Keyakizaka46 2nd term members profile summary! Is Takemoto the most popular?

New members for the second term of Keyakizaka 46 have been announced.
So high is the level that many fans have already decided to guess! is attracting a lot of attention.

In this issue, we introduce profiles, ages, heights, special skills, nicknames, etc. of the second-term students of Keyakizaka 46 and third-term students of Keyakizaka 46 with their portraits!

We'll also explore the current popularity rankings within the new Keyakizaka46 and Keyakizaka46 members!

Keyakizaka46 (Kanji Zelkova) 2nd term member profile

Nine students joined Keyakizaka 46 (Kanji Zelkova) as 2nd term students!

Keyakizaka46, 2nd term, memberQuoted from: Twitter

井上 梨名(22歳)
関 有美子(25歳)
武元 唯衣(21歳)
田村 保乃(25歳)
藤吉 夏鈴(22歳)
松田 里奈(24歳)
松平 璃子(25歳)
森田 ひかる(22歳)
山﨑 天(18歳)

Let me introduce you one by one!

Keyakizaka46 2nd term members ①: Rina Inoue

Date of birth: January 29, 2001
Age: 22 years old
Blood type: A
Constellation: Aquarius
Height: a little over 160cm
Birthplace: Hyogo Prefecture
Favorite food: meat, ice cream, strawberries
If you were to compare yourself to an animal: Squirrel
Entry number: 76 (nickname Namu-chan)

Rina Inoue did not show her face during the Sakamichi audition.

The voice alone was a promising gem.

Rina Inoue is said to resemble Yuka (Yuka Sugai) of Keyakizaka 46.

Keyakizaka46 2nd term member②:Yumiko Seki

Keyakizaka46, 2nd term, member,Yumiko SekiQuote from: Keyakizaka46

Date of birth: June 29, 1998
Age: 25 years old
Blood type: A
Constellation: Cancer
Height: 167cm
Birthplace: Fukuoka Prefecture
If I were to compare myself to an object: a cup (because there is a lot to take in)
Entry number: 40 (nickname Yonmaru-chan)

At 167cm tall, Yumiko Seki was a model before joining Keyakizaka 46.

Yumiko Seki even walked the runway for FACo (Fukuoka Fashion Collection)!


Keyakizaka46 2nd term member ③: Yui Takemoto

keyakizaka46, 2nd term, member, Takemoto Yui
Quote.Zelkova 46

Date of birth: March 23, 2002
Age: 21 years old
Blood type: O
Constellation: Aries
Height: 157cm
Birthplace: Shiga Prefecture
Strengths: Dancing, fast-talking
Entry number: 48 (nickname Yotsuba-chan)

As she lists dancing as one of her specialties, second-term student Yui Takemoto danced with first-term students of Keyakizaka 46 in the live broadcasts of "Uta-Kon" and "FNS Song Festival" right after joining the new members of Keyakizaka 46!

Yui Takemoto at UtaCon

Yui Takemoto at FNS Song Festival

Keyakizaka46, Nisei, member, Yui Takemoto, FNS Song FestivalQuote.Twitter

Keyakizaka 46 2nd term member ④: Tamura Honno


Tamura Yasuno is a second-term member of Keyakizaka 46, for which there is still little information available, as she did not seem to be distributing her SHOWROOM.

Although information is scarce, her smile is cute, she's an angel! and many people are already wishing for their success.

Tamura Yasuno also joined the first term students of Keyakizaka 46 to perform at Uta-Kon!

keyakizaka46, second term students, members, Uta-KonQuote.Twitter


Keyakizaka46 2nd term member⑤:Karin Fujiyoshi


Date of birth: August 29, 2001
Age: 22 years old
Blood type: A
Constellation: Virgo
Height: 163cm
Birthplace: Osaka
Dislike of: Emotional expression
Entry number: 66 (nickname Roro-chan)

The audience was surprised to see Natsuzu Fujiyoshi, who had changed her hairstyle since her audition for Sakamichi, and had a completely different atmosphere.

Natsuzu Fujiyoshi of SHOWROOM distribution

keyakizaka46, 2nd term, member, fujiyoshi natsuuzuQuote.Twitter

Ms. Natsuuzu Fujiyoshi on the official website Zelkova Slope 46, second term students introduction page.

keyakizaka46, 2nd term, member, fujiyoshi natsuuzuQuote from: Keyakizaka46


Keyakizaka46 2nd term member 6: Rina Matsuda


Date of birth: October 13, 1999
Age: 24 years old
Blood type: O
Constellation: Libra
Height: 158.5 cm
Birthplace: Miyazaki Prefecture
Favorite place: Under the covers

Rina Matsuda has an unexpected background as a former bank employee.
Are you good at counting bills?

keyakizaka46, 2nd term, member, Rina MatsudaQuote from: Keyakizaka46

Some said they feel a kinship with Rina Matsuda because of her experience working in the general corporate world.

Rina Matsuda was one of the second-term members who danced with the first-term Keyakizaka 46 members at Uta-Kon.

keyakizaka46, 2nd term students, members, Rina Matsuda, Uta-KonQuote.Twitter


Keyakizaka46 2nd term member ⑦: Riko Matsudaira


Date of birth: Date of birth: May 5, 1998
Age: 25 years old
Blood type: O
Constellation: Taurus
Height: 166cm
Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
Favorite food: Dumplings
Good at: basketball, talking to stuffed animals
If you were to compare yourself to an animal: A rabbit (because it cries and shivers a lot)
Entry number: 58 (nickname Goya-chan)

Riko Matsudaira has a neat and innocent, ladylike look.
At 166 cm, she's got great style, so she'd make a great model!

Keyakizaka46 2nd term member ⑧: Hikaru Morita


Date of birth: Date of birth: July 10, 2001
Age: 22 years old
Blood type: B
Constellation: Cancer
Height: 149.8 cm
Birthplace: Fukuoka Prefecture
Favorite part of myself: my wrists.
Nickname to be called: Hi-chan
Entry number: 44 (nickname Shishimaru)

Hikaru Morita is characterized by her petite figure, just barely less than 150 cm tall.
When you line up the second-term members of the Keyakizaka 46, their small size stands out!

keyakizaka46, 2nd term, member, heightQuote.Twitter

Hikaru Morita's specialty is drumming, and her official video shows her superb wadaiko drumming skills.

Hikaru Morita has been attracting attention since her audition not only for her looks but also for the cuteness of her words and actions.

Keyakizaka46 2nd term student member ⑨: Ten Yamasaki


Date of birth: September 28, 2005
Age: 18 years old
Blood type: unknown
Constellation: Libra
Height: 163cm
Birthplace: Osaka
Nickname: Tenten
Strengths: Talking, making onigiri (rice balls) into triangular shapes
Entry number: 71 (nickname Komugi-chan)

His nickname during video delivery is Komugi-chan!
Unusually for an idol, Ten Yamazaki, with her dark skin, is a member of the women's softball club.

keyakizaka46, 2nd term, member, Ten YamazakiQuote from: Keyakizaka46

Ten Yamazaki is the youngest member of Keyakizaka 46, 13 years old at the time of assignment!
The audition photos show a mature look, a departure from the innocent and innocent appearance she had at the time of the audition.

keyakizaka46, 2nd term student, member, Ten Yamazaki, auditionQuote.Twitter
keyakizaka46, 2nd term, member, Ten YamazakiQuote from: Keyakizaka46

Keyakizaka46 (Hiragana Keyaki) 3rd term member profiles

Hiragana Keyaki has one new member!

Keyakizaka46 3rd term member: Hinano Kamimura


Date of birth: Date of birth: April 12, 2004
Age: 19 years old
Blood type: AB
Constellation: Aries
Height: 160cm
Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
Pet peeve: Being seen by others.
What I want most now: Skills as an idol Attractiveness
Entry number: 20 (Maru-chan as a nickname)

Hinano Uemura is a beautiful girl who is attracting attention as "she looks like Neru Nagahama! She is a beautiful girl who has been attracting attention as a "Neru Nagahama-like" girl.
You are a promising rising star!

Order of popularity within the members of Keyakizaka46 2nd term students and Keyakizaka46 3rd term students

keyakizaka46, second term students, keyakizaka46, third term students, members

Who is the most popular among the new members of Keyakizaka 46 (Kanji Keyaki) and Keyakizaka 46 (Hiragana Keyaki) who are already attracting attention~?

Here's a ranking based on the number of hashtags on Twitter in the last month!
(as of 11/10/2018 - 12/9/2018)
We simply tabulated by # full name.

Popularity Ranking of Keyakizaka46 2nd-term & Keyakizaka46 3rd-term members

1st : Yui Takemoto (383)
No. 2: Tamura, Yasuno (331)
No. 3: Hinano Uemura (332)
4th: Hikaru Morita (271)
5th : Yumiko Seki (257)
No. 6: Ten Yamazaki (224)
No. 7: Rina Matsuda (174)
No. 8: Natsuzu Fujiyoshi (173)
9th : Rina Inoue (121)
No. 10: Riko Matsudaira (108)

I'm not sure if it's popularity or current buzz order.
First on the ranking was Yui Takemoto of Keyakizaka!

Yui Takemoto has attracted attention for her cuteness since her video streaming at the time of her audition, and furthermore, her live appearances at Uta-Kon and FNS Song Festival have become the talk of the town.


This page summarizes profiles of second-term students of Keyakizaka 46 and third-term students of Keyakizaka 46.
How was it?

All the new members who joined this time have a high level of visuals! and are a hot topic of conversation. It seems that the number of fans will increase regardless of gender.
I'll be rooting for the success of Keyakizaka46 and Keyakizaka46 with their new members!

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