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キンプリ(King & Prince)メンバーの人気順位 2022-2023!意外な結果が!?

King & Prince, Kimpuri, member, Shiyou Hirano, Ren Nagase, Kaito Takahashi, Yuta Kishi, Yuta Jinguji

The idol group King & Prince (KINPRISE) is expanding its activities not only as a group but also as individuals, in dramas and movies.

I hope they shine regardless of their rank! At the same time, I can't help but wonder about the popularity order of these Kimpli members.

There is no clear measure of popularity, but we can get an idea of popularity rankings from several sources.

So this time, we've researched the popularity rankings of King & Prince members using several different sources!

This article is a 2018 survey.
I've got all the info for 2022 in a separate post!

Lovin' you / Dance your way through life 2022/4/13

The new album includes "Lovin' you," a commercial song for Kose Cosme Port's "Jureme iP" starring Shiyou Hirano, and "Dancing Life," the theme song for NTV's "Receptionist Joe" drama starring Yuta Jinguji. The double A-side single "Dancing Life" is the theme song of the TV drama "Receptionist Joe" starring Yuta Jinguji.

Popularity Ranking of King & Prince Members 2022
King & Prince member Lovin You

The music video for "Lovin' you" has now been released, the first time for King & Prince that the song is not performed.
The content of the program is to take fans out on what each member considers to be an ideal date.

The YouTube version of the video is vertical, with smart phones in mind; the version on the A's limited edition DVD is horizontal. This DVD also includes a solo version of the date.

9th Single "Lovin' you / Dance your way through life." (2022.04.13 Release)

Popularity Ranking of Kimpli Members by Weekly Women

Questionnaire conducted by Weekly Women's PRIME
"Favorite and Disliked Journeys 2018."
The results are published by extracting only the members of King & Prince from the

It took place between February 26 and April 7, 2018, right after the debut of King & Prince (King & Prince)!

Weekly Women's PRIME survey] Kimpuri member popularity ranking results!

No. 1: Shiyoh Hirano (347 votes)
No. 2: Ren Nagase (189 votes)
No. 3: Yuta Kishi (152 votes)
No. 4: Kaito Takahashi (52 votes)
No. 5: Genki Iwahashi (47 votes)
No. 6: Yuta Jinguji (25 votes)

Following the ace Shiyou Hirano, Ren Nagase and Yuta Kishi received stable high votes.
Kaito Takahashi, Genki Iwahashi, and Yuta Jinguji followed by Kaito Takahashi, Genki Iwahashi, and Yuta Jinguji seem to be competing with each other.

And the popularity rankings of the Kimpli members during the "Mr. King vs. Mr. Prince" era!

We also have data on the popularity ranking of King & Prince, also by Weekly Women's PRIME, announced on 8/29/2015.

This is an exclusive survey by Kimpuri, asking "Mr. King vs. Mr. Prince's favorite member".

And here it is!

Mr.King vs Mr.Prince Era] Kinpuri Member Popularity Ranking Result!

No. 1: Shiyoh Hirano (2,297 votes)
No. 2: Ren Nagase (1,978 votes)
3rd: Yuta Kishi (1,202 votes)
No. 4: Genki Iwahashi (899 votes)
No. 5: Yuta Jinguji (616 votes)
No. 6: Kaito Takahashi (472 votes)

Compare these 2015 results to the 2018 popularity ranks for Kimpli members.
I see that Kaito Takahashi moved up from 6th to 4th place.

Takahashi Kaito joined Johnny's in 2013, the shortest period of time for a member of Kimpuri, so he probably did not have many fans at that time.

Guess the popularity rank of the Kimpli members based on SNS.

Since a survey based on questionnaires may be limited in scope, we would like to see the real-time popularity rankings based on the number of posts on social networking sites, where anyone can participate!

Ranking of popularity of Kimpli members by number of tweets on Twitter

Twitter is also used to promote shows and movies, so it's not always just fans tweeting.
The number of tweets may also give an indication of popularity and attention, so I will try to rank them.

I checked the ranks based on the number of tweets on Kimpli over the last 30 days, up to today, 10/16/2018!

No. 1: Yuta Kishi (8,181 entries)
No. 2: Yuta Jinguji (6,531 entries)
No. 3: Shiyoh Hirano (4,193 entries)
No. 4: Ren Nagase (3,017 entries)
No. 5: Genki Iwahashi (1,979 entries)
No. 6: Kaito Takahashi (1,184 entries) *Combined with "Kaito Takahashi

Yuta Kishi and Yuta Jinguji took the top spot!

Why were there so many tweets about Yuta Kishi?is probably due to the many tweets of Happy Birthday to Yuta Kishi on September 29.

If the other Kimpli members also have a period that includes their birthdays, the ranking will likely change considerably.

So who had the most tweets about Yuta Jinguji?
We believe this is due to the spread of this tweet.

RT @CWlerlI4RsSvTVi: This happened on the bullet train. I hope there will be no more victims like my sister in the future. Also thank you Jinguji Yuta and those who seem to be staff members. I know you won't get it, but I appreciate it. # Kimpli # Spread the word

It is the episode where Yuta Jinguji and his staff apologized to his sister who was pushed down by a Kimpli fan on the bullet train.

It shows what a gentleman Yuta Jinguji is!

Ranking of popularity of Kimpli members based on Instagram

Then, next!
Let's see how the Kimpli members rank in popularity by Instagram hashtag count!

Insta is the same as twitter, but it's not just your full name.
I'm sure the number of posts will change if you include other names, etc.
This time we limited the number of submissions to full names only.

No. 1: Murasaki Hirano (672,287 entries)
No. 2: Ren Nagase (466,357 entries)
No. 3: Yuta Kishi (413,808 entries)
No. 4: Kaito Takahashi *including Kaito Takahashi (371,632 entries)
No. 5: Genki Iwahashi (371,533 entries)
No. 6: Yuta Jinguji (352,919 entries)

As of 10/16/2018

Kaito Takahashi and Genki Iwahashi were close behind!

And this ranking is...
It matches the popularity ranking of the Kimpli members in Weekly Women's PRIME, which I wrote about in the very beginning!

Summary of popularity rankings of Kimpuri members

The unshakable leader is Shiyou Hirano, followed by Ren Nagase, and the stable leader is Yuta Kishi.
They were followed by Takahashi Kaito, Iwahashi Genki, and Jinguji Yuta.
It seems to be the popularity ranking of the Kimpli members.

As King & Prince continues to expand their activities, we will continue to work with them to create a new style of music.
It will be a bit of fun to see how the popularity rankings will change.
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