mirai Shonen) has the oldest member, Lian, who is the only member born in the 1990s, and the youngest, Manneh (youngest son) Yubin, who was born in 2004.Age difference is 6 years.Yes.

So when Yubin was in the first grade of elementary school, Lian was in the first grade of middle school, and when Yubin was in the first grade of middle school, he was in the first grade of college... that's about the age difference!

In MIRAE (Future Boy), Siyon, who was born in 2003, is also the onlyborn in an odd-numbered yearIt is.

What is the popularity order of MIRAE (Future Boy) members?

Members of MIRAE (Future Boy)
1st placeDongpyo Song
2nd placelian
3rd placePark, Si-young
4th placeLee Jun-yeok
5th placefrog
6th placeYubin Jang
7th placeYoo, Do Hyun
*As of May 2022

Here's the popularity order of the members based on the number of likes on MIRAE's official SNS!

He gained popularity through his work in "PRODUCE X 101" and "X1" and is a driving force behind the popularity of MIRAE (Future Boy).Dongpyo (center photo) is still the most popular.It seems that the

In second place was the main vocalist and Japanese member Leanne, followed by child actress Siyoung in third place!

MIRAE (Future Boy)'s signature song!

MIRAE (Future Boy), who just debuted on March 17, 2021 with the mini-album "KILLA," in less than a year.Released three mini-albumsI have done so.

Here are the title songs of each of MIRAE's (Mirai Shonen) representative songs♪


Created by composers at the forefront of K-POPDebut song "KILLAis a piece in the electro house genre featuring bass synths.

The performance was created by "B.B Trippin," the dance team that choreographed X1's "FLASH.

In addition, theOne person's move is connected to everyone else's."MIRAE (Future Boy) features a lot of impressive choreography called "MIRAE," so please pay attention to that too!


SPLASH," featuring lyricists and composers from the Creators label, is a hybrid of hip-hop, trap, and R&B.

In addition, theMain Rapper Frog and Lead Rapper Junyukand BM, a member of KARD, a senior member of the office.Lyrics with the participation ofAnd a big shout out to the

And while their comeback came only five months after their debut song "KILLA," they have matured so rapidly that it seems as if two years have passed...! The performance of MIRAE (Mirai Shonen) is also noteworthy, as they have grown so rapidly that it seems as if two years have passed since their debut song "KILLA".

Only a summer release, "Splash" is even more energetic than "KILLA," taking advantage of the highs and lows of the song.

The performance is a polished balance of slow and fast and captivating.


The title track "Marvelous" features the participation of a composer who has created hit songs for numerous K-pop artists.

The song is a dance-pop song that combines diverse synths and beats with addictive melodies, and the lyrics are about "the point of view from Mars, which is different from the point of view we have on Earth.

In MIRAE (future boy)First story-style music videois also a highlight♪

As "Marvelous" is the most poppy of MIRAE's (Future Boy) title tracks, the catchy choreography that is incorporated in abundance is also a key point.

And MIRAE's unique choreography, with its more complex movements and compositions, is a finish that gets more profound the more you watch it!

In addition, the Choreography version has an exhilarating sound of perfectly aligned footsteps and clapping hands♪

MIRAE (Future Boy) Summary

Members of MIRAE (Future Boy)

Song Dong-pyo has built a solid name recognition and popularity through his work with "X1," which was forced to disband shortly after its highly publicized debut.

Through their activities as "DSP N", an open trainee including Dongpyo Song, many members of MIRAE (Future Boy) have been eagerly waiting for their debut and finally debuted with great fanfare.

Long-awaited first visit to Japan in Golden Week 2022The first Japan schedule, including fan meetings in Osaka and Kawasaki, was also a success!

And the long-awaited by fans.Official Japan fan club "NOW JAPAN" to be launched in summer 2022And it was just announced!

For Japanese fans in particular, more and more fun things are sure to be in store! And the expectations are high♪
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