Johnny's jr.

Which group will debut next? List of Johnny's Jr.

Since the simultaneous debut of two idol groups, SixTONES and Snow Man, in 2020, what idol group will debut next? This is a hot topic.

A survey of the characteristics and popularity of the 11 current units within Johnny's Jr.
We have also compiled a list of how you can make your debut.

How can Johnny's Jr. debut?

As you all know, in the Johnny's office, there are idols who have debuted on CDs and Johnny's Jr. who are in a trainee-like position before their debut.

There are about 200 members in the Johnny's Jr. group, and several groups exist as "units within Johnny's Jr.

Not all units were able to make their CD debut, and some units graduated from Junior without making their debut.

Recent Debut History

Johnny's has no clear criteria for debut, nor is there a cycle of debuts every so many years.
Here is a look back at how the last four groups decided to make their debuts.

  • Johnny's WEST (debuted in 2014)
    Mr. Janney bought his aggressiveness and sense of humor.
  • King & Prince (debut in 2018)
    He went directly to Mr. Janney to ask for his debut.
    The company was judged to be perfectly popular and competent.
  • Snow Man, SixTONES (debut in 2020)
    As a result of discussions between Mr. Janney and Vice President Takizawa

And it seems that the appeal and Mr. Janie's (the president) crane voice were the deciding factors.
Now that Mr. Janney has passed away, it is unclear how a debut will be decided, but naturally, "popularity, ability, and appeal within the company" are important.

(Internal politics is important, kind of like a businessman...)

Who is close to making their debut? Unit List

Now, how many existing Johnny's Jr. units are there?
These are the 11 units currently announced on ISLAND TV, the official entertainment site of Johnny's Jr.

  • Travis Japan
  • HiHi Jets
  • Beauty Boy
  • 7 MEN Samurai
  • young ninja
  • Jr. SP
  • IMPACTors
  • Naniwa Boys
  • Lil' Kinsai
  • A! group
  • Boys be

*The order is as per ISLAND TV.
No dedicated Boys be page at this time.

So, one group at a time, let's take a look at the group overview!

Travis Japan

Travis Japan, Travis Japan, Traja, Attraction

Formation date: July 9, 2012
Members: 7
Ryoeru Kawashima, Tatsuya Shichigokake, Kanya Yoshizawa, Kaito Nakamura, Kaito Miyachika, Kaito Matsukura, Genta Matsuda

Of the existing units, Travis Japan (commonly known as Traja) has the longest history since its formation.

He is known for his performance skills with the weapon of synchro dancing.

He had a solo lead role in the stage production of "Toraja" and was featured on the cover of the magazine "anan" for the first time, which went into heavy print in 2020.
This is the third time for anan to be in heavy print after SixTONES and Snow Man!

It is rumored to have the ability and popularity to make its debut at any time.

HiHi Jets

HiHi Jets, member, member color, profile, age, height, Mizuki Inoue, Ryo Hashimoto, Yuto Takahashi, Ryuto Sakuma, Soya Ikari

Formation date: October 26, 2015
Members: 5
Ryo Hashimoto, Mizuki Inoue, Soya Inogari, Yuto Takahashi, Ryuto Sakuma

The HiHi Jets are a group of Japanese idols with a great performance that continues the Japanese tradition of roller skating, and a well-developed visual style that gives them a sense of idol royalty.

Although the group is still young, some of the members are musically talented, and their future growth is promising.

Beauty Boy

Bishonen, japanese, member, Issei Kanazashi, Naoki Fujii, Tobiki Ukisho, Taisho Iwasaki, Yuto Nasu, Ryuga Sato

Formation date: November 23, 2016
Years of activity: 6 years
Members: 6
Tobiki Ukisho, Yuto Nasu, Issei Kanazashi, Ryuga Sato, Daisho Iwasaki, Naoki Fujii

A beautiful boy who attracts attention with his impactful name.
The unit is full of beautiful boys who live up to their name, and as they grow older, they become even more handsome.

Many of the members have unique personalities, and individual activities such as dramas and variety shows are increasing.
The balance is also exquisite, and the dialogue between the various characters, including handsome, cute, brilliant, and younger brother characters, is too enjoyable and popular.

7 MEN Samurai

7 MEN Samurai members: Minea Nakamura, Rinne Sugata, Katsuki Mototaka, Daiki Konno, Hiromitsu Sasaki, Rei Yabana

Formation date: February 26, 2018
Years of activity: 4 years
Member age: 20-25 years old
Members: 6
Reia Nakamura, Rinne Sugata, Daiki Konno, Hiromitsu Sasaki, Katsuki Mototaka, Rei Yabana

The 7 MEN SAMURAI, which has all the requirements of a conventional idol, such as dancing and singing, as well as the dual talents of a band and skateboarding, is the weapon of choice.

Furthermore, the individual members have such strong specialties that they are known as a "traffic jam of specialties," an entertainment group that entertains with their clash of talents.

young ninja

Johnny's, Jr, Boy Ninja, Member

Formation date: June 9, 2018
Years of activity: 4 years
Members: 22
Naohiro Oriyama, Ryusei Fukada, Sota Uchimura, Mitsuteru Kuroda, Yuu Motoki, Mitsunari Hiyama, Hideo Yasushima, Shoma Hiratsuka, Kohei Aoki, Takumi Kitagawa, Ren Kubo, Kairyu Tamura, Rikuto Toyoda, Wataru Vasayega, Hisho Yamai, Masaki Oda, Koki Kawasaki, Yusei Nagase, Yujin Suzuki, Michiyo Inaba, Yojiro Taki, Seiki Kawasaki

The Shonen Ninja is the largest unit in the Johnny's since the beginning.
It is a large family that is most enjoyable to watch, with the sense of frolic and chaos that only a large group of people can bring.

They offer a wide range of thrills for all ages, from cute to mature and cool.

They are all-around performers with acrobatics, tap dancing, baton, and other performances, and expectations are high for them to become the next generation of Japanese idols.

Jr. SP

Jr. SP, Junior Special, member, Ren-On Hayashi, Ryu Matsuo, Yuki Wada, Kodai Nakamura

Formation date: May 24, 2018
Years of activity: 4 years
Members: 4
Ren-On Hayashi, Ryu Matsuo, Yuki Wada, Kodai Nakamura

To be honest, with "Jr." in the unit name, I was worried that they would continue to be juniors, but as the name "SP" suggests, Jr. SP (Junior Special) is a group of skillful specialists.

The members have mastered singing, dancing, and acrobatics, and yet they also have a relaxed atmosphere in their everyday lives. The gap between the two is also irresistible.


IMPACTors members, Arata Sato, Shunsuke Moto, Taiga Suzuki, Kanade Matsui, Takuya Kageyama, Yuki Yokohara, and Taiga Tsubaki, members of the Johnny's Jr.

Formation date: October 16, 2020
Members: 7
Arata Sato, Shunsuke Moto, Taiga Suzuki, Kanade Matsui, Takuya Kageyama, Yuki Yokohara, Taiga Tsubaki

IMPACTors appeared like a comet in 2020.
This unit has a strong character with members who have a strong presence among the junior members.

He also had a prominent role in "Takizawa Kabuki ZERO 2020 The Movie" by his senior group, Snow Man, and is expected to play a more prominent role in the future.

Naniwa Boys

Naniwa Boys, Johnny's Jr., member, Shunsuke Michieda, Kyohei Takahashi, Kazuya Ohashi, Daigo Nishihata, Joichiro Fujiwara, Kento Nagao, Ryusei Onishi

Formation date: October 06, 2018
Years of activity: 4 years
Members: 7
Daigo Nishihata, Ryusei Onishi, Shunsuke Michieda, Kyohei Takahashi, Kento Nagao, Joichiro Fujiwara, Kazuya Ohashi

Naniwa Danshi is very active both as a unit and individually.
Many of the members have been with the company for a long time. Didn't you make your debut? The stability is so outstanding.

They are all idols with wonderful faces, and of course, they are equipped with laughter as standard equipment, just like the Kansai Japanese.

He also serves as the image character for Hi-Chew, and his fan base is growing nationwide.

Lil' Kinsai

Lil Kinsai, Member

Formation date: January 22, 2019
Years of activity: 4 years
Members: 5
Toa Shimazaki, Takuya Nishimura, Kazumasa Onishi, Kentaro Okazaki, Ryuki Toma

Lil kansai with attractive growth.
The members are all in their teens and close in age, and the friendly flirtation is also a series of cute moments.

Although they are still in the process of developing, they are a unit full of talent and potential, and expectations for them increase year by year.

A! group

A! group, Members

Formation date: February 18, 2019
Years of activity: 3 years
Members: 6
Yoshinori Shomon, Seiya Suezawa, Keita Kusama Richard, Ken Kojima, Taiharu Fukumoto, Masaya Sano

A unit that explodes with Kansai-ness, Ae! group, a unit that explodes with Kansai-ness.
In any case, the members' strong characters and the heavy traffic of characters are appealing.

They have versatile skills in songwriting, band, comedy, and talk, and are produced by Yutaka Yokoyama of Kanjani Eight.

The company continues to gain recognition for its TV exposure as a 24-hour TV personality, a stand-alone show, and even as an individual.

Boys be

Boys be

Formation date: November 21, 2020
Members: 11
Atsushi Ito, Aio Senda, Kazuki Yamanaka, Yukiya Ikegawa, Kaisei Kamei, Tsukasa Iwakura, Kosei Maruoka, Shintaro Kado, Hirosuke Kamigaki, Nintaro Kitamura, Kotaro Sekimoto

The most recent unit to be formed is Boys be.

Variety show "Maido! The members who have often appeared on "Journey~" will also participate, and finally that girl is in the unit! The new unit has a high level of joy and anticipation.

Yokoyama and Okura of Kanjani Eight are producing the project, and I am looking forward to seeing what kind of unit it will grow into.

Which Johnny's Jr. unit is popular?

So which units are the most popular?
I don't want to be bothered by it, but it is a problem that I do care about.

So we have compiled a search volume forecasting tool and the number of posts with hashtags on Instagram. (2021/02/22 results)

  searching for Instagram
Naniwa Boys 800,000 907,000
Travis Japan 294,400 561,000
Beauty Boy 294,400 381,000
young ninja 196,800 156,000
HiHi Jets 160,800 305,000
Lil' Kinsai 48,400 171,000
7 MEN Samurai 32,400 89,000
A! group 1,280 222,000
IMPACTors 25,000
Jr. SP 0.8 million
Boys be 0.2 million

*No data on searches for IMPACTors, Jr. SP, and Boys be.

Naniwa boys are very strongYes, sir!
By way of comparison, the number of searches for the debuted Snow Man was 538,400.
I'm not sure how much buzz there is beyond the debutantes.
Expectations are high for their upcoming debut!

Of course, the heat and intensity of the fans cannot be measured here, so it cannot be said to quantify popularity.
We hope that you will see this as just one of many indicators.

Summary of debut candidate Johnny's Jr. units

  • A harsh world where you can't always make your debut.
  • It seems that it is important to have appeal as well as ability and popularity.
  • Traja, who has been around the longest and has power over her fans.
    Naniwa Boys, a hot topic and a hot stock
    Expectations are high for his debut, but... what will happen?
  • More and more new units are coming!

The beauty of Johnny's Jr. is that the fans can run with them toward the big goal of their debut.
It's a tough world where not all units and juniors can make their debut, but I hope every unit can be themselves and continue to shine!

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