Is Mine Mukaiji the right person to be the general manager of AKB48? Reasons why she is not suitable and why she is not the right person for the job and why she was nominated.

Mine Mukaiji, AKB48, General Manager

Mine Mukaiji was nominated as the third general manager of AKB48.
While most people are happy about the appointment of a general director, I think it's different. A few voices here and there questioned the

In this issue, we will delve into how Mine Mukaiji was nominated as AKB48's general manager, why she is considered suitable or unsuitable for the job, and what the public thinks of her!

What is the general director's aptitude? What kind of person is Mine Mukaiji?

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First, let's take a look at Mine Mukaiji's personality!
You can see the aptitude of the general director!

Profile of Miko Mukaiji Mine

Mion Mukaiji

Nickname: Mion
Date of birth: January 29, 1998
Age: 25 years old
Birthplace: Saitama Prefecture
Height: 150cm
Affiliation: AKB48 Team A

Mine Mukaiji's motto is "work hard.
It is a glamorous job as an idol, but you value the effort to work hard and patiently and diligently tackle things.

The Brilliant Career of Mikoichi Mukaiji Mine, the Next Generation Ace

Mine Mukaiji joined AKB48 in 2013 as a 15th term student.
But even before that, he was performing as a child actor.

Mine Mukaiji is also famous for playing the role of Ryoko Shinohara's child in the drama "Unfair.

She has been considered a gem since she first joined AKB48 and has had an elite career, being chosen to be the center of the 44th single "Tsubasa wa Naiai" in 2016.

Mine Mukaiji, AKB48, General Manager, I Don't Need Wings
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Mine Mukaiji also proved her love for AKB48 Group by taking first place in the 2018 AKB48 Group Center Exam, a test to confirm AKB love!

Mine Mukaiji, who by her own admission has a strong love for AKB48, in her speech at the opening voting event for the 2018 AKB48 general election.Someday, I want to be the general manager of the AKB48 group."He said his goal was full of love for AKB.

Mine Mukaiji has been the face of AKB and has played a major role in the group.
It seems to me that you are well qualified to be the general director.

Why is Mine Mukaiji the general manager of AKB48?

Mine Mukaiji was nominated as the next general director by the second general director, Yui Yokoyama.

AKB48 love is stronger than anyone else's.

Yui Yokoyama gave this explanation as to why she nominated Mine Mukaiji as the next general manager.

She loves AKB48, the music, the dance, the members, and the fans, and I could feel her passion for the group. I thought that Mi-on would protect and preserve what we have inherited from Takakasan and the other members of the group.


You bought Mine Mukaiji's love for AKB48 with high regard, and you made the appointment with the thought that she would be the one to make it happen.

Trusted by former general director

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It is said that Mine Mukaiji's deep love for AKB48 is not only for the second general manager, Yui Yokoyama, but also for the first general manager, Minami Takahashi, with whom she is close and trusted.

It seems that if Mine Mukaiji is trusted by two people who have experience as general directors, then her aptitude and ability as a general director must be genuine.

Congratulations to Mine Mukaiji on her nomination as general director.

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The nomination of Mine Mukaiji as general director was met with joy and support.

Wasn't Mukaiji Mine expected to be the next general director?

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While there was an outpouring of joy at the nomination of Mine Mukaiji as the next general director, there was also a surprising turn of events! Some could not hide their surprise.

Opinions that are seen as a trend are.

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Mio Mukaiji (Mion) is more suited to be an ace than a general manager who is in charge of AKB48.
If you are the general director, you have to be very strict and demanding.Wouldn't Nana Okada or Akari Takahashi be more suitable?

I think it is something like that.

Why Miko Mukaiji Mine, and not Okada Nana and Takahashi Akari, the candidates for general manager?

Nana Okada and Akari Takahashi were rumored to be the next general managers.
What are they like and why are they not the two general directors?

Nana Okada, who is busy with her concurrent position at STU

Nana Okada

Date of birth: November 7, 1997
Age: 25 years old
Birthplace: Kanagawa, Japan
Nickname: Nachan
Blood type: A
Height: 163cm
Affiliation: AKB48 Team A / STU48

Nana Okada is serious, reliable, and trusted by her peers, and she serves as both vice captain of AKB48 Team A and captain of STU48.
such (about the actions of the listener, or about ideas expressed or understood by the listener)Many people are concerned that Nana Okada, who is very busy, will have too much responsibility and will be overloaded if she is entrusted with the role of general manager of the AKB48 group.

Nana Okada also suffers from a disease called "functional hypoglycemia," and it was said that she should be removed as general director because of her condition.

Akari Takahashi was even said to be Jixo (the next general manager)...

Shuri Takahashi

Date of birth: October 3, 1997
Age: 25 years old
Birthplace: Ibaraki, Japan
Nickname: Juri
Blood type: A
Height: 159cm
Affiliation: AKB48 Team B

Akari Takahashi is the captain of AKB48 Team B, trusted by the members.
Many were surprised when it was announced that Mine Mukaiji, rather than Akari Takahashi, would be nominated as general manager, since she has experience as a captain and was said to be the next general manager of Jixo (next general manager) because of her leadership skills.

Akari Takahashi has a unique sense of word choice and sometimes has a way of saying things that can be misunderstood.The fact that the patient is not able to make a decision is also considered to be a cause of anxiety.

Once again, why is Mine Mukaiji the right choice for general director?

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It's not really clear why it wasn't Akari Takahashi, but the general manager of AKB is not just a group organizer.As a publicist, I'm in a position where I have to be out in the public eye.Mine Mukaiji, who has better manners and language skills, is more suitable for the job.It seems that not a few people think that

In addition, Mine Mukaiji has a track record as a child actor and actress, and she is better known than Nana Okada and Akari Takahashi, which may also be a factor. Some people believe that this is a good idea.


This section summarizes Mine Mukaiji's appointment as general director.
Nana Okada and Akari Takahashi are better suited as general managers than Mine Mukaiji! However, when you put it all together like this, you can see Mine Mukaiji's aptitude as a general director.

Also, Nana Okada and Akari Takahashi should be supporting Mine Mukaiji and boosting AKB! We also saw many people saying that they would like to be a part of this project.
The job of AKB48 group general manager is said to be hard, with a lot of pressure.
I hope Mine Mukaiji will turn the pressure into strength and show us another leap forward!

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