Where did Kana Adachi go to college? Turns out to be Nagoya College of Music! What is your major?

Kana Adachi, a singer-songwriter, is an active college student!

The name of the university has not been disclosed, but a university in Nagoya is a leading theory.
What kind of university life does Kana Adachi lead?

I did some research!

What university did Kana Adachi attend?

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According to the Internet, Kana Adachi may have attended one of the following universities. It is whispered that

  • Doho-University
  • Nagoya Zokei University
  • Nagoya College of Music

This is because, as we will explain a little later, the college is operated by the "Doho-Gakuen Educational Corporation," the same affiliate of "Doho-High School," from which Kana Adachi graduated.

Of these three universities.Nagoya College of Music" is the most popular theory.It was considered to be a
Not to mention, it's a music college, so it's perfect for singer-songwriter Kana Adachi, right?

SNSTurned out to be a good idea? Kana Adachi went on to study at Nagoya College of Music!?

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Since no official announcement has been made, the above information is not beyond speculation, but a post was found on Twitter in which Kana Adachi was seen.

The three schools' joint entrance ceremony refers to the joint entrance ceremony of the three colleges of Doho-Gakuen (Nagoya College of Music, Doho-Gakuen College of Music, and Nagoya Zokei University).


This was one of the sightings of Kana Adachi, but it was sweaty.
At the same time, Kana Adachi herself reported on her Instagram account that she attended the entrance ceremony.

Since the name of the university has not been officially announced by Kana Adachi, we cannot say for sure, but the theory that she will go on to Nagoya College of Music has become more plausible.

Did Kana Adachi take the college entrance exam? Major.

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Kana Adachi has been performing since she was a junior high school student.
It must have been difficult to take the exam with the busy schedule of commercials, dramas, and CD releases after entering high school.

Kana Adachi graduated from the same high school as Nagoya College of Music, "Doho High School.
Kana Adachi attended the "Music Department" of DOHO High School.

DOHO Senior High School, Music Department
Quote.DOHO Gakuen DOHO High School

Students in the music department "receive a consistent music education throughout high school and college.All students can go directly to Nagoya College of Music.Yes.

Like many affiliated high school colleges, Doho-High School allows students to enter its affiliated colleges in an escalating, exam-free fashion.

Kana Adachi's college major was.

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(Let's assume that he went on to the Nagoya College of Music.)
Nagoya College of Music has as many as 15 courses.

Kana Adachi studied voice and musicals in high school.
So is it a vocal course as it is or a Butoh, drama, or musical course?

Composition and music creation courses that may be directly related to the profession of singer/songwriter?

or a general music course to expand future possibilities, the
A music business course with fewer practical skills that would allow even busy entertainers to participate might be considered.

Will Kana Adachi be able to graduate? Worried about staying in school

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One of the concerns about a two-legged entertainer going to college is whether he or she will be able to graduate successfully. I know, right?

Kana Adachi works all over the country, not just in Tokyo!

With all this busyness.Makes me wonder if I'll have time to attend college...
Kana Adachi herself has tweeted that she has not been able to attend much.

But college is four years long, and even if you can't commute at first, you'll make up for it!
I hope Kana Adachi graduates from this program without a hitch!

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That was an article about Kana Adachi's college!

Kana Adachi is not only a singer, but also an MC, CM, and actress.
Sounds like you're pretty busy, but I hope you're enjoying your college life to the fullest and making the most of your future life as an artist! I would like to support you.

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