Hanako Otomo, whose Instagram is the talk of the town, is adorable! Summary of origin, height age, and images

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Hanako Otomo is a multi-talented actress, model, and TV personality.

You have been making more appearances on variety shows and are becoming more visible.
In this article, we will introduce you to Hanako Otomo's profile, her childhood as a child actress, a compilation of her cute pictures, and her popular Instagram!

Profile of Hanako Otomo

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Karen Otomo

Date of birth: October 9, 1999
Age: 23 years old
Birthplace: Gunma Prefecture
Height: 162cm
Blood type: A
Hobby: Reading
Special ability: Calligraphy
Office: KEN-ON

Where did Hanako Otomo come from and where did she go to school?

Hanako Otomo was born in Takasaki City, Gunma Prefecture.

Hanako Otomo's junior high school is said to be Takasaki Municipal Yoshii Chuo Junior High School.
Hanako Otomo reports her graduation on her official blog.

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And as for high school, it is said, but not clear, that after dropping out of Takasaki Municipal High School of Economics, he transferred to a high school in the Tokyo metropolitan area and graduated in the spring of 2018.

However, the May 2019 broadcast of "Dancing! Sanma Goten! In an appearance on "The Rise and Fall of a High School," Hanako Otomo explained that she still stays in Tokyo and commutes from Gunma, so it is not impossible that she attended a high school in Gunma.

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After graduating from high school, Hanako Otomo did not go on to college, but focused on her performing career as a working adult.

Otomo graduated from high school in March and entered the workforce without going to college or other higher education. There was a time when I was wondering if I would go on to higher education," he recalls, "but after doing various jobs, I knew I wanted to pursue this job, so I made up my mind after my senior year of high school.

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Hanako Otomo's debut as a child actor

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Hanako Otomo started her career in the entertainment industry as a reader's model, for which she applied herself.

After experiencing being a reader's model, I wanted to do more of this job! In the sixth grade, I joined my current agency, Ken-ON.

This photo is said to be of Hanako Otomo as a child actor.
She's been a beautiful girl since she was a child!

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She made her debut in the 2012 drama "Marriage Alumni Association - SEASIDE LOVE".
Since then, she has appeared in many dramas such as "Nightmare," "Yuka na Kanojo," and "My Husband's Girlfriend" as an actress.

Hanako Otomo is an exclusive model for Seventeen magazine

Hanako Otomo won Miss Seventeen 2013 in Seventeen magazine, where she was a reader model, and is an exclusive model.

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Scat Japan with Hanako Otomo is a hot topic.

Hanako Otomo frequently appears in the "Chest Cure Scat Series" of the variety program "Painful TV Scat Japan.

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This heart-pounding series is said to be a gateway to success for young actors.
Many people have become fans of Ms. Hanako Otomo as a result of her performance.

A collection of images of Hanako Otomo that are too cute.

Anyway, Hanako Otomo is cute.
So, here are some images of the too-cute Hanako Otomo!

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Hanako Otomo is too cute.

What is the public's opinion of Hanako Otomo?
There should be only one choice of cute, but let's see what everyone tweets.

Are Hanako Otomo and Suzu Hirose similar?

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Do Hanako Otomo and Suzu Hirose look alike? This has become a hot topic on social networking sites.

Do Hanako Otomo and Suzu Hirose really look alike?
As far as I can tell, she doesn't look like Suzu Hirose, but depending on her makeup and hairstyle, she might look like Suzu Hirose! Some of them seem to be.

Image of Hanako Otomo.

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Next, an image of Suzu Hirose.

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They are both beautiful girls with well-defined faces, and they look alike in some ways!

Hanako Otomo's Instagram is a hot topic

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Hanako Otomo is also on Instagram.
In addition to showing the cute Hanakoi Otomo's true face, she also introduces recommended books with the hashtag # Hanakoi Library in relation to her daily events, her work, and her hobby of reading.

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The charming Hanako Otomo, not only an actress and model, but also a cute character with a lot of variety potential!
I can't wait to see what kind of personality you will show us in the future...

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