Profile of BTS Jin! Age, height, personality, character! Exemption from military service?

Now, beyond the boundaries of K-POP, the world is seeing a lot more of K-POP.Famous BTSThe following is a list of the most common problems with the

BTS is not only a group of good looking guys.Super attractive inside too.Right!

Among such members.Sleek and tall styleHere's a profile of BTS Jin, who catches our eye at !

He looks cool at first glance, but there is a huge gap between him and what's inside!

Is her nickname the Princess?

Have you done your military service yet? When are you going?

The following is a thorough explanation of what fans are concerned about, including

Profile of BTS Jin


Jin (JIN)

Active Name: JIN(Hangul:진)
Real name: Kim Seok-jin (Hangul: 김석진 / Kanji: Kim Seok-jin)
Common names: Jin, Seok Jin, Jin Nim
Role in BTS: Visual vocalist / oldest member of BTS
Date of birth: December 4, 1992
Age: 29 (in Japan) / 31 (in Korea)
Birthplace: Republic of KoreaGyeonggi Province (Korea)Anyang City
Education: Konkuk University School of Film Arts, Hanyang Cyber University → MBA in Advertising Media, Graduate School of Management
Blood type: O
Height / Weight: 179cm / 60kg


Seokjin in his nickname is from his real name.

Jinnim translates to 'Jin-sama' in Korean.

Is this nickname used among the members? You might think, "What is this?" but it is not uncommon for members to be referred to in this way.

It's a common name from ARMY (BTS's fan name).

Since he is the oldest of the BTS members, the members call him "Jinhyun" and "Hyun".

It means "Brother Jin" or "Brother" in Korean.

Even in Korea, where the seniority system is very strong, Jin is well respected by the members!

About Bulletproof Youth Team (BTS)

BTS Members

South Korea's seven-member male hip-hop group debuted in 2013. After winning all domestic and international rookie of the year awards, BTS has grown into a top-class boy group representing South Korea in both name and reality. Currently, BTS has created a worldwide BTS boom, and has risen to become a global superstar.
'Billboard Music Awards', 'American Music Awards', 'Grammy Awards He set a record for being on stage at the three major music awards ceremonies in the U.S., including 'The Best of the Best', 'The Best of the Best' and 'The Best of the Best'.

Reference: BTS official website

BTS debuted in June 2013 as the Bulletproof Boys' Band.
In Hangul, it is "방탄소년단" (read: 방탄소년단).

Originally, the origin of Bulletproof Boys' Club was meant to 'prevent social prejudice and oppression directed at teenagers and 20-somethings and protect their music.

Since 2017, he has now been a member of theBang tAN sadistThe acronym "BTS" is an acronym for onyeondan.
This includes the "Beyond (sexual attraction to children, esp. young children) the sadistcene" → "Youth who do not rest on their laurels in reality, but constantly grow toward their dreamsThe name of the building also means "the house of the Lord" in Japanese.

BTS has not only been successful in the Asian region, but also reached No. 1 on the U.S. Billboard and UK Official Charts in the U.K.
To this day, BTS continues to captivate the world with their musicality and performances that are a must-see!

Until Jin became a BTS member.

BTS Jin 4

BTS Jin's Brief History

December 1992Republic of KoreaGyeonggi Province (Korea)Anyang CityHe was born in Tokyo, and later grew up in Gwacheon City.

2006~2008 (junior high school age) SM Entertainmentsince (i.e. "since when", "when we started", etc.)scoutI was asked to do so, but I refused.

2008~2009 (Junior High School Graduation~High School Sophomore Year) Aiming to become a reporter.

2009~ A turning point arrives. Aiming to become an actor.

The turning point came when I saw "Queen Seondeok".

Impressed by Kim Nam-gil's performance in "Queen Seondeok" at the time, he decided to pursue an acting career.

2011~2013 (college students) while commuting to schoolScouted by Big Hit EntertainmentThe first time I was asked to do this, I was told that I would be a member of the team. After auditioning, entered as a trainee.

May 2013: Officially debuted as Bulletproof Youth Team (BTS); began activities as BTS Jin!


The fact that he was scouted by SM Entertainment when he was in junior high school is amazing at first, but the fact that he ended up at his current agency is also amazing!

extentAttractive style.It can be said to be a "what".

And as some ARMYs may know, BTS Jin has often talked about his desire to work as an actor, in Variety and other media.

Let's hope we see more of her in dramas in the future!

Personality and Attractiveness of BTS Jin


Jin stands taller than the average height of 177.2cm in the BTS group, and has a well-defined appearance.

In addition to this, his family is rich, and many fans have an image of him as a prince or princes.

At first glance, the visuals may seem cool, butInside, it is very charming and full of gaps.He's a prince!

The oldest but a teasing character!

Even at V LIVE, members would come up to Jin Nim with a grin on their faces.PersonalityJin seems to be teasing me.

He is a teasing character, but he also has a great sense of humor.

I often make jokes about my father, so when JIN, J-HOPE, and JIMIN play the criminals in "Running Bantan" and each of them is given a charge, I was accused of being an old man who only makes jokes about his father (laughs).

They are also often teased by fans as well as among members.


He has been nicknamed the "window washer" because of his high-pitched, squeaky laugh, and because of his characteristically broad shoulders.Shoulder widthIt is sometimes called

incidentallyHe calls himself "worldwide handsome" (laughs).

I know you're being serious, but it's kind of adorable!

I think I can see why people tease you!

The way they are teased shows that the teasing is out of love, not only from the BTS members but also from their fans.

Jin's beautiful high-pitched voice

Collection of Jin's Songs

And when I think of Jin, I think of his beautiful high-pitched voice!
Her voice is high-pitched and sweet, but also easy to hear and powerful.

It's truly amazing that she can sing those high notes with the power of her natural voice!
Jin had aspirations of becoming an actor, and it seems that such experience in vocal training is also useful.

The expressiveness of Jin's voice has earned him high praise from music experts, and he's a driving force behind BTS's popularity!

BTS mother? My specialty is touchum!


And speaking of gin, food and cooking!

Jin's eating is so attractive that there is a genre called "#EatJIN" on Youtube and other social networking sites, and knowing that he is supported by his fans, Jin himself is actively engaged in moppan distribution (meal distribution).

The way they open their big mouths and chew so much food is so adorable and tickles our maternal instincts!

He himself has stated that he loves to eat, but he doesn't just eat.Also a great cook.The BTS gin that is.

BTS's official blog (BANGTANG BLOG) introduces Jin's homemade dishes.

Ddeokguk (rice cake soup)

Gin Cooking

omelet with a filling of ketchup-seasoned fried rice (omelette)

Gin Cooking

bulletproof pork

Gin Cooking

Stuffed pumpkin

Gin Cooking

Smoked duck with leek

Gin Cooking

The blog even lists the ingredients and process, so you can make the same dish at home as Jin Nim's!

If you are concerned about the taste of your food, why not give it a try?

I'm curious about BTS members' military service! Is BTS Jin exempt from military service?

Military service of BTS Jin

When it comes to Korean men, military service is a given.

What is the military service situation of BTS Jin?

The enlistment age is from 20 to 28 years old (enlistment before the 28th birthday).

Jin Nim was born on December 4, 1992, soOriginally, you must enlist by December 2021.but...why are they not enlisted now, in March 2022?

as a matter of factI applied for a deferment of enlistment.Therefore, they will be able to continue their activities as BTS until December 31, 2022, which is longer than originally planned.I'm so glad you're here!!! (I'm so glad!!!)

Can't I be exempt from military service?"

As BTS Jin's military service period approached, various methods were discussed, including the possibility of alternative service, but as of November 25, 2021, the current amendment to the Military Service Law was not passed, resulting in a postponement of his enlistment.

Reports of the postponement of BTS Jin's enlistment have become internet news in Japan.
Yahoo! News] "BTS" will be able to continue their "complete" activities until December 31st next year... "Elderly" JIN has applied for a postponement of his enlistment.

Summary of BTS Zin


Although not a leader, BTS Jin is the oldest member of BTS, who can be considered the heart and soul of BTS.

He is the big brother of all BTS, but in factShe's like a mother to me.You also found out that it is!

The narcissistic side of her is also cute, as she loves to look at herself in the mirror (laugh).

I hope Jin will continue to support the members so that all BTS members can continue to be active with smiles on their faces!

And I hope we, the ARMY, can support Jin Nim!

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