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Drastic change from junior high school days and suspicions of plastic surgery! Comparison of Meguro Ren's old photos and the present

Snow Man member Ren Meguro, old and new comparison images.

Ren Meguro, a member of the popular idol group Snow Man, is really cool!

However, for those who have known him since his junior days
I don't remember Ren Meguro being this handsome."
The changes are so drastic.

This section summarizes Meguro Ren-kun's visual changes and the suspicions of plastic surgery that are so common among celebrities.

Snow Man's visual director! Current Meguro Ren

Snow Man member Meguro RenQuote.Pinterest

Ren Meguro is a beautiful all-around handsome man from all angles, standing at 184 cm tall and also a model.

First, please take a closer look at Ren Meguro, whose stunning visuals are irresistible and have made many women fall in love with him.

Ren Meguro's trademark is his techno cut.
I think this is a difficult haircut that suits Meguro Ren-kun only because he is a lot of fun.

Snow Man member Meguro RenQuote.Pinterest

The attention to Ren Meguro's appearance is so intense that he is trending just by changing his hairstyle to short hair because of the drama.

Snow Man member Meguro RenQuote.Pinterest

Personally, I would like to rave about Meguro Ren with bangs glasses.

Meguro lotus with bangs and glassesQuote.Pinterest

Was he ugly as a junior? Old photos of Ren Meguro

Meguro Lotus Old Photo

The image above was just taken a bit by surprise, sweat.

During his Johnny's Jr. days, long before he joined Snow Man, Ren Meguro was rather unremarkable.

Meguro Lotus Old PhotoQuote.Twitter
Meguro Lotus Old PhotoQuote.Pinterest

Now is the time!" There was a time when it was said that I looked like Mr. Osamu Hayashi, the famous teacher of the phrase "I am the best!
I don't think Mr. Osamu Hayashi's face is bad, but he is from a different generation than Ren Meguro, and, hey, you know?

Meguro Lotus Old PhotoQuote.Twitter
forest repairQuote.Twitter

Is it the droopy eyes or the hair?
It is hard to imagine nowadays that Ren Meguro had his face teased, isn't it?

Meguro Ren, who is suspected of having undergone plastic surgery to become so handsome.

Snow Man member Meguro RenQuote.Pinterest

Compared to his old images, Ren Meguro has grown so handsome that he is naturally suspected of plastic surgery.

Especially suspect are Meguro Ren-kun's eyes. (Only his eyes...)
Let's compare.

Comparison of current Meguro lotus and old Meguro lotus
Comparison of current Meguro lotus and old Meguro lotusQuote.Twitter

I think Ren Meguro-kun in his junior years is also usually good-looking, but I think the double width of his eyes, in particular, is wider now.
The face is still there, but the jawline is different.

It is common for eyelids to clear and eyes to become larger as people grow older, so I can't say that it is plastic surgery, but Ren Meguro definitely looks different now than he did in the past.

Meguro Ren himself denies plastic surgery.

Snow Man member Meguro RenQuote.Pinterest

Ren Meguro himself denied the plastic surgery allegations in an official statement.

That was at the noon performance of "The Boys" on September 18, 2019.
There is a scene in which Ren Meguro-kun reads a letter in which he announces, "I didn't have plastic surgery.

I am surprised that some people are rude enough to grab a walking celebrity and ask them if they have had plastic surgery.
Meguro Ren-kun, you are so handsome, turning it into a funny story!

As Ren Meguro himself says, the fact that plastic surgery is suspected also means that he has become so cool.

Summary of Meguro Ren's face has changed.

Snow Man member Meguro RenQuote.Pinterest
  • The overwhelmingly visual Meguro Ren, also known as a facial national treasure.
  • Past that he was not as handsome in his junior years as he is now.
  • The changes are so drastic that plastic surgery is suspected.
  • Meguro Ren himself denies any plastic surgery.
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