Aimyon's real name turns out to be Aimi Morii! Did you get your stage name from your nickname in high school?

Aimyon is a singer-songwriter who has gained a following among young women.

Since "Aimyon" is quite unusual as a stage name
I think many people would be concerned about that first.

We've done the research to find out where Aimyon's real name and stage name came from!

Aimyon's real name is Aimi Morii

loving wifeQuotes from Real Sound

Aimyon's real name is undisclosed.
By a friend's reply to Aimiyoon's own Twitter account.
Aimyon's real name has been identified.

Aimyon's real name is "Aimi Morii".

Aimyon's real name was discovered on Twitter

Aimyon's debut was in 2015.
The Twitter account was started in 2012, before his debut.

Aimyon, Twitter, real nameQuote.twitter

When it first opened, she was like a normal girl.
They were used to communicate with Aimyon's friends.

In reply to Aimyon's twitter account @aimyonGtter
You can see that Aimyon is called Aimi.

Aimyon's real nameQuoted from: twitter

Also, the day before Aimyon's birthday on March 6
A tweet wishing him a happy birthday.

Aimyon's real nameQuoted from: twitter

By being called Aimi Morii here.
Aimyon's full real name will be revealed.

How do you read Aimyon's real name?

Aimyon, real name, Aimi Morii

However, Aimyon's real name is "Aimi".
Isn't it rather often read as "Manami"?

It's "Aimyon," so naturally it sounds like "Aimi," and
Maybe it's a nickname and they read it differently?


It's also the fact that Aimi's friend is "Aimi".
I saw a case of hiragana typing, so that clears it up!

Aimyon's real nameQuoted from: twitter

It seems that "Aimi" is the correct reading of Aimyon's real name.

Where did "Aimyon" come from? Origin of the stage name

As you can see from the twitter exchange between Aimyon and her friend that I just gave you.
The stage name Aimyon was a nickname given to me by my friends.
You can see that it is used as it is.

Aimyon's stage nameQuoted from: twitter

According to one theory, this friend was a fan of Korean idols, hence the slightly Korean nickname "Aimyon.

Is Aimyon Korean? rumor that

Aimyon, because it sounds Korean.
Is Aimyon-san Korean or Japanese? Many people seem to think that this is a good idea.

However, as mentioned above, Aimyon's real name is Morii Aimi, a completely Japanese name.
I was born in Nishinomiya City, Hyogo Prefecture and am Japanese regardless of my Korean background.

〜˜Hyun is very Korean.
What Korean girl's name should be read as "Ai"?
It seems to be almost nonexistent.
In Korean, "love" is read as "e".

Therefore.Aimyon's stage name is not Korean just because it looks Korean.It seems to be.

About Aimyon's real name Conclusion

I can't believe you used the nickname your friends call you as your stage name.
I guess Aimyon really liked this name.

I think it was a great decision because it was unique and memorable.

Aimyon is still a mystery to us, and we look forward to seeing what brilliance she will bring to the table in the future!

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