Too complicated! Summary of BTS members' real names, stage names, nicknames, and how to call them!

Geis, real names, nicknames... Too complicated! BTS members' names and appellations Explained!

As you research BTS, do you find yourself confused by the fact that the members always seem to be called differently?

This article details the name situation of BTS members, which is said to be complicated.
We have compiled a list of stage names, real names, nicknames and their origins, as well as English, Korean, and Japanese pronunciations, to answer the question, "What should I call you after all?" questions!

Why is it so hard to name BTS members?

BTS, Bantan, member, Jin, Yoongi, Hoseok, Namjoon, Jimin, TaeTae, Guk

BTS members have stage names, but in many cases they are called by nicknames derived from their real names.

Each member has three different names, so for those new to BTS, the question is, "How many members are there?" It may seem like a good idea.
*BTS has seven members!

Name situation of BTS

  • Geographical name (thin presence)
  • real name
  • Nicknames for the real name (main nickname)

Furthermore, in some cases there is more than one nickname, making it more complicated.

And by that I mean the name of the group.
There are three different types of Bulletproof Boys, Bantan, BTS, and
Basic BTS is complicated around the name.

I'm sure you understand the complications of this and can stand in the doorway of BTS fans (ARMY!).A bit like an entrance examI feel that there is also a sense of
Let's go for it,!

Names of BTS members (stage name/real name/nickname/derivation)

BTS members Jin, Yoongi, Hoseok, Namjoon, Jimin, TaeTae, GukQuote.Pinterest

Let's clear up the complicated name situation of BTS members here.

So, the BTS members' stage names, real names, nicknames, and
In addition, Kanji, English, and Korean writing
And nicknames! We will summarize the origin and meaning of the call.


BTS (Bantan) member JinQuote.Twitter

Stage name: Jin
English: JIN
Hangul: 진

Real name: Seokjin Kim
English: Kim Seok-Jin
Hangul: 김석진
Kanji: Kim Shuo-jin

Nickname:.ginSeok Jin, Jin Nim

While we say that the names of BTS members are complicated, the most popular way to call Jin-kun is "Jin.
Or Jin-kun.

Jin," which is also his stage name, is taken from his real name, Seokjin.

Another nickname, "Jin-nim," is written 님 in Korean, which means "like.
sun goddessThat's what I mean.

Jin-kun's family is rich and a monk, and he looks like a prince, which is a two-dimensional setting. This is the origin of the name "Jin-nim.

BTS (Bantan) member JinQuote.Twitter

Other nicknames or aliases include.
Worldwide Handsome (self-proclaimed)
Window cleaner (squeaky laugh)
There are

Shuga (genus of dewdrops)

Suga (Yoongi), a member of BTS (Bangtan)

Stage name: Shuga
English: SUGA

Real name: Min Yoongi
English: Min Yoon-Gi
Hangul: 민윤기
Kanji: Minhang Qi

Nickname:.yungi (Korean hourglass drum)Minyungi, Minshuga

Shuga has skin as white as white sugar.
So, there are various theories as to the origin of the stage name, which may have come from the word "sugar" (sugar).

Whenever Shuga himself is asked to explain his stage name, he sometimes changes the reason.

  • White skin and sweet smile
  • Hip-hop shouldn't be too sweet, so I pulled out the R's.
  • In hip-hop terminology, sugar means "addictive."
  • SUGAR is a sweetness that can be tasted with success

Nevertheless, the first theory of fair skin and mottled skin is the most likely one.
It's a fashionable stage name, Shuga.The name "Yoongi" is often called by fans.

And Yoongi's repertoire of aliases is also extensive.

  • Old Yoongi (sometimes staggering)
  • Chan Chan Memeun Pun Pun (means something like "super awesome guy" in Korean)
  • Gloss (Yungi윤기 also means gloss in Korean)
  • Shupdi (Shuga x DJ)


BTS (Bantan) member Jayhope (Hosok)Quote.Pinterest

Stage name: J-Hope
English: J-HOPE
Hangul: 제이홉

Real name: Hoseok Jeong
English: Jeong Ho-Seok
Hangul: 정호석
Kanji: Zheng No. Tin

Nickname:.hobbiHosok, Hopi

Mr. Hosok, who is rarely called Jayhope.
The name "Jayhope" comes from the Greek myth of "Pandora's Box.

Zeus gave Pandora a box (originally a jar) filled with all kinds of misfortune. When she arrived on earth, she opened it out of curiosity, and all the plagues flew out onto the earth, but she hastily covered it up so that only hope remained. dictionary

The sensibility is too artistic for me to understand.I can almost hear you saying, "I'm sorry, but...

Skip the Pandora story, the point is that Hoseok is a BTS member.I think it is safe to say that "Hope" was added to the name because of its "hopeful existence.

The origin of the nickname "Hobi," as it is often called, is a bit Korean.

In Korea, when a close friend has a patchum after his or her name, 아 (a) or 이 (yi) is added.
Hope (홉) with 이 (yi) becomes 홉이 (hobi).
(Why? and what is a patchum? (I'll learn more about that later...)

hobbitOr you could just call it cute!


BTS (Bantan) member R.M. (Nam)Quote.Pinterest

Stage name: R.M.
English: RM
Hangul: 알엠

Real name: Kim, Nam June
English: Kim Nam-Joon
Hangul: 김남준
Kanji: Kim Nan Shun

Nickname:.NaMNam June, Rapmon.

RM, the main rapper of BTS, is an acronym for Rap Monster.
The nickname Rapmon stands for Rap Monster.

Lapmon is another nickname that is used quite often, but I have the impression that Nam and Nam June are more common.

In terms of odd nicknames.God of Destruction.
The name derives from an episode in which he breaks anything he touches.


BTS (Bantan) member JiminQuote.Pinterest

Stage name: Jimin
English: JIMIN
Hangul: 지민

Real name: Park Jimin
English: Park Ji-Min
Hangul: 박지민
Kanji: Imin Park

Nickname:.diminJiminy, Jimina, Jimini

Jimin is the least varied of the BTS members.

Sometimes I call him Jimin, sometimes I just call him Jimin.
There are many variants of Jimina, Jimini and Jimin with the law of (a)(b) for the close ones.

Korean Language Study - Usage of Jimina and Jimini

  • Name + (a) is used to call out
    "Hey, Jiminer!" Image of.
  • Name + (a) is other usual use
    Gimini really is just too cute!"

So, grammatically, fans rarely use Jimina.

Japanese fans are "theJimin.It is often referred to as "the

The other is "mangetok," which means "white, glutinous cheeks," and "mangetok," which means "white, glutinous cheeks.
Some call them "chicks" because of their cute protruding lips.


BTS (Bantan) member V (Tete)Quote.Pinterest

Stage name: Vi
English: V
Hangul: 뷔

Real name: Kim Tae-hyun
English: Kim Tae-Hyung
Hangul: 김태형
Kanji: Kim Tae-Hyung

Nickname:.weavingTaehyun, Taehyun-ah, Taehyun-i.

He has the most complicated name.
The BTS name complication culprit is this girl.

Japanese fans call him "Tete" as in 100%.

Tae-Tae" was originally a nickname given to Taehyung by a friend from his school days.
For some reason, this tete-a-tete calling has become mainstream in Japan, but it seems to be a minority in other countries.

Perhaps it is because we feel that the sound of "tete" is a way of calling him that matches his adorable tete-hyun character.

What is the art name V, which is rarely called?
When she was considering her stage name for her debut, her office producer (a.k.a. Pan PD) suggested a letter of the alphabet, and it became V, which stands for victory.

The law of (a, a) for close, which means
Some people call Tae-tae-kun "Taehyona" or "Taehyoni," which is grammatically incorrect.
The correct names are "taehyun-ah" and "taehyun-i".

Tete-kun is spelled TAEHYUNG.
Since it ends in NG, it is not continuous sounding.

Incidentally, BTS's little brother is a group called TXT.
I have a Taecyeon-kun as a member of that group as well.
There is a tidbit that TXT's Taehyun-kun is spelled a little differently.

  • BTS Taehyung → 태형, TAEHYUNG
    Nicknames are Taehyung-ah and Taehyung-i.
  • TXT Taehyun → 태현/TAEHYUN
    Nicknames are Taehyona and Taehyoni.


BTS (Bantan) member Jong-GukQuote.Pinterest

Stage name: Jong-Guk
English: JUNG KOOK
Hangul: 정국

Real name: Jung Jong Guk
English: Jeon Jung-Kook
Hangul: 전정국
Kanji: Tasasakoku

Nicknames: Guk, Jong-Guk, Guchan

Very simple, too, Mr. Jong-Guk!

Derived from jongguk, it is also known by the nicknames Guk and Gu-chan.

She is nicknamed "Golden Manneh" because of her perfect appearance, dancing, singing, and everything else that makes her a perfect manneh (youngest child).

BTS (Bantan) member Jong-GukQuote.Twitter

It is also called "Rabbit" because of its round eyes and rabbit-like teeth.
It is also called "muscle rabbit" because it is rabbit-like yet macho.

Name calling among BTS members

BTS members Jin, Yoongi, Hoseok, Namjoon, Jimin, TaeTae, GukQuote.Pinterest

You may be wondering what the members of BTS call each other.

Hyun" for "~brother."
Shii" for "~san."
It is often called with 아 (a) 이 (yi) to express friendliness.

RM: Namjuna, RM Hyun
JIN: Jin Hyun, Seok Jin Kim
SUGA: Shugahyun, Yunggihyun
J-HOPE: Hobi, Hoba, Hosogi
JIMIN: Jimina, Jimini, Jiminshi, Jiminhyun
V: Vihyun, Taehyun-ah, Taehyun-i, Taehyoni-hyun
JUNGKOOK: jongga, jonggi

So, what should we call you in the end?

BTS members Jin, Yoongi, Hoseok, Namjoon, Jimin, TaeTae, GukQuote.Pinterest

I understand that there are many different kinds of names for BTS, but.
What should we call the result?

You are free to call the members whatever you want, as it is an expression of affection from the fans! (It should be)

We have selected one name each that is currently seen as the majority in Japan.

RM: Nam.
JIN: Jin
SUGA: Yoongi
J-HOPE: Hobby
JIMIN: Jimin
V: Tete

Please refer to us!

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