JO1 member profile! Popularity order, age, height, and color summary

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JO1 (JO1) is a global boy group with 11 members born from an audition program.

It's not too late to get in on the action, it's all about JO1! This article will introduce the group and summarize its members, their attractiveness, profiles, popularity order, member colors, and more.

What kind of group is JO1?

JO1, member, profile, birthday, age, height, member color, nickname

JO1 is a music audition program from South Korea calledPRODUCE 101In the Japanese edition (Nippu, Pudu Japan) ofEleven boy groups were selected by the viewers (national producers, national pu.) out of 101.

The total number of applications for the daily poo that began airing in September 2019 is about 6,000!
In other words, JO1 is a one in 600 gem,...

JO1, Nippu, Pudu Japan

JO1 has members who have won from the tough competition in Pudu Japan.
Although they are newcomers, they are a promising group that promises both ability and popularity.

Meaning of JO1 group name

The group name "JO1" (JO1) has aThe trainees who have worked together on "PRODUCE 101 JAPAN" to achieve their dreams will unite to reach the top of the world.This is what it means.

J...Japan circle
1...Top of the World

Debut in March 2020 with "PROTOSTAR".

JO1, debut, single, PROTOSTAR, PROTOSTAR

About six months after the start of Nippu, JO1 made its CD debut with the single "PROTOSTAR.

The album started off strong, reaching No. 1 on the Billboard and Oricon charts, and also took the No. 1 spot on the iTunes overall chart in five countries, including Hong Kong and Taiwan!
The JO1 name is now known around the world.

Are there any Korean members of JO1?

JO1, Korean, Makeup

All JO1s are Japanese, no Koreans.
Because "PRODUCE 101 JAPAN" was open to non-Japanese applicants as long as they lived in Japan, there were several contestants (trainees) who were from Korea.

It seems to look Korean because of the K-Pop style.

JO1's debut single "PROTOSTAR" was created and recorded in Korea.
And of course, the music videos, choreography, and lyrics are all Korean!

Therefore, JO1 is an unprecedented unit with a strong K-POP flavor, even though all members are Japanese.

JO1 is K-POP?

JO1 is a Japanese group produced in Korea due to the complexity of the group.Is it K-pop or J-pop?controversy over a genreappears to be happening.

As a JO1 official, we aim to be active in the world regardless of countryGlobal Boys Group.The company is saying that it is.

JO1 fan name "JAM" meaning origin is

JO1, fan name, JAM, reason, meaning, origin

JO1's fans call him JAM.
Meaning.JO1 AND MegaE(JO1 and I)

The members discussed and decided on this fan name based on ideas submitted by fans.
In addition to JAM, there were various fan name suggestions and the decisionYouTubeThe information is available at

JO1, fan name, JAM, reason, meaning, origin, candidate

Where is JO1's office?

JO1, office, LAPONE, Lapone, Yoshimoto

The office to which the members of JO1 belong is Lapone Entertainment (LAPONE).

Laponet is a merger company between CJ ENM, a Korean company, and Yoshimoto Kogyo, established in May 2019.
As a newly established office, the first artist to belong to JO1 was JO1.

Rapone is one of Yoshimoto Kogyo's group companies, and the menagerie is outsourced to Yoshimoto Kogyo.
This may sound like Yoshimoto is involved, but as an independent company, it is best to understand that it is a newly established company that is separate from the comedy company Yoshimoto.

Yoshimoto Kogyo was also involved in the broadcast of "PRODUCE 101 JAPAN (Pudu Nippon, Nippu)," and you could say that Rapone was the company created for the birth of JO1.
Although it is a new agency, JO1 is backed up by the strongest lineup of major management, so there is no reason why it can't sell!

JO1 Member Profile and Attraction Explanation

Here are profiles of JO1 members, one by one, in order of popularity.

JO1 is full of gems, as it was chosen out of approximately 6,000 applicants!
Not only are they highly skilled in dancing and singing, but their visual appeal is also very attractive.
The lineup includes a wide range of handsome men, from the glittering types of royal idols to the wild types who boast of their muscles.

Not only basic information, but also an explanation of what makes our members so fascinating!
There are 11 of us, so it's a long story (sweat).

JO1 member: Kazunari Mamehara

Kazunari Mamehara

Nickname: Mame-chan
Birthday: May 30, 2002
Age: 21 years old
Birthplace: Okayama Prefecture
Height: 173cm
Blood type: O
Member color: Red

Kazunari Mamehara won the first place in the Pudu final ranking.
Its appeal lies in the cuteness of its youngest child (Manneh), its overwhelmingly likable visuals, and its high-level dancing.

The face of Kazunari Mamehara, a refreshingly handsome man with a hint of innocence, sparkles like a picture of youth.

Kazunari Mamehara, JO1, member, cute, good looking

Kazunari Mamehara, who started at the age of 3, has an outstandingdance senseThe following is a list of the most common problems with the
He is a professional, having taught dance to children at a local dance school at the age of 17.

And above all, an attitude of earnest effort andnarrativeThe following is a list of the most common problems with the
Frankly, if you are a newcomer to JO1, you may not be convinced of the reason for Kazunari Mamehara's popularity. At first glance, he looks more like a young actor than an idol.
But if I knew, I'd be swamped!

Kazunari Mamehara lived in the countryside and aspired to be an idol while uploading dance videos he shot in his parents' garage to TikTok.

Kazunari Mamehara, who was always in first place in the Pudu midterm rankings, was always in second and fourth place, but he showed his frustration at not being able to take first place.They were making positive efforts, saying, "It's not enough yet," and "Growth."
His thoughts and dedication won the hearts of the national pu

JO1 member: Ren Kawajiri

Ren Kawajiri

Nickname: Ren-kun
Birthday: March 2, 1997
Age: 26 years old
Birthplace: Fukuoka, Japan
Height: 173cm
Blood type: O
Member color: Blue

Ren Kawajiri was a regular first-place winner in Pudu with his overwhelming dance skills.
Really.He says he has only ever won first or second place.honor studentThe following is a list of the most common problems with the

Ren Kawajiri is a professional who worked as a back-up dancer for K-POP idols and Tomohisa Yamashita before Pudu Japan.

Ren Kawajiri's dance is sharp and clear even to the untrained eye.
The expression is perfect, from facial expression to the tips of the hands and feet.

JO1, member, Ren Kawajiri, dance

Ren Kawajiri is the best dancer, but has no experience as a singer.
Without being overawed by my dance skills, I stoically worked hard to learn to express myself in the inexperienced area of singing as well.

She is a good dancer, stoic, single-minded and cool Asian beauty.
You might think that Ren Kawajiri's personality is aggressive, but no, he is not.Prince GapIt is.

JO1, member, Ren Kawajiri, personality, gap, cute, good looking

Kawajiri Ren-kun-expressive, cute smile, and a bit natural.
He is trusted by his peers and has a warm personality.
Gap, you like it, don't you? Right?

Here is a video of Ren Kawajiri's dance moves, which are so good that you can't help but be amazed by their soft and fluffy atmosphere!

JO1 member: Takumi Kawanishi

Takumi Kawanishi, with his trademark pink hair, had no experience in either dancing or singing before Pudu.
He worked in a factory as a company employee!
The main reason for Takumi Kawanishi's third place in the final ranking is that he is second to none.Expression.

The material (face) is first of all good, and the facial expressions are wonderful.

Takumi Kawanishi, facial expression, face, expression management, good looking

Takumi Kawanishi's expression management is a dantotsu.
Nice smile, cute wink, and cool sexy dazzling gaze.
Look at the craftsmanship of expression making.

Takumi Kawanishi, facial expression, face, expression management

His singing and dancing are so good that it is hard to believe that he started with no experience.
Takumi Kawanishi's dance shows the natural abilityqualitiesandeffort, ,star qualityis felt.

Takumi Kawanishi, expression, face, expression management, dance

JO1 member: Shosei Ohira

Shosei Ohira

Nickname: Shose
Birthday: April 13, 2000
Age: 23 years old
Birthplace: Kyoto, Japan
Height: 176cm
Blood type: A
Member color: yellow

An angel descended on JO1.
Shosei Ohira has a sweet face with round, round eyes.

Shosei Ohira, JO1, member, good looking, cute

Although he looks fluffy, Shosei Ohira is another member with a great gap in his performance.
I can't take my eyes off of Shosei Ohira's ever-changing facial expressions.

Shosei Ohira, JO1, member, good looking, cute

Shosei Ohira has experience studying dance in the U.S. and is a graduate of EXPG Kyoto School (a dance school run by EXILE).
As a member of EXPG SWORD, he has appeared in Naoki Kobayashi's productions, and his ability is well documented.

Shosei Ohira, EXPG SWORD, dance, cool

Shosei Ohira's serious and hard-working personality is also attractive.
Although he had a bitter experience of being demoted to a lower class in Nippu, he humbly continued to work hard, and as a result, he won his debut in 4th place.

JO1 member: Shion Tsurufusa

Shion Tsurufo

Nicknames: Tsurufusa, Vine, Black Prince
Birthday: December 11, 2000
Age: 22 years old
Birthplace: Shiga Prefecture
Height: 178cm
Blood type: A
Member color: Gray

178cm tall, cool and neat face, low-pitched singing voice and Pudu, which was given to him by his fans since he was on air in princeShion Tsurufusa is aptly named "Shion Tsurufusa".

Before joining Nippu, he dropped out of high school and was a trainee to become an idol in Korea.
Shion Tsurufusa's dance moves are sharp with a strong torso, and his husky voice is stage-worthy.
It makes you feel that you were born to be an idol.

Tsurufusa Shion-kun is such a catchphrase.Eternal Rebellion."The following is a list of the most common problems with the
Shion Tsurufusa is cool and seemingly toggled, but it is not because he is a rebel, but because he is clumsy, strict and stoic to himself, straightforward without mending, and unadorned with gusto.

JO1, members, Shion Tsurufusa, catchphrase, eternal rebellion, handsome

Behind it all, a delinquent was taking care of an abandoned cat! The human touch is present in a surprising way.
The more you get to know Tsurufusa Shion-kun, the more you see his true face, his playful face, his cute smile, and his love for his friends, the harder it is to get out of the swamp.

JO1 member: Rui Shiraiwa

Ruki Shiraiwa

Nicknames: White Prince, Prince, Prince, Rukiku-kun
Birthday: November 19, 1997
Age: 26 years old
Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
Height: 175cm
Blood type: O
Member color: White

Shioon Tsurufusa, the black prince, is called the white prince, while Rui Shiraiwa is called the white prince.
As the name implies, Rui Shiraiwa-kun isSparkle degree 100% IdolThe following is a list of the most common problems with the

Rui Shiraiwa, the prince of JO1, was a prominent figure in "PRODUCE 101 JAPAN" with an aura of his own.

Ruki Shiraiwa, JO1, member, prince, handsome

Ruhi Shiraiwa quit Ju (former Johnny's Jr.)And I was impressed with the way he showed on stage and the way he behaved, as if he knew what he was doing.
The outstanding flexibility and dexterity with which he makes any song his own is to be expected.

Although Rui Shiraiwa is a dominant idol, she also has a surprisingly chatty and cheerful personality off the stage. (Talkative prince!).

They talked until 4:00 in the morning during the camp, and they left behind quotes ("Did you forget your glass slipper and your vote?"). I won't leave until midnight," etc.).
I expect Rui Shiraiwa to do well on variety shows with this talk ability!

JO1 member: Keigo Sato

Keigo Sato

Nicknames: Kei-chan, Jira
Birthday: July 29, 1998
Age: 25 years old
Birthplace: Aichi Prefecture
Height: 182cm
Blood type: A
Member color: Camel

Keigo Sato, a former apprentice hairdresser, is the fashionable leader of JO1.
The unusual name "giraffe" comes from its neck, which is as long as a giraffe's (giraffe in English).

Keigo Sato, style, height

She is 182cm tall with 9 heads, droopy eyes and sweet facial features.
The overwhelming presence and flamboyant Keisho Sato's performance was powerful, yet his gentle singing voice was sexy and mild.

And when Keigo Sato takes off his clothes, he is amazing.

JO1, member, Keigo Sato, muscle

*Not the muscle gymnast. This is Keigo Sato.
With a face as pretty as Snoopy's, these muscles in his arms are foul!

Now that we have seen how mysterious Keigo Sato is, what do you think of his personality?
slipperyUnique character

JO1, member, Keigo Sato, wonder

He likes scary stories, he paints himself with joker paint, and he's a
In Pudu's debut pledge, he announced a mysterious declaration: "I will visit famous haunted places alone.

JO1, member, Keigo Sato, personality, character, mysterious

Although he does not seem to be much of a talker, Keigo Sato is sometimes described by JO1 members as a "mood maker," which shows his good personality.
The author suspects that Keigo Sato has an artist's temperament.

JO1 member: Shoya Kimata

Shoya Kimata

Nicknames: Shoya, Kizen
Birthday: April 5, 2000
Age: 23 years old
Birthplace: Aichi Prefecture
Height: 171cm
Blood type: A
Member color: Light purple

Shoya Kimata, as he sometimes says, is not the type to stand out and is modest in his remarks.
However, once you become aware of Shoya Kimata's presence, albeit a bit subdued, you go deeper into it.

It's understated, not aggressive, naive, and life-size.

Shoya Kimata, JO1, member, cute

I was too embarrassed to say I wanted to be an idol, even though I always wanted to be one.
I put myself on the back burner and do other members' makeup for them.

How many fans have fallen in love with Shoya Kimata, who is such a gracious, thoughtful, and adorable guy.

Shoya Kimata, when he goes on stage, he is like a possessed person, or rather, he changes his mood and puts on an aura of a star.

Shoya Kimata, JO1, member, good looking

No. 1 gap between off and on stage
No. 1 stage presence

JO1, members, Shoya Kimata, gap, stage presence

*The left and right sides are both kizumata-kun.

Shoya Kimata attended the famous dance school "Funk Kid" in Nagoya and has experienced many stages.
It is an ability to get into any taste of music and any team.

JO1 member: Junki Kono

Junki Kono

Nickname: Junki
Birthday: January 20, 1998
Age: 25 years old
Birthplace: Nara, Japan
Height: 174cm
Blood type: O
Member color: light blue

Junki Kono joined Nippu with no experience in singing or dancing.
At the time, I was still a senior at Doshisha University and still in school, so I kicked off my job search and put everything I had into Nippu.

Junki Kono, despite his inexperience, has improved rapidly and his dancing skills have been so good that he won his debut, probably due to his athleticism from playing soccer.

The performance of Junki Kono is notable for his singing.
It's a stretch, moist and warm, and this is a great voice to sing in><

Junki Kono's character is honest, cheerful, and what we call "cheerful.JO1 tensioner.
Anyway, he is energetic and always smiling.

JO1, members, Junki Kono, Tension

Seeing Junki Kono, I feel energized as well.
Go get excited!

JO1, members, Junki Kono, Tension

JO1 member: Hekkai Kinjo

Hekkai Kinjo

Nickname: Sky
Birthday: May 6, 2000
Age: 23 years old
Birthplace: Osaka, Japan
Height: 178cm
Blood type: A
Member color: Black

Hekkai Kaneshiro is a handsome man with a salty face.

For about the third time in my life, I'm settling in.but still a poker faceHekkai Kaneshiro of
Behind the poker face, they are actually lonely and have something passionate in their hearts.

JO1, members, Hekkai Kinjo, poker face

The rarity of Hekkai Kaneshiro's smile, which he shows us unexpectedly, is hard to resist.

JO1, members, Hekimi Kinjo, poker face, smile

Hekimi Kaneshiro also has no experience in singing or dancing.
However, with his good core trained in karate, powerful and aggressive dancing, and above all, his natural good-looking voice, he quickly learned to perform at the stage level.

Hekimi Kaneshiro's low-pitched voice is especially addictive when you hear it.

JO1 member: Sho Yonagusuku

Sho Yonashiro

Nicknames: Sho-kun, right?
Birthday: October 25, 1995
Age: 28 years old
Birthplace: Okinawa, Japan
Height: 180cm
Blood type: O
Member color: Green

With such a strong lineup of individualistic members, it would not be possible to organize JO1 without its leader, Sho Yonagusuku.
He has a calmness and receptiveness that makes him worthy of being called an oppa.

Tadashi Enagi's charm as an adult is evident in his sweet, gentle singing voice, graceful dance moves, and performance.
It is hard to believe that she has no experience in dancing and is self-taught in singing.

JO1, members, Tadashi Enagi, good looking

In addition, Sho Yonagusuku is a member of the"My beautiful muscle brother."The physical beauty of the body, which is also known as
Outstanding stability, satisfying both physical and mental!

JO1, members, Tadashi Enagi, good looking, muscles

JO1 members in order of age

Here are the members, in order of age!

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The age is always updated to the latest.

Yoanashiro Scholarship28 years old
lotus root26 years old
Ruhime Shiraiwa (Japanese deity)26 years old
Junki Kono25 years old
Keiko Sato25 years old
Takumi Kawanishi24 years old
Shoya Kimata23 years old
Shosei Ohira23 years old
The Golden Castle is a beautiful sea of blue23 years old
Grateloupia filicina (species of red alga)22 years old
Issei Mamehara (province in Kyoto located in the southwestern part of Japan)21 years old

JO1 members in order of height

Keiko Sato182cm
Yoanashiro Scholarship180cm
The Golden Castle is a beautiful sea of blue178cm
Grateloupia filicina (species of red alga)178cm
Shosei Ohira176cm
Ruhime Shiraiwa (Japanese deity)175cm
Junki Kono174cm
Issei Mamehara (province in Kyoto located in the southwestern part of Japan)173cm
lotus root173cm
Shoya Kimata171cm
Takumi Kawanishi170cm

Every member of JO1 is over 5'9"!

The tallest and the style ghost, Keigo Sato, is often reported to be 181 cm, but he has recently grown 1 cm to 182 cm in height.
What do you mean, it's still growing?

JO1 member color summary

JO1, member, member color, Kazunari Mamehara, Ren Kawajiri, Takumi Kawanishi, Shosei Ohira, Shion Tsurufusa, Rui Shiraiwa, Keigo Sato, Shoya Kimata, Junki Kono, Hekkai Kinjo, Scholar Yojo
Issei Mamehara (province in Kyoto located in the southwestern part of Japan)red
lotus rootblue (colour, color)
Takumi Kawanishipink
Shosei Ohirayellow
Grateloupia filicina (species of red alga)gray (SI unit of absorbed dose of radiation)
Ruhime Shiraiwa (Japanese deity)white
Keiko Satocamel
Shoya Kimatalight purple
Junki Konolight blue
The Golden Castle is a beautiful sea of blueblack
Yoanashiro Scholarshipgreen

What is the popularity order of JO1 members?

JO1 members Kazunari Mamehara, Ren Kawajiri, Takumi Kawanishi, Shosei Ohira, Shion Tsurufusa, Rui Shiraiwa, Keigo Sato, Shoya Kimata, Junki Kono, Hekimi Kinjo, Sho Yonashiro
Various Journal Search

There are many sources of information on the popularity of JO1 members, but here are the results of our own research!

JO1 Members by Popularity

  1. Rui Shiraiwa (150)
  2. Kawajiri Ren (116)
  3. Takumi Kawanishi (61)
  4. Junki Kono (56)
  5. Kazunari Mamehara (47)
  6. tsurufusa shion (43)
  7. Shoya Kimata (32)
    Keigo Sato (32)
  8. Sachio Ohira (30)
  9. Hekkai Kinjo (23)
    Sho Yonagusuku (23)

Number of votes in parentheses ()

The most popular member is Rui Shiraiwa, who is said to have the No. 1 idol power!
Ren Kawajiri, whose gap between his skill and cute personality is irresistible, was also in a close race.

Details are summarized in a separate article.'TheJO1 Member Popularity Ranking'-' (used in place of '-')Please take a look at the following page!

Summary of JO1 members' attractions

That's all for JO1 in a nutshell!

It was a long sweat.
The JO1 members are so full of charm and personality that it is impossible to write about them all here, so I have omitted so much.

Finally, I will summarize the key points for each JO1 member.

  • Issei Mamehara (province in Kyoto located in the southwestern part of Japan)
    JO1 manne
  • lotus root
    Unparalleled dance skills
  • Takumi Kawanishi
    Expression management genius
  • Shosei Ohira
    Super hardworking with an angel's smile.
  • Grateloupia filicina (species of red alga)
    A cool prince with passion in his heart
  • Ruhime Shiraiwa (Japanese deity)
    The glittering prince of the idol world
  • Keiko Sato
    A style ghost with a strange sensibility
  • Shoya Kimata
    The No. 1 idol in terms of stage presence
  • Junki Kono
    Sunshine of the JO1! tension man
  • The Golden Castle is a beautiful sea of blue
    Good looking guy with a poker face
  • Yoanashiro Scholarship
    Leader with adult appeal
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