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Teru Iwamoto (Snow Man) from SASUKE is so bad! Good looking muscle beauty images, what is the result?

Teru Iwamoto, Johnny's Jr., Snow Man, muscle, SASUKE

Teru Iwamoto, a member of Snow Man, has been selected as the cover boy for issue 829 of Tarzan, a fitness magazine on sale March 10.

Teru is currently writing a column in the same magazine titled "Muscle Minstrel Teru Iwamoto's Treacherous Muscle Training Method," in which he introduces his own muscle training techniques.

Teru, a former track and field athlete, has been eagerly awaiting the 50-meter run for a year, and the magazine reveals his 50-meter run time as well as his thoughts on the importance of core training.

Teru Iwamoto (Snow Man) of SASUKE

2018 Teru Iwamoto (Snow Man)

Teru Iwamoto, a member of the Johnny's Jr. unit Snow Man, performed in SASUKE 2018!

This will be Teru Iwamoto's third appearance in SASUKE, so expectations are high for his results, but most of all for his physical beauty!

In this issue, we will look back on the past SASUKE appearances of Teru Iwamoto, the most muscle maniac of Johnny's Jr. and get to know more about Teru Iwamoto with his beautiful muscle pictures! This is an article about the following.

*This article is current as of December 24, 2018

What kind of person is Teru Iwamoto?

First, a quick review of Teru Iwamoto!

Teru Iwamoto Profile: Junior over 180cm tall

Teru Iwamoto, Snow Man, Profile

Teru Iwamoto

Birthday: May 17, 1993
Age: 29 years old
Birthplace: Saitama Prefecture
Height: 182cm
Blood type: A

The height of Teru Iwamoto, depending on the article, may be 180 or 181, but as of 2018, the information seems to be correct that he is 182 cm.

Teru Iwamoto is said to be the fifth tallest of the Japanese!

Johnny's (Japanese pop culture group)Jr.Unit "inSnow ManMembers of the "The

Snow Man, Member

Teru Iwamoto is a member of the six-member group Snow Man.
Teru Iwamoto's member color is yellow.

Snow Man is a unit within Johnny's Jr. that has not yet debuted, but is attracting attention as a unit on the verge of making its debut.

I'm a muscle maniac and it's bad. tarzanAnd serialized in

Teru Iwamoto, Snow Man, Tarzan, Muscle
Quote.cocoa blog

Teru Iwamoto is very macho with a body fat percentage of 3-4%.
He is the biggest muscle maniac in Japan.

In the June 14, 2018 issue of Tarzan, a well-known physical magazine, Teru Iwamoto is the first Johnny's Jr. cover and has a series of articles titled "Muscle Minstrel Teru Iwamoto: The Treacherous Muscle Training Method"!

Teru Iwamoto, Snow Man, Tarzan, Cover

The contents of the magazine are interesting...once a month, in two color pages, Iwamoto introduces his Iwamoto-style muscle training menu under the theme of "How to betray your own muscles," or something like that. Maniac!

Is Teru Iwamoto called 'Mr. Muscle'?

Teru Iwamoto, Snow Man, nickname, Mr. Muscle
Quoted from Twitte

Teru Iwamoto's fans call him "Hi-kun," but we've been informed that he has a nickname, "Muscle!"

It all started when SixTones' Hokuto Matsumura called Teru Iwamoto "Mr. Muscle"!
Fans don't seem to call him Mr. Muscle except for Hokuto-kun, of course. w

Muscle image of Teru Iwamoto, who is too handsome.

Teru Iwamoto, Snow Man, Muscle
Quote from: The Soul of Showbiz QLAP!

We have collected beautiful images of Teru Iwamoto, who is inadvertently called "Mr. Muscle" by his juniors!

Please enjoy.

Teru Iwamoto, Snow Man, muscle, back muscles
Teru Iwamoto, Snow Man, Muscle
Teru Iwamoto, Snow Man, Muscle


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SASUKETeru Iwamoto, who appeared in

Teru Iwamoto, Snow Man, SASUKE

Teru Iwamoto has been training stoically with the goal of competing in SASUKE for some time.

Results of SASUKE appearances to date

Teru Iwamoto, SASUKE

Teru Iwamoto has tried out for SASUKE three times!

Teru Iwamoto's wish came true when he decided to participate in SASUKE for the first time in the spring of 2017, the 20th anniversary of the event!
The result at that time was, unfortunately, eliminated from the 1st stage...

Teru Iwamoto, Snow Man, SASUKE

Teru Iwamoto-kun then performed in Fall 2017 and Spring 2018, but was eliminated in the 1st stage in both cases.
This shows the high degree of difficulty of SASUKE.

Fall 2017, when he vowed to take revenge.
Teru Iwamoto was eliminated, but his bond of encouragement with his senior janitor, Tsukada, was inspiring.

Teru Iwamoto, Snow Man, SASUKE
Teru Iwamoto, Snow Man, SASUKE

SASUKE 2018 Spring, which I hoped to do with a haircut.
It was another disappointing result, but I am sure that what we gained was significant.

Teru Iwamoto, Snow Man, SASUKE

SASUKE2018What are the results of the

Teru Iwamoto, Snow Man, SASUKE2018

Teru Iwamoto has decided to appear for the fourth time on SASUKE 2018, airing on New Year's Eve 12/31!
I will participate in SASUKE in the winter of 2018 with Tsukada-kun, and clear the 1st stage of my long-cherished dream! is my goal.

Teru Iwamoto, Snow Man, SASUKE, Tsukada

In addition to his usual muscle training, Teru Iwamoto trained the muscles used in SASUKE and practiced "SASUKE preparation" by batting in a circle in the park and then jumping stepping stones.

However, the results...
First stage not cleared!

It was a very, very close result, with a clear but timed out...

It was just beyond this wall!

Teru Iwamoto, SASUKE, 2018, Results

Look, Teru Iwamoto is coming right up to the button!
Time is running out just in time...

Teru Iwamoto, SASUKE, 2018, Results

Let's look again at the video.

One more second earlier and the result would have been very close.
Teru Iwamoto himself must have been the most disappointed, but it was still too close to call.


This is a summary of Japanese idol Teru Iwamoto of Snow Man.
Teru Iwamoto is a muscle character, which makes him stand out from the rest of the Japanese. We are looking forward to seeing what kind of expressions he will show us in the future.

Sorry about the 2018 New Year's Eve SASUKE Challenge, but it was our best showing yet!
I am sure Teru Iwamoto will be able to clear it next chance he gets.

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