BTS Jongguk's painting talent is amazing! Jong-Guk's artwork all in one place!

Jong-Guk's painting

Jong-Guk is the youngest member of the popular idol group BTS, where he is also the main vocalist.
Actually, it's not just about singing and dancing.He also has an outstanding artistic sense.The first is that it is a very good idea to use the same type of equipment as the second.

Here's my side as a talented artist!

Jong-Guk's drawings are too good!

Taken from Twitter

What? ! You're too good!

Serious eyes are too cool too (crying).

Looks like a talented art student to me!

Jong-Guk's painting that surprised even the BTS members

The members of BTS love to draw, and their drawings are often posted on SNS, but Jong-Guk's drawings are of a quality that surprises even the members.

Taken from Twitter

 I love the reaction of the members.

Taken from Twitter

I'm so good at it that the members tease me (laughs).

Jong-Guk's original collection of works

We've lined up 18 of Jong-Guk's artistic creations!

Please take a look at the many unique works as if you were looking at artworks in a museum.

1. of J-Hopeshoes

Jongguk Shoes
Quote: Twitter

Jong-Guk is aNike shoes were brightly designed in yellow as J-HOPE-inspired shoes!The following is a list of the most common problems with the

It's cute - I want to decorate my room!

2. Portrait of SUGA

SUGA painted by Jong-Guk
Quote: Pinterest

This is a portrait of SUGA displayed at the "BTS EXHIBITION "Five, Always"" at Ara ArtCenter in Seoul.
The vivid colors are stunning.

Your coloring is so interesting!


3. jjangu(CHANG)

Jin's dog drawn by Jong-Guk

This pencil drawing depicts Janggu, the beloved dog of Jin, who is also a BTS member like Jongguk.

Janggu, whom Jin loved for 12 years at his parents' house, has left for heaven, but Jongguk painted his beloved dog.

This lovely painting was carved on Paektusan (Mt. Paektu), one of the seven representative mountains of Korea.

4. Jimin's tattoo

Jimin's tattoo drawn by Jong-Guk
Quote: amino

Jong-Guk is also Jimin's favorite tattoo artist.Â
Jong-Guk designed a series of temporary tattoos (limited to a few days) for Jimin, including the Bulletproof Boys and Army logos in the photo.

It's wonderful that a good friend of mine is in charge of designing his own tattoo.

5. "20 years old"

Jong-Guk's artwork
Quote: Korean boo

Jong-Guk's art is heavily influenced by street culture.
He draws inspiration from a variety of works, such as this sign, which uses spray paint to give it an old-school look.


Stars, Planets, and Hearts

Jong-Guk's artwork
Quote: Korean boo

7. "Seesaw x I NEED U Remix" cover art

Jong Guk's Graphic Art
Quote: amino

Jong Guk provided the cover art for SUGA's solo song, Seesaw and I NEED U, remix soundtrack released in September 2018.

You have a great sense of design and editing.

8. official goods

Goods designed by Jong-Guk
Quote: amino

Here is a pen made from Jongguk's doodles.
Other goods such as magnets and coasters are also available.


9. nature sketch

Jong-Guk's artwork
Quote: Pinterest

10. clock

Jong-Guk's artwork
Image source: Twitter

This clock was designed by arranging Jong-Guk's favorite things. It is beautiful.

SLEEP, DANCE, FOOD, GOLDEN, etc. (laughs)

The long and short hands indicate 9:01 a.m., the time Jong-Guk was born in Korea.

11.Gas Masks

Jong-Guk's artwork
Quote: Twitter

The BTS art exhibition was a rare opportunity for ARMY, not only to see music videos and activities, but also to see artworks like this one.
What a surprise, this is a gas mask designed by Jong-Guk.

Very unique design!

12. graffiti such as Cooky

Jong-Guk's artwork
Image source: Pinterest

Jong-Guk draws pictures of various characters, such as Cooky of BT21.
Jong-gu looks so cheerful and happy when he is doodling, and it makes us smile to see him.

Art Imitating Life

Jong-Guk's artwork
Quote: Twitter

Jong-Guk's drawings are called G.C.S. (Golden Closet Sketches).
Jong-Guk spends his free time making digital art, which is another of his hobbies.
Jong-Guk originally loved to draw with pen and pencil, but he came up with the idea of digital art when he had some free time during the winter break with no school classes.

14. love for ARMY

Jong-Guk's artwork
Quote: Pinterest

This is another of G.C.S.'s works.

15. birthday doodles

Jong-Guk's Birthday Art
Quote: Twitter

16. black and white

Jong-Guk's artwork
Quote: Twitter

17. art...

Jong-Guk's artwork
Quote: Twitter

18. own tattoos

Jong-Guk's tattoo
Quote: Pinterest

Jong-Guk's tattoos are so detailed and vivid that some say he designed them himself. However, according to a close source, this rumor may not be true.

It would not be out of place if it were said that Jong-Guk designed it.

Summary of Jong-Guk's work

What did you think of Jongguk's artwork?

That's the kind of quality that would make you a professional illustrator, not an idol!

She's got great looks and a cute personality! And you can sing, dance, and have a good sense of art...
Super idol!

I look forward to seeing the artwork that will come out in the future.


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