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IMPACTors member profile! Age,Height,Popularity Order,Color?

IMPACTors members, Arata Sato, Shunsuke Moto, Taiga Suzuki, Kanade Matsui, Takuya Kageyama, Yuki Yokohara, and Taiga Tsubaki, members of the Johnny's Jr.

IMPACTors, a seven-member unit of Johnny's Jr.

In this article, you will find profiles of IMPACTors members, their height, age, popularity order, member colors, and more!

What kind of group is IMPACTors?

IMPACTors (IMPACTors) MSTE appearanceQuote.Twitter

IMPACT appeared like a comet on the music station on 10/16/2020orsThe following is a list of the most common problems with the
In terms of the senior group, Sexy Zonebeauty There seems to be a reason why the boy also has a deficit and only the ors has a deficit.

The seven members are.


IMPACTors Members

  • Shin Sato
  • Ki Shunsuke
  • Taiga Suzuki
  • Kanade Matsui
  • Takuya Kageyama
  • Yuki Yokohara
  • Tsubaki Taiga

Until then, they had been called "Creator C".
At the time, the group had no name and no affiliation.
It was called this because it was scheduled to appear in Group C of the Johnny's Ginza 2020 Theatre Creative performance.

Although the show was canceled due to Corona, they continued to communicate to their fans by updating videos on ISLAND TV.

IMPACTors, unaffiliated period, also known as Clie C.Quote.Twitter

The seven of them were featured in a magazine article, and the excitement was so great that it made me wonder if they were going to become a unit.
When IMPACTors first appeared, it trended with words such as "Clie C" and "Inpaktors".

Here are the seven of us, all with great promise for the future!

IMPACTors (IMPACTors) MSTE appearanceQuote.Twitter

IMPACTors Member Profile

IMPACTors members, Arata Sato, Shunsuke Moto, Taiga Suzuki, Kanade Matsui, Takuya Kageyama, Yuki Yokohara, and Taiga Tsubaki, members of the Johnny's Jr.Quote.Pinterest

Let's take a look at the profile of each IMPACTors member!

IMPACTors Member 1: Arata Sato

IMPACTors member Shin Sato

Arata Sato

Calling: Aarata, Aarachie
Birthday: September 1, 2000
Age: 22 years old
Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
Blood type: O
Height: 175cm
Member color: white
Special ability: Kendo 2nd dan, 9 years
Hobbies: Watching movies, dancing (HIPHOP)
Date of admission: April 13, 2016

Shin Sato, the center of IMPACTors.

Her trademark is her smooth, straight black hair and teary eyes.
It has a mysterious charm that attracts people's eyes.

And of course, there is the natural attribute that is essential for a handsome man!
Fans will never forget the cute black history of writing "Sawabokuro" for Tear Bokuro.

He often forgets things, oversleeps on remote recordings, and is a total goofball, but for some reason I can't hate him.
The new members are spoiling him and he's growing up so fast!

IMPACTors Member 2: Shunsuke Motoi

IMPACTors member Shunsuke MotoiQuote.Twitter

Shunsuke Motoi

Name: Mottie
Birthday: October 17, 1996
Age: 26 years old
Birthplace: Saitama Prefecture
Blood type: B
Height: 168cm
Member color: Orange
Special ability: Swimming
Hobbies: Gaming! Walking!!! Visiting cafes, driving
Date of admission: 6/2012

Shunsuke Motoi is the choreographer of IMPACTors.

He has a mild-mannered atmosphere, but he is passionate about competition.
The dance is also supple and sharp.

He calls Teru Iwamoto of Snow Man "big brother" and belongs to the Kyomoto-kai of SixTONES, and is a junior power who is loved by his seniors.

IMPACTors Member 3: Taiga Suzuki

IMPACTors member Daiga SuzukiQuote.Twitter

Taiga Suzuki

Name: Gachan
Birthday: June 29, 1998
Age: 24 years old
Birthplace: Chiba, Japan
Blood type: O
Height: 173cm
Member color: green
Special ability: can fold his tongue
Hobbies: Looking at websites of my favorite brands, clothes, etc.
Date of admission: 6/19/2011

Taiga-chan was shortened to "Gachan," and now has the nickname "Gachan," and Taiga Suzuki has the nickname "Gachan.
The name seems to be Yokohara-kun.

He is a strong Watanabe Shota-supporter and even has an acrylic stand for Shota-kun.
The reason why he joined the school was because he admired Shota Watanabe, who was a member of Hey!

Daiga Suzuki is gentle, quiet, and stylish.
He is a good big brother of IMAPCTors, who picks up on the blurbs of the members and brings them together.

IMPACTors Member 4: Kanade Matsui

Kanade Matsui, a member of IMPACTorsQuote.Twitter

Minato Matsui

Name: Minato
Birthday: September 2, 2000
Age: 22 years old
Birthplace: Chiba, Japan
Blood type: O
Height: 180cm
Member color: pink
Special ability: I can talk all the time.
Hobbies: Fashion, music, reading books
Date of admission: 6/10/2012

Kanade Matsui, the youngest of the IMPACTors, is cute and friendly.

The youngest member is often the tallest in an idol group.
IMPACTors is no exception.
Kanade Matsui is blessed with a 180cm height, a small face, and long, long legs.
She dances great and stands up beautifully!

Not only is it visually stunning, but it also tightens up the slightly tongue-in-cheek, blur-filled IMPACTors.

IMPACTors Member 5: Takuya Kageyama

Takuya Kageyama, a member of IMPACTorsQuote.Twitter

Takuya Kageyama

Calling: Kage, Gekun
Birthday: June 11, 1997
Age: 25 years old
Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
Blood type: O
Height: 178cm
Member color: red
Special skills: Conversation with seniors
Hobbies: Setting people's hair, window shopping
Date of admission: 6/19/2011

Takuya Kageyama, with his big mouth and dignified eyebrows, is a charming point of view.
His special skill is being able to eat pudding in one bite.

He is always at his best, a little bit silly, and not good at studying, but he is a cheerful, heroic type who is adored by seniors and loved by juniors.

Takuya Kageyama sings well and has a clear voice.

IMPACTors Member 6: Yuki Yokohara

IMPACTors member Yuki YokoharaQuote.Twitter

Yuuki Yokohara, Yuuki Yokohara

Calling: Yokohara, Yokopi
Birthday: September 13, 1996
Age: 26 years old
Birthplace: Shizuoka Prefecture
Blood type: O
Height: 176cm
Member color: Blue
Specialties: singing, dancing, episodic talk
Hobby: Watching comedy
Date of admission: 5/2/2015

Yuki Yokohara is a gem of a young talent who joined Johnny's at the age of 18.
He is indeed a talented dancer with a good sense of dance.

He is a handsome guy who admits to both himself and others that his good point is his "face".
Everyone admires Yuki Yokohara's beautiful double width.

A self-professed weirdo, Yuki Yokohara is a comedy enthusiast who often makes silly or surrealistic comments.
Yuki Yokohara has a unique sensibility that sometimes makes his comments incomprehensible.
That is why it is called a bottomless swamp.

IMPACTors Member 7: Taiga Tsubaki

Taiga Tsubaki, a member of IMPACTorsQuote.Twitter

Taiga Tsubaki

Name: Tsubaki
Birthday: February 10, 1998
Age: 24 years old
Birthplace: Kanagawa, Japan
Blood type: O
Height: 172cm
Member color: yellow
Special ability: Dancing
Hobbies: Collecting shoes, watching movies, visiting Matcha tea shops
Date of admission: 9/13/2009

Tsubaki-ki!" is the catchphrase.
Taiga Tsubaki is a big and muscular brother.

She has a truly gentle personality, just like her kind face and aura.
She also has a sensitive side, such as when she made misangas for all the members for a solo performance, loves her younger sister and is very family oriented, and holds reflection meetings at home by herself.

Tsubaki Taiga-kun has Snow Man's Koji Mukai's duplicate key and is folding laundry at Koji's house.
She is no longer a wife, passing through kindness.

IMPACTors members in order of age

Johnny's IMPACTors members, Arata Sato, Shunsuke Moto, Taiga Suzuki, Kanade Matsui, Takuya Kageyama, Yuki Yokohara, Taiga TsubakiQuote.Pinterest
Yuki Yokohara September 13, 1996 26 years old
Ki Shunsuke October 17, 1996 26 years old
Takuya Kageyama June 11, 1997 25 years old
Tsubaki Taiga February 10, 1998 24 years old
Taiga Suzuki June 29, 1998 24 years old
Shin Sato September 1, 2000 22 years old
Kanade Matsui September 2, 2000 22 years old

IMPACTors members in order of height

Johnny's IMPACTors members, Arata Sato, Shunsuke Moto, Taiga Suzuki, Kanade Matsui, Takuya Kageyama, Yuki Yokohara, Taiga TsubakiQuote.Twitter
Kanade Matsui 180cm
Takuya Kageyama 178cm
Yuki Yokohara 176cm
Shin Sato 175cm
Taiga Suzuki 173cm
Tsubaki Taiga 172cm
Ki Shunsuke 168cm

IMPACTors Member Color Summary

IMPACTors had member colors before the formation of IMPACTors, but changed to the following new member colors in December 2020, following the decision of the unit name.

Shin Sato pink
Ki Shunsuke green
Taiga Suzuki green
Kanade Matsui yellow
Takuya Kageyama red
Yuki Yokohara purple
Tsubaki Taiga orange

What is the popularity order of IMPACTors members?

Johnny's IMPACTors members, Arata Sato, Shunsuke Moto, Taiga Suzuki, Kanade Matsui, Takuya Kageyama, Yuki Yokohara, Taiga TsubakiQuote.Twitter

There are many ways to measure popularity rankings, but here we have ranked them by the number of posts with # on Instagram.

  1. Takuya Kageyama (14,000)
  2. Shin Sato (13,000)
    Kanade Matsui (13,000)
  3. Shunsuke Motoi (12,000)
  4. Yuki Yokohara (11,000)
    Tsubaki Taiga (11,000)
  5. Taiga Suzuki (10,000)

(Number of posts in parentheses
As of 10/17/2020

The ranking may change as we move forward as IMPACTors!

Summary of IMPACTors

  • Born on MSTE! Unit within Johnny's Jr.
  • Arata Sato: Natural Center
  • Shunsuke Moto: Gap moe between fluffy and sharp
  • Taiga Suzuki: Gentle, quiet, fashionable leader
  • Kanade Matsui: bruised and cute style ghost
  • imageTakuya Yama: sun attribute silly handsome
  • Yuki Yokohara: A self-proclaimed "weirdo" and handsome man.
  • Tsubaki Taiga: too kind muscle brother
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