INTO1 member profile! Who are the Japanese? Height, age, personality, etc.

INTO1 members Santa, Rikimaru, Mika, Nine, Lin Mo, Bo Yuen, Zhang Zhouyuan, Patrick, Jo Ku Yu, Liu Zhang

Global boy group INTO1 is set to debut from the audition program "Souzouei 2021"!

Here is a summary of the profiles and attractions of the 11 debutant members, who have been a major topic of conversation since their auditions.

What kind of group is INTO1?

INTO1 is a global boy group that was created through the Chinese audition program "SOUZOUEI 2021".

The group name and members were announced on April 25, 2021, at the last session of the creation and management.
INTO1 is a time-limited group, active for two years.
It's sad that we know we're breaking up, but knowing what we know someday, we'll support you all with no regrets!

What is creation and management?

INTO1 Member

It is the Chinese version of the Korean audition program "PRODUCE101", also known as Chinese Pudu, Pudu China, or Zhongpu.

In the PRODUCE101 series, the top 11 debut members are determined by popular vote by the general viewing public.

The program was global in scope from the time of broadcast, with practitioners from all over the world and viewing available via the web and apps.

*By the way, in China Pudu, they are called "scholars" instead of practitioners.

While Japan's PRODUCE101 (commonly known as Nippu) has a strong element of discovering gemstones, with inexperienced ordinary people participating, China's Pudu was attended by trainees from entertainment agencies and professionals already engaged in entertainment activities.

Why don't we just go ahead and debut them all?

The performance was at such a high level that it became a topic of conversation from the first broadcast.

INTO1 Members and Nationalities

INTO1 is a multinational group consisting of members from China, Japan, Thailand and other countries.

  • Liu Yu (China)
  • Santa (Japan)
  • Rikimaru, Japan
  • Mika (Japan)
  • Nine (Thailand)
  • Lin Mo (China)
  • Bo Yuan (China)
  • Zhang Zhouyuan (China)
  • Patrick (Thailand)
  • Jou Kouyu (China)
  • Liu Zhang (China)

Now, here are the profiles of the members in the order of their final ranking in SOUZOUEI 2021!

INTO1 Member 1: Yu Liu

Liu Yu from Pudu, China (Souzou Ei 2021)

Name(English): Liu Yu
Name(Kanji/Chinese): Liu Yu/Liu Yu
Calling: Liu Yu, Liu Yu, Yu
Birthday: August 24, 2000
Age: 21 years old
Birthplace: China
Height: 174cm

Liu Yu, the poster child for Chinese dance.

Clean, beautiful, quality
It has a noble atmosphere and a sense of transparency that fits this word.

He looks crazy in old Chinese clothes and has even been in a TV drama.

Liu Yu

Liu Yu has the suppleness and grace of a ballet dancer, and the neutral charm of a somewhat Takarazuka-like figure.

Liu Yu seems perfect, but he has low self-esteem.

I'm not tall, and my face is not that good looking. I'm not perfect, so I try to be perfect every day."

I was always on edge to be perfect.
However, at some point, he changed his mind to see more of his inner self and began to show a more relaxed expression.

INTO1 Member 2: Santa

Santa from Pudu, China (Souzou Ei 2021)

Name (English): Santa
Name(Kanji/Chinese): 賛多/赞多
Name: Santa
Real name: Uno Shouta
Birthday: March 11, 1998
Age: 24 years old
Birthplace: Japan
Height: 180cm

Santa is a member of the Japanese-Chinese mixed group "WARPs," which belongs to avex.

He is a top dancer who has won numerous world competitions many times and has performed as a guest dancer in SHINee Taemin's Japan tour.

You're not at the level of participating in an audition show now!
He has a history of being a total audience favorite.

Such a performance by Santa-kun is, of course, beyond reproach.

After this performance, Santa, who had been sick to begin with, collapsed on the stage.
This level of performance was cultivated because of the high level of professionalism everywhere.

In Souzouei, there were differences in awareness and level of communication with other practitioners, as well as language barriers that prevented good communication.

However, through this audition, I learned not only how to dance to win the contest, but also how to have fun, and my face became softer.
Through his connections with others, Santa's range of expression has expanded, hasn't it?

INTO1 Member 3: Rikimaru

Rikimaru from Pudu, China (Souzou Ei 2021)

Name(English): Rikimaru
Name(Kanji/Chinese): Rikimaru
Name: Rikimaru (Rikimaru or Chinese reading Liwan)
Real name: Rikimaru Chikada
Birthday: November 2, 1993
Age: 28 years old
Birthplace: Hyogo, Japan
Height: 171cm

Like Santa, Rikimaru is a member of the Japanese-Chinese mixed group WARPs.

Rikimaru-kun is such a famous dancer that he has choreographed for famous K-POP artists such as SHINee and Red Velvet.

That is why her dancing ability is so well known.

That is not the only thing that makes Rikimaru-kun amazing.
In addition to being fluent in Japanese, English, and Portuguese, my Chinese has improved dramatically through this Chinese Pudu.

(By the way, Santa's progress in Chinese has been amazing!)

On stage, Rikimaru is a sharp dancer with a powerful singing voice, but his personality is...natural.

Santa-kun says, it's different.

Rikimaru-kun's calm manner of speaking is also popular for being cute.

"I'm fat, I'm not young..."
I lost 2kg with the theme song. I recommend it ^^."
It has a kind of girlish sensibility, and every bit of it is cute.

powerful man

INTO1 Member 4: Mika

Mika from Pudu, China (Souzou Ei 2021)

Name(English): Mika
Name(Kanji/Chinese): Yika
Name: Mika
Birthday: December 21, 1998
Age: 23 years old
Birthplace: Hawaii, U.S.A.
Height: 176cm

Mika is a member of INTERSECTION, a four-member half-Japanese-American group.

INTERSECTION is an avex artist and debuted with "Heart of Gold" in October 2018.

Intersection's music has all the talent of the second coming of ONE DIRECTION!

INTERSECTION is more of a vocal group or band than an idol group.
I had never trained as an idol, so I had little experience with dancing.

He had been active in Japan for six years, but was considering a change of direction after failing to make a big hit.
In Souzouei, which he hoped would be his "last challenge on the path of music," his overwhelming ability and visuals were discovered.

Micah's voice is gentle and has the groove of a foreign artist, as his first language is English.

Mika's popularity is not only due to his voice and singing ability.

His comments were always humble, with a shy, bashful smile.
He looks like a good basketball player, but he is surprisingly bad at it.
Such a cute aspect is also loved.

INTO1 Member 5: Nine

Nine from Pudu, China (Souzou Ei 2021)

Name (English): Nine
Name (Kanji/Chinese): Gao Cingchen
Name: Nine
Birthday: July 11, 1999
Age: 22 years old
Birthplace: Thailand

Nine is a kind, bright and lovely boy from Thailand.
He also appeared in dramas as a young actor in Thailand.

However, Nine-kun wanted to be an idol.
To seize the opportunity, he went to China because there were no companies in Thailand that trained idols.
In three short months, she sang, danced, and learned to speak fluent Chinese.

In contrast to her usual cute, angelic appearance, she sings in a bewitching, moody voice on stage.

INTO1 Member 6: Lin Mo

Lin Mo

Name(English): Lin Mo
Name(Kanji): Lin Sumi
Calling: Rinmo, Rinmo
Birthday: January 6, 2002
Age: 20 years old
Birthplace: China
Height: 178cm

Lynn Moe, INTO1's energetic person in charge.

Lin Mo was a popular trainee from the beginning, having previously been in the same group as LoLo, a member of "R1SE" who debuted from "Souzouei 2019".

Living up to his reputation, he is a talented all-rounder who can sing and dance.
From cute, cool, serious, sexy, and various other concepts are performed beautifully on each stage.

The fresh singing voice, typical of a boy group, and facial expression management show a fairly high level of idol power.

Rinmo's personality is caring, positive, and mischievous.
His background as a trainee in an office from the age of 12 has strengthened his spirit to take a positive approach to everything.

The humanistic character, who is also known as a gourd and in charge of comedy, is also hard to take your eyes off of.

INTO1 Member 7: 伯远 (Bo Yuen)

Bo Yuan

Name(English): Bo Yuan
Name(Chinese Characters/Chinese): 伯遠/伯远
Calling: Bo Yan, Bo Yuen, Bo Yen
Birthday: February 11, 1993
Age: 29 years old
Birthplace: China
Height: 177cm

Bo Yan (Bo Yuen), the oldest student at INTO1.
He is a responsible and caring big brother to all.

Bo Yang, who was a vocal instructor before Souzouei 2021, has a considerable level of singing ability.

And Boyan, what a fan of LDH!
Perhaps because of this, she also sings well in Japanese.
INTO1 will be a force to be reckoned with in the Japanese market.

It is strange that not much fuss has been made about it, but Boyan has a very high level of visual appeal, and his enigmatic coolness, somewhat like that of GACKT, is also noteworthy.

INTO1 member Bojan

INTO1 Member 8: Zhang Jia Yuan

Zhang Jiayuan

Name(English): Zhang Jiayuan
Name(Kanji/Chinese): Zhang Jiayuan / Zhang Jiayuan
Name: Jayuen
Birthday: January 8, 2003
Age: 19 years old
Birthplace: China
Height: 186cm

Mr. Jiang Jiayuen belongs to the giant Chinese firm WAJIJIWA.

Jah Yuen has previously appeared in an audition to discover a band, and his image as a guitar player is quite strong, and he also plays guitar in Souzouei 2021.

Souzouei also develops a talent for dancing.

Jayuen is a mood maker who enlivens the atmosphere with his interesting character.

The episode in which he started growing his own leeks because he wanted to eat leeks is no longer funny but surreal?


INTO1 Member 9: Patrick

Patrick from Pudu, China (Souzou Ei 2021)

Name (English): Patrick
Name (Kanji/Chinese): Yin Haoyu
Name: Patrick
Birthday: October 20, 2003
Age: 18 years old
Birthplace: Thailand
Height: 176cm

Patrick, a beautiful boy from Thailand.
Like Naing, he was active as an actor, appearing in TV dramas in Thailand, but came to China to become an idol.

The duo's performance with Nain was so well matched that the public was impressed with their performance, saying that they were like the band Tohoshinki.

I am so happy that these two debuted together.

Patrick, who has many YouTube views and is popular overseas, is known for his honest personality and sincere praise.

INTO1 Member 10: Zhou Ke Yu (Kuyu)

Zhou keyu

Name(English): Zhou Keyu
Name(Kanji/Chinese): Zhou Ke Yu
Calling: Koo-Yu, Koo-Yu
Birthday: May 17, 2002
Age: 20 years old
Birthplace: China
Height: 188cm

With a face like an actor and a model-like figure of 188cm, Mr. Jou Kouyuu is a model with a great style.

Despite his age of 20, he has a calm and relaxed personality.
Glasses look great on her and have been driving girls who like glasses crazy.

Zhou Ke Yu

The best is the one with glass cord.

Zhou Ke Yu

He is an all-rounder who can dance, vocalize, and even rap, and is an honor student who also speaks English.

Zhou Ke Yu is intelligent, cool, and approachable, but his conversations with his peers reveal a warmth and compassion for others.

INTO1 Member 11: Liu Chang (AK)

Liu Chang

Name(English): Liu Zhang
Name(Kanji/Chinese): 刘彰
Name: AK
Birthday: December 18, 1999
Age: 22 years old
Birthplace: China
Height: 180cm

Mr. Liu Chang, a.k.a. AK, has outstanding skills and is considered the No. 1 rap artist in the world.

AK-kun's rap skills are so good that even if you are not familiar with rap music, you will be able to tell that this is from someone who is very good at it!

AK-kun studied in Japan for half a year as an exchange student when he was in junior high school, and he speaks Japanese.
The way he speaks is a bit bubbly and cute, and his popularity in Japan is exploding.

INTO1 members in order of age

INTO1 members have quite a wide age range, with Bo-Yuen the oldest and Patrick the youngest.11 years difference!

The age range of fans is likely to be broad.

Beaujouin1993/2/1129 years old
powerful man1993/11/228 years old
Santa1998/3/1124 years old
mica1998/12/2123 years old
nine1999/7/1122 years old
AK1999/12/1822 years old
Liu YuAugust 24, 200021 years old
linkomorphism2002/1/620 years old
black fly (any insect of family Simuliidae)2002/5/1720 years old
Jayuen.2003/1/819 years old
Patrick.2003/10/2018 years old

INTO1 members in order of height

All INTOE1 members are over 170cm tall, with an average height of 178cm.

The 17cm height difference between Kuyu-kun and Rikimaru-kun is also precious.

black fly (any insect of family Simuliidae)188cm
oyster sauce174cm
powerful man171cm