JO1 members current real time age! Age order, also age difference

What are the current ages and birthdays of the 11 JO1 members?
I've also compiled a rundown of the age order and age differences you might be interested in!

JO1 members current age and birthday

What are the ages and birthdays of JO1 members?

JO1 members are listed in order of age.
The ages listed below are always updated.

Yoanashiro Scholarship October 25, 1995 26 years old
lotus root March 2, 1997 25 years old
Ruhime Shiraiwa (Japanese deity) November 19, 1997 24 years old
Junki Kono January 20, 1998 24 years old
Keiko Sato July 29, 1998 24 years old
Takumi Kawanishi June 23, 1999 23 years old
Shoya Kimata April 5, 2000 22 years old
Shosei Ohira April 13, 2000 22 years old
The Golden Castle is a beautiful sea of blue May 6, 2000 22 years old
Grateloupia filicina (species of red alga) December 11, 2000 21 years old
Issei Mamehara (province in Kyoto located in the southwestern part of Japan) May 30, 2002 20 years old

Age difference between JO1 members

There are 11 JO1 members.
The age difference between the youngest member, Kazunari Mamehara, and the oldest, Sho Yonagusuku, is a whopping 6 years, 7 months, and 5 days!

When Mamehara entered elementary school, Yonagusuku was already a junior high school student.

JO1 members in order of age
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