Kyoko Fukada never married? Can't? No desire to get married?

Speaking of actresses who are becoming more beautiful with each passing year...Kyoko Fukada.

If she's so beautiful, why isn't she married? Don't you think?

There may be a reason why Kyoko Fukada is not married.

Kyoko Fukada is not currently married, but...

Kyoko FukadaQuote.andGIRL

It is a well-known fact that Kyoko Fukada is single.


Although the number of late marriages is on the rise these days
You're old enough to get married.
I think it is safe to say that this is the case.

With such a beautiful actress, it would not be surprising if Kyoko Fukada had one or two potential marriage partners.


Kyoko Fukada's sister is a civilian, but she is married.
Kyoko Fukada has two nephews.
Kyoko Fukada often says on TV that her two nephews are cute.

On Instagram, you were praised as a goddess for the way you milked your nephew.


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My nephew...has another one on the way 🌿 my aunt is already too happy ⛱ ohhhh I want to spoil him so much 🤣🍒 # nephew I'm so excited I can't stop thinking about it 🐥🐣 #kyokofukada

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Who is Kyoko Fukada's potential marriage partner? Do you have a boyfriend?


For his marriage to Kyoko Fukada.
Is there currently a closest partner?

I tried to find out who Kyoko Fukada's previous boyfriends, or rather, who Kyoko Fukada has been rumored to have been with.

Noriyuki Higashiyama
Osawa Takao
Hiroshi Tamaki
Teppei Arita
Kazuya Kamenashi of KAT-TUN
Such as...
At the rumor level, there is no shortage of rumors about athletes, actors, and comedians.

Among them, Kazuya Kamenashi of KAT-TUN and I have been working together since around 2015.
It was often reported in weekly magazines, and even married Kyoko Fukada? It was rumored that

As of 2018, Kyoko Fukada and Kazuya Kamenashi's relationship is still believed to be ongoing.

Does Kyoko Fukada have a desire to get married?

Kyoko Fukada's marriage has been the focus of attention for quite some time, so there are many articles covering the subject.

2015 Kyoko Fukada's desire to marry: "I'm not thinking about it"

During an appearance on Fuji Television's "Nonstop" broadcast on June 30, 2015.
Kyoko Fukada said of her marriage.
At this point, I don't see it as the near future just yet."
'It's not that I haven't thought about it at all, but at this point [I haven't].'He said.

As for his 40-something self 10 years from now, he does not want much, saying, "I don't mind in any way as long as it is a situation in which I can feel happy. Whether or not I am still an actress, whether or not I am married, whether or not I have children. I don't have any concrete plans or hopes, but I just hope I am happy at that time.

Quote.Mynavi News

Kyoko Fukada's thoughts at the time were
Marriage is not the only form of happiness, when marriage becomes one of the happiest things in your life.
It seems to me that marriage is a possibility.

2016 Kyoko Fukada is "not without" marriage aspirations.

In 2016, Kyoko Fukada talked about her desire to get married in an article in the December issue of andGIRL magazine.

I played with Kyoko Fukada's nephew and
After talking about the joy of picking up the children from daycare and watching them grow up.
She reveals that becoming a mother is not something she can think of as her own.

Kyoko Fukada's desire to get married is a matter of concern.
(I have no desire to get married).
The answer is "yes.

I'm wondering, 'When should I do it? I often discuss such topics with my friends (laughs)." "I long to fight with my boyfriend, who usually does it during the wedding preparation stage.

Quote.Mynavi News

Not much appears to have changed since 2015.

How carefree "how do people get married?"...w
It is typical of the heartwarming Kyoko Fukada.

The fact that you're talking about such things with Kyoko Fukada's friends too...
I understand that Kyoko Fukada is also single around her.
It is said that people are in no hurry to get married when there are many single people around them, so that may have something to do with it.

2017Kyoko Fukada's desire to get married in 2012!

Kyoko FukadaQuote.Twitter

Fuji Television's "Domoto Brothers 2017: The Holy Night is Coming SP" on December 15, 2017.
During Kyoko Fukada's appearance, there was a statement of concern.

In our question-and-answer project for Kyoko Fukada, we asked her what she has been addicted to lately.
After answering that it remains the same: playing with my nephew.
As for the desire to get married.I want to get married someday."
He revealed.

Not thinking about it -> not without -> want to someday
So it became
verylow ball (baseball)The tension seems to have increased Kyoko Fukada's desire to get married.

And even her best friend Tomoe Shinohara talked with Kyoko Fukada.More talk of "marriage."in the same program.


Furthermore, the January 31, 2018 broadcast of "Ojamap! During his appearance on
She revealed that she often discusses her desire to get married with her good friend Saori Yoshida.


2018July, 2006 Kyoko Fukada's desire to get married goes to zero!

Kyoko Fukada's desire for marriage seemed to be on the rise.

However, when Kyoko Fukada appeared on July 24, 2018 on "PON!
A little backward comment on marriage.

Do you want to get married...? When asked if he wanted to get married...
Now I am happy with my nephew.
confession. That means it's not happening now.

He has learned how hard it is to be a mother with his nephew.
Have they realized that dreams and longings are not enough to raise a child?

In this short period of time
Not thinking about it -> not without -> want to someday -> satisfied with nephew
and changed, or rather
When he does not clearly say, "I want to get married," he is not saying "I want to get married.
We have to assume that Kyoko Fukada seems to have little desire to get married in the first place.

Kyoko Fukada has no dreams of marriage?

In the aforementioned "Domoto Brothers 2017: The Sacred Night is Coming SP.
Following her desire to get married, Kyoko Fukada mentioned wedding ceremonies.

Kyoko Fukada is not interested in weddings.
I don't even want to have a wedding anymore. Once I get married, I don't want that anymore.He stated.

I would love to see Kyoko Fukada as a bride.
They are not interested in the wedding that many women dream of.
Perhaps they view marriage itself rather seriously.

Is Kyoko Fukada a 'woman who can't get married'?

Is Kyoko Fukada a woman who wants to get married but "can't"?

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What is necessary for marriage... generally speaking, it's called "life skills.
What about Kyoko Fukada?

If you are taking care of your nephew, then you must love kids and be good with them.

Cooking, too, Kyoko Fukada has appeared on several cooking shows and
He has stated that he likes to cook.

Kyoko Fukada

But while celebrities who love to cook are all uploading images of their dishes to Instagram
Kyoko Fukada's Instagram seems to be full of real life, mainly images with her friends.

Kyoko FukadaQuotes from Instagram

Kyoko Fukada's cooking skills are unknown.

Speaking of real life being fulfilling, Kyoko Fukada's hobby is surfing.

Looks like fun +::p*.

If I had such a good work and personal life, I might not even consider marriage.

Why doesn't Kyoko Fukada get married? Summary of

The truth is that Kyoko Fukada is the only one who knows, but she may have the same reason as other women in the world who do not get married in their 30s.

My job is fulfilling, my nephew is adorable and fulfilling, and the realities of marriage do not match my lifestyle.

Plus, at Kyoko Fukada's level, she might be too beautiful and too expensive! The manager thinks that this is a good idea.

It happens that only those who say they will never get married meet the right person for some reason and things go smoothly.
And Kyoko Fukada's latest statement that she has no desire to get married may change tomorrow.


Whether she gets married or not, I hope Kyoko Fukada will continue to shine beautifully.

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