How would you describe the members of BTS (Bantan) in terms of animals? Explanation of the origin of pictograms with images

BTS Members

BTS has animal pictographs representing each member.

You need to know the member emojis used on social networking sites to keep up with the conversation!
This article introduces BTS member emojis and their origins.

There's an emoji that represents the BTS members!

Animal pictograms of BTS members

BTS has animal emojis that represent each member.

BTS Member Pictogram List

  • Jin... hamster.
  • Yoongi...cat
  • Hosok... squirrel.
  • Nam June...koala
  • Jimin... chick.
  • Tete-a-tete... tiger.
  • Guk...rabbit

It is used like this on Twitter and other social networking sites.
With a limited number of characters, it's easy to understand, it's pretty, and it kills two birds with one stone!

Animal pictograms representing BTS members and their origins

BTS MembersQuote.Pinterest

Let's take a look at the animals that represent each BTS member and the pictograms related to BTS, including their origins!

Jin(Jin)'s pictogram hamster

BTS member Jin and his emoji hamster.

The reason why Jin-kun is a hamster emoji is because of the resemblance in the way he chews with his mouth full.

BTS member Jin resembles a hamster.Quote.Pinterest


BTS member Jin resembles a hamster.

They eat so deliciously, don't they?

BTS member Jin resembles a hamster.Quote.Pinterest

This Jin-kun's two-handed gesture is just like a hamster!

Jungi (SUGA) pictograph cat

BTS member Yoongi (Shuga) and his emoji cat

Previously, the mouse was Yoongi-kun's pictogram because of his small size among the BTS.
Cat emojis have been officially issued since around January 2020.

It is not clear why, but Army says that Yoongi-kun is basically cool but also cute and cat-like.

BTS YoongiQuote.Pinterest
BTS member YoongiQuote.Twitter

Hoseok (J-HOPE) pictorial squirrel

BTS members, Hoseok and animal emoji squirrels

It is said that this is because when she was wearing a diagonal pouch, members said, "There is an acorn in it," or because her cheeks are puffy and look like a squirrel.

BTS member HoseokQuote.Twitter

Hosok's previous pictograph was a unicorn.
This is because Hosok-kun is said to have a horse face.

Poor Hosok is often teased about his horse face, but it's not a horse face, it's a long face (follow-up).

BTS member Hoseok (Jayhope)Quote.Pinterest

Furthermore, there was a time before that when it was directly a horse pictogram, but it evolved into a unicorn.
The way they sparkle and shine on stage is truly unicorns.

BTS member HoseokQuote.Twitter

Nam June (RM) Emoji Koala

BTS member Nam June (RM) and koala emoji

Nam-kun's animal pictogram is a koala.
It is said that it is because of BT21's Nam's character (KOYA) or because he resembles a koala.


Their gentle smiles remind us of the calmness of koalas.

BTS member Nam.Quote.Pinterest
BTS member Nam.Quote.Pinterest

Jimin (Jimin) pictogram chick

BTS member Jimin and emoji chick

Jimin-kun's pictogram is a chick.
Because they are cute like chicks, and their mouths are always pouting.

BTS member JiminQuote.Pinterest
BTS member JiminQuote.Twitter

Tete(V) pictograph tiger

BTS member Tae-Tae (V, Taehyun) and emoji tra

Tete-kun is a tiger emoji because his energetic and innocent image is like a baby tiger.

It's perfect for Tete, who hasn't forgotten his boyish spirit in a good way.
certainlyGao~I would like you to say something.

BTS member Tae-Tae (Taehyun)Quote.Twitter
BTS member Tae-Tae (Taehyun)Quote.Pinterest
BTS member Taehyun (Tae-Tae)Quote.Twitter

Guk (Jungkook) Emoji Rabbit

BTS member Guk and emoji rabbit

Guk's animal emoji is a rabbit!
The reason is that his face looks like a cute rabbit.

BTS member GukQuote.Pinterest
BTS member GukQuote.Pinterest


Other pictograms related to BTS

BTS MembersQuote.Pinterest

There are pictograms representing not only the BTS members, but of course the fans (ARMY) as well!

BTS fan ARMY pictogram

Purple heart pictogram

BTS fans are called ARMY.
BTS officials and fans use purple hearts a lot.

The reason why purple instead of the standard red is because the BTS group color is purple.

It is a coined word created by Tete-kun보라해".It is derived from the
The literal translation is "Let's be purple", which in English translates to "I purple you".

To Bora he" has become an important word connecting Vantan and Ami, meaning, "Let's believe in each other and love each other for a long time, just like purple, the last color of the rainbow."

Amibom (penlight) pictograms

Magnifying Glass Pictogram

BTS penlights are called "ami-bombs".
An elaborate design with a glowing sphere.
No longer in the shape of a pen, it is truly a bomb!




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