INI member profile! Height,Age,Popularity order,Personality summary

INI members Masaya Kimura, Hiromu Takatsuka, Shogo Tajima, Kyosuke Fujimaki, Shoumi Ozaki, Kohito Nishi, Xun Matsuda, Feng-Bon Xu, Rito Ikezaki, Yudai Sano, Takehisa Goto

The global boy group "INI" (INI) is attracting attention.
What kind of group is INI this time?
Here is a summary of the members' profiles, personalities, heights, popularity order, ages, and more!

What kind of group is INI?

 INI (INI) Members

An 11-member boy group selected from the INI survival audition program "PRODUCE101 JAPAN Season 2" (also known as Pudu, Nippu 2).

Pudu was originally a hit audition show in Korea.
INI was born, its Japanese version.

JO1 debuted in the dayp season 1, which aired in 2019.

INI is the birth of a rival group to JO1, which has become a nationally popular group! It is also attracting a great deal of attention as a

Meaning of INI Group Name

The group name "INI" (INI) has aI (we), I (you), NETWORK (network/connect)."This is what it means.

The groups that have emerged from the PRODUCE101 series so far are

  • I.O.I.
  • IZ*ONE
  • R1SE
  • X1
  • JO1
  • INTO1
  • INI

and there is an element of 1 or I in there somewhere.
INI also feels like a group that's carrying on the spirit of the Pudu brand!

Greetings from INI

INI Greeting Pose

Log in to us!

Log in with us!
I guess that means that we should be connected.

This pose was invented by Tajima, a member of the group.
You are making an N shape with your hands.

There is also a pattern that can be completed by two people.

INI Pose

When is INI's debut date? What is your debut song?

INI members Masaya Kimura, Hiromu Takatsuka, Shogo Tajima, Kyosuke Fujimaki, Shoumi Ozaki, Kohito Nishi, Xun Matsuda, Feng-Bon Xu, Rito Ikezaki, Yudai Sano, Takehisa Goto

INI debuts November 3, 2021!

INI's senior group JO1 will debut members in December 2019 and March 2020.
In the same vein, you made your debut about 4 months after the formation of INI on June 13, 2021.

The INI debut song is "Rocketeer".

Isn't it cool to be a bachi boko...

The music is very oratorical and gory, with a lot of rapping and dancing, and a strong K-pop element.
INI too cool !!!!!

Where is INI's office?

INI's office is LAPONE Entertainment (also known as LAPONE).

Rapone is a merger company of Korean giant CJ ENM and Yoshimoto Kogyo.
The first artist to belong to the group is JO1, also from PRODUCE101 JAPAN.
INI is the second group of Laponais.

Huh? Yoshimoto affiliate? You might have thought.
Rapone is one of Yoshimoto Kogyo's group companies, and the menagerie is outsourced to Yoshimoto Kogyo.

This may sound like Yoshimoto is involved, but as a company, it is independent and is a separate company from the comedy company Yoshimoto.

Although it's a separate company from Yoshimoto, it's taking over the expertise of a major company, and we can expect great things from INI in the years to come!

What is the name of INI's fan club and what is the origin of its meaning?

Name of INI's fan club, MINI

The name of INI's fan club is MINI.

They are adorable!
They were chosen by INI members from among candidates submitted by fan clubs.

M: Memory
I: I
N: Network
I: You

INI members and fans, creating memories together.

INI Member Profile

INI logo
Quoted from: Twitter

There are 11 INI members here.
Here are the profiles, one by one, in the order of their final ranking in Nippu 2!

  1. Masaya Kimura
  2. Daimu Takatsuka
  3. Shogo Tajima
  4. Kyosuke Fujimaki
  5. Takumi Ozaki
  6. valiant man
  7. Xun Matsuda
  8. Xu Fengban
  9. Rito Ikezaki
  10. Yudai Sano
  11. Goto authority

INI member 1: Masaya Kimura

INI (INI) member Seiya Kimura

Masaya Kimura

Birthday: October 10, 1997
Age: 25 years old
Blood type: B
Height: 175cm
Weight: 60 kg
Birthplace: Aichi Prefecture

Masaya Kimura was known from season 1 as a dance partner of Ren Kawajiri of JO1.

Prior to Pudu, he was a back-up dancer, choreographer, and dance teacher for many famous artists, including Sebuchi.

He is popular not only for his dancing ability but also for his cute and handsome sweet mask.

The mind part of him is also very attentive to his surroundings and always smiling and kind.
He has the qualities to be a soft and cohesive leader, and is recognized as a man of character.

Naturally, Masaya Kimura was chosen as the leader of INI due to his overwhelming support from the members!

Masaya Kimura, INI leader

Experienced and caring, Masaya Kimura is the perfect leader.

INI Member 2:Daimu Takatsuka

Daimu Takatsuka, a member of INI (INI)

Hiromu Takatsuka

Birthday: April 4, 1999
Age: 24 years old
Blood type: O
Height: 167cm
Weight: 49 kg
Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan

A trainee, Daimu Takatsuka, has been attracting attention for his vocal skills.

A great voice with great extension, an outstanding volume, a high pitched voice that gives the crowd goosebumps!!!
The group battle, "AGEHA," was a sight to behold!

I was worried about the level of her dancing since she started with no experience, but she has improved her facial expression and charm with continuous practice, and she has already grown up to show us her overwhelming presence on stage with full of confidence!

INI member 3: Shogo Tajima

INI (INI) member Shogo Tajima

Shogo Tajima

Birthday: October 13, 1998
Blood type: A
Height: 179cm
Weight: 60 kg
Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan

Shogo Tajima is a former Johnny's Jr. and a former trainee at a Korean agency, so he has a lot of experience as an idol.
An all-rounder who can sing, dance and rap.
Especially noteworthy is the good sense of rhythm in dance and the sharpness supported by muscular strength.

I really admire your kindness and soft and fluffy atmosphere of caring for others in spite of your tough past.

They were quite popular in their junior years, and many fans still support them.
INI was a long-awaited debut for fans and for Shogo Tajima!

INI Member 4: Kyosuke Fujimaki

Kyosuke Fujimaki, a member of INI (INI)

Kyosuke Fujimaki

Birthday: August 10, 1999
Age: 24 years old
Blood type: A
Height: 168cm
Weight: 58kg
Birthplace: Nagano, Japan

Kyosuke Fujimaki captivates with his beautiful high-pitched voice.

His singing ability is one of the best or second best in the INI.
The singing is amazing, just amazing.
Could he debut as a solo singer? I think they are so good.

The song "Melody instead of a bouquet" performed in the position battle ranked No. 1 on YouTube and has received more than 4.2 million views.
It is impressive no matter how many times I see it.

Kyosuke Fujimaki joined Pudu to become a singer, which had been his dream since he was a child.

I had no previous experience in dance, but I have grown so much in Pudu through friendly competition with the other high level trainees!
A singing voice that won't blink even when dancing at full speed, she's supposed to be the face of the group!

INI Member 5: Takumi Ozaki

INI (INI) member Takumi Ozaki

Takumi Ozaki

Birthday: June 14, 1999
Age: 24 years old
Blood type: O
Height: 173cm
Weight: 60 kg
Birthplace: Osaka, Japan

Takumi Ozaki has been performing on the street and in groups since high school.

The vocal prowess that he has developed through this undergoing experience is outstanding.
His dancing and rapping have also improved dramatically in Pudu, and he is now a trusted all-rounder.

Her well-defined visual appeal is also very popular, and her dimpled smile is a charm.
She's just as cute when she's dressed as a woman as she is when she's not!
She has a lovely personality and is a teasing character.

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INI (INI) member Takumi Ozaki

INI Member 6: Kohito Nishi

INI (INI) member Kohito Nishi

Hiroto Nishi

Birthday: June 1, 1997
Age: 26 years old
Blood type: AB
Height: 173cm
Weight: 64kg
Birthplace: Kagoshima Prefecture

Nishi Kojin has experience as a back-up dancer for SHINee Taemin's tour.
He has also backed Daichi Miura on the Kohaku stage.

The powerful and dynamic dance, the unique expression that only Kohjin Nishi can give, the
And the unique aura and atmosphere is also attracting attention.

While she has dance ability that everyone is convinced of, she also has the dedication to work on rapping and vocals to raise her level, humbly admitting that dancing is the only thing she can do.
Through such efforts, the members have exploded with abilities other than dancing.

INI Member 7: Xun Matsuda

INI (INI) member Matsuda Xun

Xun Matsuda

Birthday: October 30, 2002
Age: 20 years old
Blood type: B
Height: 171cm
Weight: 51kg
Birthplace: Okinawa, Japan

Coming from Okinawa, the INI sun!
It is also known by the nickname MJ.

Matsuda Xun has an overwhelming presence on stage, a sense of emperor, and a sense of dominating the scene.
Your beautiful, yet unique, face is so artistic!

Despite its initial ranking of 47th in Pudu, it quickly rose in popularity, reaching a final ranking of 7th.

He has a cheerful personality that takes the initiative to enliven the atmosphere while others are performing.

INI Member 8: Xu Fengben

Feng-Bon Hsu, a member of INI (INI)

Xu Fengbun

Birthday: June 12, 1998
Age: 25 years old
Blood type: A
Height: 176cm
Weight: 58kg
Birthplace: China

Xu Fengben, who used to be a trainee in China.
They have the blessed qualities of K-pop atmosphere and body lines, and are an eye-catcher on stage.

He is capable of intense dancing with gusto and can also produce high vocal keys.

He speaks four languages (Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and English) and will likely lead the group as a global artist once he joins the debut members.

Xu Fengben is a very passionate person.
Many people were moved by Feng-Bian Xu's speech, in which he said, "I definitely want to make my debut," instead of "I want to make my debut.

Feng-Bon Hsu, a member of INI (INI)

I even ran out of the practice room in frustration because I couldn't perform well.
Even practice is just as serious as the real thing.
I'm sure Xu Fengben-kun, who is very strict with himself, will continue to evolve!

INI member 9: Rito Ikezaki

INI member Rito Ikezaki

Rihito Ikezaki

Birthday: August 30, 2001
Age: 22 years old
Blood type: O
Height: 178cm
Weight: 63kg
Birthplace: Fukuoka, Japan

Rito Ikezaki has a cool rap with a low voice.
An anime theme song he heard in elementary school got him into rapping, and he even writes his own lyrics.

His quick thinking, gag sense, and punchy comments will make him a reassuring member of INI, who is sure to be a great variety player in the future.

His masculine visuals with a deep moat, said to resemble SHINee's Taemin-kun, are also attracting attention.

INI Member 10: Yudai Sano

Yudai Sano, a member of INI (INI)

Yudai Sano

Birthday: October 10, 2000
Age: 22 years old
Blood type: AB
Height: 178cm
Weight: 58kg
Birthplace: Osaka, Japan

When he first joined Pudu, Yudai Sano had absolutely no dance experience.
Despite this, it has won the hearts of national producers with its cute charm from the beginning.

It was impressive to see how fast they grew, struggling with the gap between themselves and other experienced practitioners, and how fast they improved through desperate practice.
We are also looking forward to the growth potential that is still growing.

The cute, maternal-like atmosphere and the visual resemblance to BTS's Jin-kun are also popular points.
Her cute girlish reactions and the graceful way she covers her mouth with her hand when she laughs are also noteworthy.

INI Member 11: Takezo Goto

INI (INI) member Takezo Goto

Takeshi Goto

Birthday: June 3, 1999
Age: 24 years old
Blood type: AB
Height: 176cm
Weight: 56kg
Birthplace: Osaka, Japan

With his sweet visuals, Weisong Goto stands out among the fashionable and practicing students.
He once won the Grand Prix at Mr. Kong when he was a sophomore in college.

Above all, it's spectacular!
The face with squinting eyes due to poor eyesight, and the glasses are also moe.

INI (INI) member Takezo Goto

Droopy-eyed and soft-spoken, humble and carefully worded, straightforward and dedicated.
We can't take our eyes off the unexpectedness of his enthusiasm during practice and his cool expression on stage, though he has nothing but the elements to be loved by the public.

INI members in order of height

INI members sorted by height!
The average height of INI is 174 cm.

Shogo Tajima179cm
Rito Ikezaki178cm
Yudai Sano178cm
Goto authority176cm
Xu Fengban176cm
Masaya Kimura175cm
Takumi Ozaki173cm
valiant man173cm
Xun Matsuda171cm
Kyosuke Fujimaki168cm
Daimu Takatsuka167cm

INI members in order of age

INI members sorted by age!
The ages below are always updated to the latest.

valiant man1997/6/126 years old
Masaya Kimura1997/10/1025 years old
Xu Fengban1998/6/1225 years old
Shogo Tajima1998/10/1324 years old
Daimu Takatsuka1999/4/424 years old
Goto authority1999/6/324 years old
Takumi Ozaki1999/6/1424 years old
Kyosuke Fujimaki1999/8/1024 years old
Yudai Sano2000/10/1022 years old
Rito Ikezaki2001/8/3022 years old
Xun Matsuda2002/10/3020 years old

The oldest is Nishi and the manneh is Matsuda!

Isn't it very mature and unexpected?

INI Members by Popularity

The Nippu 2 final ranking is shown in the image above, but some have pointed out that the program's voting may not be in pure popularity order due to bailout votes and other factors.

There are various indicators to measure popularity, but here we have ranked the number of hashtagged posts on Instagram as follows.

  1. Shogo Tajima (6411)
  2. Masaya Kimura (5989)
  3. West valiant (4620)
  4. Kyosuke Fujimaki (4780)
  5. Yudai Sano (3589)
  6. Daimu Takatsuka (2702)
  7. Takumi Ozaki (2564)
  8. Goto Takezo (2402)
  9. Rito Ikezaki(2159)
  10. Xu Fengben (2055)
  11. Matsuda, Xun (1913)

As of 2021/06/14
Number of posts in parentheses

By the way, Renta Nishijima had 2906 submissions.
That's why it's called the biggest upset of Nippu 2.
I sure hope Renta Nishijima makes his debut somewhere!

About INI, summary

INI is such a group!

  • Boy group born from Nippu 2
  • Looking forward to being JO1's little brother & rival!
  • Masaya Kimura: Absolute INI
  • Daimu Takatsuka:Miracle high tone voice
  • Shogo Tajima: All-rounder from Korea
  • Kyosuke Fujimaki: Transparency and freshness 100 point vocal
  • Takumi Ozaki: The sparkling prince who teases
  • Nishi Kojin: Unparalleled dance ability
  • Matsuda Xun: Bright Sunshine of the INI
  • Xu Fengben: a super hard worker who loves his friends.
  • Rito Ikezaki: Low-pitched, good-looking rapper
  • Yudai Sano: In charge of visuals overflowing with cuteness
  • Takeshi Goto: Stoic Fluffy Prince
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