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Bishonen members in order of popularity 2022! Ukisho Nasu, a highly educated duo is strong!

Bishonen, Johnny's, Popularity, Members, Issei Kanazashi, Naoki Fujii, Tobiki Ukisho, Taisho Iwasaki, Yuto Nasu, Ryuga Sato

2020, the newest edition! Ranking of Bijin's members by popularity.

Bishonen" is a popular group that is being touted as a candidate for the next debut.

In this issue, we conducted a survey of the members of the hot idol group Bishonen to determine their popularity ranking.
Who would have come in first,!

Latest in 2022! Popularity Ranking of Bishonen Members

Bishonen, japanese, member, Issei Kanazashi, Naoki Fujii, Tobiki Ukisho, Taisho Iwasaki, Yuto Nasu, Ryuga SatoQuote.Pinterest

Bishonen" is a six-member unit within Johnny's Jr.
Rank has nothing to do with guessing! Having said that, I am curious about the order of popularity among the members.

Therefore, we conducted our own survey.
The total number of votes cast was 534!
Thank you all for your cooperation!

Well, here are the results!

Bishonen, Johnny's, Popularity, Members, Issei Kanazashi, Naoki Fujii, Tobiki Ukisho, Taisho Iwasaki, Yuto Nasu, Ryuga SatoVarious journal research

Popularity order of the members (votes received)

  1. Tobiki Ukisho (142)
  2. Yuto Nasu (110)
  3. Issei Kanazashi (107)
  4. Ryuga Sato (96)
  5. Daisho Iwasaki (52)
  6. Naoki Fujii (27)

Tobitaka Ukisho takes the top spot!
Yuto Nasu, Issei Kanazashi, and Ryuga Sato followed with equal popularity.

Before the survey was conducted, this site had predicted that the order would be Ryuga Sato, Tobiki Ukisho, Yuto Nasu, Naoki Fujii, Issei Kanazashi, and Taisho Iwasaki.

But it's already been a few years since Beauty Boy's formation in 2016, and the popularity order seems to be changing!

Why are Bishonen members so popular?

Bishonen, Johnny's, Popularity, Members, Issei Kanazashi, Naoki Fujii, Tobiki Ukisho, Taisho Iwasaki, Yuto Nasu, Ryuga SatoVarious journal research

We will explain the reasons for the popularity of the Bishonen members, as well as their charms.

I have a lot of sympathy for "Why Everyone Loves It!"

Beautiful Boy Members #1 in order of popularity

Tobiki Ukisho, Bishonen, Johnny's, Members, PopularityQuote.Pinterest

Hidaka Ukisho

Date of birth: February 27, 2002
Age: 20 years old
Birthplace: Aichi Prefecture
Blood type: B
Height: 172cm
Member color: Orange

Cute x Cool x Can sing and dance x Smart x Good personalityWith all the perfect elements, Ukisho Tobitaka is the clear winner!

Always energetic, innocent, and cute as a doggie.
That alone would be enough, but Tobitaka Ukisho is an active university student at Rikkyo University's College of Law!

Yes, Ukisho Tobitaka-kun is an intellectual janitor.
They have recently appeared on a quiz show, and are now getting a lot of attention.

Why Everyone Loves Ukisho Tobiki

  • Ukisho is smart, bright, an acrobat, all-around cool guy!
  • I was very attracted by Tobi's energetic character and smile.
  • He's the perfect prince handsome, he can ride, he's smart, he's energetic, and he's bright.
  • He has a great personality and is always cheerful and energetic, an idol among idols.
  • It is cute, cool, and contains the elements of an idol. In addition, I love that she is a hard worker and works hard in acrobatics, dancing, singing, and studying.
  • I like the mischievousness and talkativeness of the boys, which is just like The Boys.
  • Great eye-catching performance...!
  • She is innocent and attentive, and gives her fans the words they want to hear. She was truly born to be an idol.

Many people said that he looks like Shiyou Hirano of King & Prince (KINPURI).
You're right, Tobiki Ukisho and Shiyou Hirano do look alike!

Tobiki Ukisho, Bishonen, member, popularity, King & Prince, King & Prince, Shiyou Hirano, resemblance

Bishonen Member #2 in order of popularity

Yuto Nasu, Bishonen, Johnny's, Members, PopularityQuote.Twitter

Yuto Nasu

Date of birth: January 16, 2002
Age: 21 years old
Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
Blood type: B
Height: 171cm
Member color: light blue

Beauty, you're in charge of the boy's face! Yuto Nasu is a handsome man with a royal idol face.
Who doesn't like this face?

Not only is he visually appealing, Yuto Nasu is also an intellectual elite who attended Keio University!

And despite his high specs, he is in the delicious position of being a teasing character among the pretty boys.

Why everyone loves Yuto Nasu

  • The part where he looks cool and is crazy. And he is so kind and smart. I have nothing but respect for her hard work and study. I also like the way her kind personality comes through in her words and actions.
  • He has an intelligent, mature face and is cool, but he is also somewhat goofy, funny and mysterious, which is very attractive.
  • He is a literate and teasing character, especially with his smile. He is also cute in that he is smart but very bad at games. He wakes up at 5 a.m. to study even though he has to work as a Johnny's Jr. member, and I think it's great that he is so serious and tries his best in everything he does.
  • Good face (good use of face)
  • He's got the academics, the face, and the ability to be both a blabbermouth and a twit!

As for Yuto Nasu-kun.I like your face.This was by far the most common comment.

I'll show you all the pressure points that no longer have fetishes in them!

Yuto Nasu with a crumpled smile.

beauty, member, Yuto Nasu, handsome, smile, cuteQuote.Twitter

Yuto Nasu is sculptured and well-dressed.

beauty, member, Yuto Nasu, good lookingQuote.Pinterest

Yuto Nasu, who can also be sexy.

beauty, member, Yuto Nasu, good lookingQuote.Pinterest

Yuto Nasu is an intelligent man who also looks good in glasses.

Yuto Nasu, beautiful boy, member, glasses, good looking, educatedQuote.Pinterest

This is eye candy.

Beautiful Boy Member Ranked 3rd by Popularity

Issei Kanazashi, Bishonen, Johnny's, Members, PopularityQuote.Pinterest

Issei Kanasashi

Date of birth: February 9, 2004
Age: 18 years old
Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
Blood type: O
Height: 169cm
Member color: pink

Issei Kanazashi is gaining more and more fans with his increasingly cool appearance.
The atmosphere of the young age and the cute little brother character are moe.

Why everyone loves Issei Goldfinger.

  • The rate of growth is tremendous! The youngest, but he has more and more weapons, and he's not afraid of secrecy.
  • It's cute again that he's been acting a little strange lately. If you can also do acrobatics, you'll be drawn to this gap moe.
  • He is always cute with a smiling face, but when he is on stage or at a live performance, he has a cool expression on his face. I love him because he is cool, cute, and lovable.
  • When he first joined the group, he was cute, young, but fragile, and caught the most attention as a beautiful boy.
    I like Issey, who is now in the process of growing up and becoming an adult, but still retains his innocence and fragility, while also being sexy and sometimes tricky.
  • Especially the bustiness is the best and cutest !!!! Facial God !!!! The gap is huge!!!!!!!

Issei Kanazashi is the No. 1 beauty boy in the world.

Issei Kanazashi was a cute boy when he first joined Bishonen.
I can't take my eyes off of them as they continue to grow in appearance as well as performance.

beauty, members, issei kanezashi, handsome, ikemen, ikeka

You can't imagine how good-looking he is during the performance, but you can't take your eyes off his outlandish behavior from time to time!

Bishonen Member #4 in order of popularity

Ryuga Sato, Bishonen, Johnny's, Members, PopularityQuote.Pinterest

Ryuga Sato

Date of birth: December 17, 2002
Age: 20 years old
Birthplace: Kanagawa, Japan
Blood type: unknown
Height: 179cm
Member color: red

Outstanding style and an overwhelming aura of a star!

Ryuga Sato is a natural and motherly bub with a wealth of acting experience and good acting skills.
Recently, she has become more mature and has acquired an adult-like sex appeal.

Why everyone loves Ryuga Sato

  • She has a good face, good style, and would look great in a Heian-era nobleman's outfit.... I don't think there are many like her....
  • The flamboyance and aura are breathtaking.
  • Overwhelming star power.
  • Stunning style and unquestionable visuals! And yet, when he speaks, he still has that innocent gap! All of them are adorable!
  • I love the gap between when he's hot and when he's bubbly!
  • With her breathtakingly stunning face and impossibly long legs, she is now a sculptural beauty, but with her mischievous, natural and friendly personality, you can't help but guess!

Ryuga Sato's legs are over one meter long, giving him a menacing style.
He says the level is too long for filming and dancing.

beauty, member, Ryuga Sato, legs, long, styleQuote.Twitter

Bishonen Members5 in order of popularity

Daisho Iwasaki, Bishonen, Johnny's, Members, PopularityQuote.Pinterest

Taisho Iwasaki

Date of birth: August 23, 2002
Age: 20 years old
Birthplace: Kanagawa, Japan
Blood type: O
Height: 174cm
Member color: yellow

Daisho Iwasaki is a mood maker for beautiful boys.
It is a rear love frame with a personality and face full of kindness.

Why everyone loves Daisho Iwasaki

  • She sings well and most importantly, she's funny! He can cook too, so he's cool.
  • Her smile is wonderful. It's like kindness is pouring out of you.
  • He has one of the best voices in the group and his singing ability, as well as the destructive power of his squishy smile, truly lives up to the name of a beautiful boy!
  • It's an overwhelming rear love frame!
  • He has also been MCing at small clubs and has recently been working hard as the group's main person.

Daisho Iwasaki supports the group with his gentle atmosphere and talk ability.
On stage, she has never let go of her fans' hearts with her overwhelming singing ability.

Bishonen Members6th by popularity

naoki fujii, beauty, japanese, members, popularityQuote.Twitter

Naoki Fujii is a cute idol with the most powerful smile.
Many fans are swamped by the gap between the cool and the cool.

Why everyone loves Naoki Fujii

  • I love that he's the oldest, but the shortest, and all cute as a puppy!
  • Always an idol!
  • His expressive dance moves are stunning! Love the voice too.
  • I think her baby face, petite and mocking gestures are the epitome of cute.
  • The feeling of being as capacious as a female idol.
  • Always smiling and highly idolized, you want to cheer them on.
  • Your aura is sparkling!

It is said that the gap between "Naokun" when he is cute and "Naoki Fujii" when he is cool is amazing ^^.

Naoki Fujii leads the unit with his signature dance moves.
You should see how she changes from her normal, coquettish, cute self!

Popularity order of Bishonen members

Bishonen, japanese, member, Issei Kanazashi, Naoki Fujii, Tobiki Ukisho, Taisho Iwasaki, Yuto Nasu, Ryuga SatoQuotes from Pinterest

Popularity Order of Bishonen Members and Reasons

  1. Tobiki Ukisho: The perfect prince who has it all
  2. Yuto Nasu: High deviation in face and academic performance
  3. Issei Kanazashi: Ikeka-ka is on the rise and still has room to grow.
  4. Ryuga Sato: Aura of a star, style ghost
  5. Daisho Iwasaki: Kindness first place, Riaco slot
  6. Naoki Fujii: as cute as anyone, dance leader

Tobitaka Ukisho and Yuto Nasu, who have strong faces, brains, and characters, finished one-two.
Only Ukinasu can win! The result was a "no" result, wasn't it?

ukinasu, ukisho tobiki, nasu yuto, beautiful boy, member, high school educated, good looking, popularQuote.Pinterest

This is a fast-growing group, so the ranking is likely to fluctuate.
Can't wait to see how the members will fare as top idols in the future!

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